10 Greatest Warrior Cultures Of Ancient History

There were different kinds of ancient warriors existed in history who were wider than Modern or Napoleonic Times. We have listed the topmost legendary warrior cultures in ancient history. At least one or two of the warrior groups are closer to the modern history and most of these come from ancient history.

This list is based on the skill of the caste of warrior as well as the impact of their culture on society.

10. Knights

Loaded with full-body armor on the horses, Knights were honored to “Protect the weak, helpless, defenseless, and combat for the overall welfare to all”. It was the foundation stone for knights in the medieval era. They were the most trained, richest warriors, and they had the weapons, armor, and horses to do the job. They fought in massive armory suits, weighing over 40 to 60 pounds, and some plate armors are known to weigh up to 100 pounds. On an armored horse, an armored knight was used to act as a tank in battlefield. They were some of the toughest warriors in history due to their armor.

9. Maori Warriors

They were known to eat their enemies to take cover of their “Mana”. They were the native Polynesian citizens of New Zealand. They were known to have settled in New Zealand in 1280 AD. War was the common affair between tribes, usually on land and to restore or gain prestige and spiritual power (Mana). According to these people, combat was sacred to the ancestors and they fought well to acquire the spiritual strength. The desire to gain Mana of the enemy defeated fueled up the cannibalism. Unlike various native cultures, Maori warriors were unconquered. These warriors were fierce to engage in Peruperu before attacking their foes to show them the preview of slaughter.

8. Roman Legion

Among all other great ancient warriors, Romans were usually most realistic. This Roman military force took everything and made it in its own. They were basically the Roman army which was staffed from Roman citizens. The legion’s organization varied vastly with time but they basically involved over 5400 soldiers. They were the heart and soul of the Roman army which led to an unrivaled empire in power and size. Usually, they were heavy infantry unit with a shield and armor modeled with ancient Greeks. They were the masters of the spear and sword going with the shield. The team consists of richest soldiers who could afford to make best armor and weapons.

7. Apache Warriors

Historically, these tribes were very strategic and strong and opposed the Mexican and Spanish people for the centuries. They had the ninjas of America. They are legendary for their relentless, violence, and hardship of upbringing. Young warriors were experimented virtually all the points of destruction. Boys were trained to survive without sleep, sit for long time period without making a sound or moving. They could sneak behind and slit the throat of anyone without even letting them knowing. Their primitive weapons were made of bone and wood. They were good at throwing axe and tomahawk and they were the nice knife fighters. The military couldn’t beat them and they frightened the whole southwest US.

6. Mongol Warriors

They were aimed to conquer almost everything, dominate everything in their way, and destroy everything. The cruel Asian warriors, Mongol, used brute savagery to rule most of the territories in 13th century than other empires in history.  They ruled Asia and Europe and they were well known to ride on horseback led by Genghis Kahn, the great military commander. They were well disciplined and mastered in using bow and arrow while riding. They used their specialized ‘howling’ arrows to disorientate the foes and cause panic.

5. Ninja Warriors

They were the mercenaries in 15th century where they were assigned as raiders, spies, terrorists and even arsonists. They were stealth mercenaries and soldiers appointed by daimyos. They used a Kanata sword, ninja stars, blowgun, and kusarigama. They were the stealth, shadowy warriors who hunted in the night. They were notorious for their skills to kill and disappear. They underwent strict training and had great martial arts training.

4. The Vikings

The Terror of Europe, Viking Warriors was very cruel and threatened all of the Europe with their vicious attacks and their battle-axe. They were notorious for close-quarter combat style and they were armored with just the guard with chain mail. They used their swords, axes, and spears smartly to conquer the cities. War was in their religion. They proved it by destroying everything on their way in battlefield. Their fighting pattern was rapid attack, get the goods, go in and attack, and escape before they rely on their furious attack style.

3. Samurai Warriors

They were the military nobility in the early-modern and medieval Japan and they were excelled in Katana. Their lives were based on the code of ‘way of the warrior’, Bushido.  These soldiers were heavily armored and they were willing to die and live for their masters. They used the world’s sharpest sword which could easily slice humans. They had unmatched skills with this sword and they were also excellent in bow. They meditated on their death and achieved wisdom to throw themselves without fear in the battle. They were extremely trained and fought like professional soldiers. They were known for their cruel behavior and turned warrior culture in an art.

2. The Mamluks

They were the rulers of Syria and Egypt (1250-1517). These slave soldiers were converted to Islam who served the Ayyubid sultans and Muslim caliphs in the middle Ages. They turned into a brutal military caste over time and they overthrew their masters, defeated the Crusaders and Mongols, and built a dynasty which lasted over 300 years. After their conversion to Islam, most of these warriors got training as cavalry soldiers. They were responsible to follow the path of furusiyya dictates, a code of values like generosity and courage and cavalry techniques, archery, horsemanship, and treating wounds etc. They were prepared for something more than loyalty to their lord and war.

1. The Spartans

The city of Sparta was undoubtedly one of the legendary warrior communities in ancient history. It defeated the rival city of Athens to reach the height of its rule in the Peloponnesian War, which ran from 431 to 404 BC. Their culture was based on loyalty to the military service and state. The boys underwent state-sponsored military training, education, and socialization since the age of 7 years. They were all about war and training for war throughout their lives. They always had a popular motto “come back on top of the shield or with the shield”. It means, come back only when you are victorious or martyred.