10 Lessor Known Miss World Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Miss World is world’s oldest beauty contest which dates back to over 30 years and is still going well. It has seen some of the remarkable changes in the history as one of the most popular and biggest events in the world. It grabs attention of public and media from all over the world. It is the prestigious event which has long been awaited all the year round.

Here are some of the most amazing facts about Miss World beauty pageant you may not know.

10. Most Wins in Miss World

In the history of Miss World pageant, Venezuela has the most wins with total 6 wins. The winning streak of the country started with 5th Edition of 1955 and it has kept on with 31st Edition in 1981, 34th Edition in 1984, 41st edition in 1991 and 45th edition in 1995.

Recently, it recorded another win in 61st Edition in 2011 and the winners are Susana Duijm, Astrid Herrera, Pilin Leon, Jacqueline Aguilera, Ninibeth Leal and Ibian Sarcos.

9. Winners who Resigned/Dethroned

The pageant also had some shocking controversies. In these major international pageants, two winners were dethroned or resigned. The first shocking event took place in the year 1974 when Helen Morgan from UK was crowned in 24th Edition of Miss World 1974. Four days later, she resigned when found that she is a mother of a child.

Next controversy took place when Gabriella Brum from Germany was crowned in 30th Edition of Miss World 1980. After 18 hours of reign, she resigned. Initially, she claimed that her boyfriend was not allowing her. Later on, she stated that media was pressurizing her to shoot nude pictures.

8. Least & Most Delegates

Number of delegates is subject to vary from one year to another. The year 1952 was the year that witnessed least number of participating nations in the event. That year, Sweden’s May Louise Flodin was the winner. The year 2013 was the year where most number of nations participated, i.e. whopping 127 countries. Philippines’ Megan Young was the winner.

7. Youngest & Oldest Miss World Winners

Poland’s Aneta Kreglicka was the oldest winner of Miss World pageant who won the title in 1989 (39th Edition). When she won, she was 24 years 244 days old. Puerto Rico’s Wilnelia Merced was the youngest winner who won Miss World title in 25th Edition of 1975. When she won, she was 18 years 39 days old.

6. Winning at Home Country

There are 7 winners who have been the winner in their home nation so far. Rosemarie Frankland from UK in 1961 (11th edition), Ann Sidney from UK in 1964 (14th Edition), Lesley Langley from UK in 1965 (15th Edition), Helen Morgan from UK in 1974 (24th Edition) and Sarah-Jane Hutt from UK in 1983 (33rd Edition) were the winners crowned in their home country. However, there are two other winners crowned in their home country China – Zhang Zilin in 2007 (57th Edition) and Yu Wenxia in 2007 (57th Edition).

5. Smallest & Biggest Gap

In most cases, a country has been the winner for several times. But the time gap between the winning of one country is most interesting thing. Peru is the country which witnessed the biggest gap between two wins. Madeline Hartog-Bel was crowned in 1967 (17th Edition).

Around 37 years later, Maria Julia Mantilla won the title in 2004 (54th Edition). There are three countries shared the record for shortest gap. Kerstin Hakansson in 1951 (1st Edition) and May-Louise Flodin from Sweden in 1952 (2nd Edition), Ann Sidney from the UK and Lesley Langley from the UK in 1964 (14th Edition) and 1965 (15th Edition) respectively, and Yukta Mookhey and Priyanka Chopra from India in 1999 (49th Edition) and 2000 (50th Edition) respectively made the records.

4. Shortest & Longest Reign

The event doesn’t take place on the same date annually. So, all the winners cannot get the exact same time. Kerstin Hakansson from Sweden in 1951 (1st Edition) was the winner who had longest reign in the history on July 29 1951 and crowned the successor on November 14, 1952. Her reign period was 1 year, 3 months and 16 days.

Ivian Sarcos from Venezuela had the shortest reign. She won on November 6, 2011 (61th Edition) and crowned successor on August 18, 2012. Her reign period was 9 months and 12 days.

3. Winners of Sub-Titles

In the history of pageant, there have been the winners who won both the sub-titles and the main crown as well. Zhang Zilin from China won Miss World 2007 (57th Edition), Ksenia Sukhinova from Russia won Miss World 2008 (58th Edition) and Megan Young from Philippines won Miss World 2013 (63rd Edition).

Rosanna Davidson from Ireland won Miss World 2013 (53rd Edition) and Kaiane Aldorino from Gibraltar won Miss World 2009 (59th Edition) also became the winner of Miss World Beach Beauty. Diana Hayden from India won Miss World 1997 (47th Edition) also became the winner of Spectacular Swimwear.

Yu Wenxia from China who won Miss World 2012 (62nd Edition) also won Miss World Talent. Azra Akm from Turkey who won Miss World 2002 (52nd Edition) also won Best World Dress Designer. Astrid Carolina Herrera from Venezuela who won (Miss World 1984 (34th Edition) and Aishwarya Rai who won (Miss World 1994 (44th Edition) also won Miss Photogenic.

2. The Firsts in Miss World Pageant

Along with winning the crown, some winners also set the records. Kerstin Hakansson from Sweden was the first European to win the title when she won Miss World 1951 (1st Edition). Antigone Costanda from Egypt was the first woman from a Muslim country and the first African who was crowned the title when she won Miss World (1954 (4th Edition).

Reita Faria from India was the first Asian woman who was crowned the title when she won Miss World 1966 (16th Edition). Susana Duijm from Venezuela was the first Latin-American and American who was crowned with the title and won Miss World 1955 (5th Edition).

Aneta Kreglicka was the first Eastern European who became the winner of title of Miss World 1989 (39th Edition), Agbani Darego from Nigeria was the first Black African who won the title of Miss World in 2001 (51st Edition) and Zhang Zilin from China was the first East Asian who won Miss World title in 2007 (57th Edition).

1. Origin

Miss World pageant had very interesting origin. To pay tribute to swimsuit which was introduced, the event took place. In 1951, it was introduced as Festive Bikini Contest. But it was known as Miss World by the media for good. The president of Miss World pageant, Eric Morley made it a yearly event and the rest is history.