10 Interesting and Lesser Known Facts about Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is still a leading name in the detective world. But the original Sherlock, the famous detective, is denatured by the unusual depiction of his character in the TV series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and films starring Robert Downey Jr. It is the lesser known fact about Sherlock Holmes, especially among the non-readers.

Here are the top ten lesser known facts about the notorious sleuth, Sherlock Holmes.

10. Both Watson and Holmes Become Successful at Very Early Age


In the famous TV series named “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”, Edward Hardwicke as Dr. Watson was around 41 years old and Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes was around 51 years old. In the recent TV series and movies, both characters are portrayed in their middle ages. But the real life Watson and Holmes were young when they meet for the first time. Dr. Watson met Holmes in the year 1881 and Holmes was born on 1854, i.e. when Holmes was 30 years old. By that time, Dr. Watson served as army doctor and Holmes made name for himself. It seemed that both were close and there are good reasons that they earned accolades at a very young age

9. Even after Retirement, Holmes had to handle Cases


After retiring to live comfortable life, Holmes had to study bees by getting in bee-cultivation and he also wrote a book on that matter. When Holmes was happy enjoying his life with bees, his home country was in huge threat. Government agents were going to disappear one after another and official information was constantly being leaked, causing desperate situation. Hence, government approached Holmes who was already retired. In “The Last Bow”, without giving too much time, Holmes and Dr. Watson once again teamed up and planned to visit the US as Irish agent where he took 2 years to arrest the culprit.

8. Holmes never be Disloyal to the Police

holmes and police

In the film “Sherlock Holmes” starring Robert Downey Jr., the relationship between Holmes and police was rather distrustful and tensed where he kept some information secret instead of sharing with police. While pursuing independent investigation, Holmes actually showed the right direction to the police and left evidences to find out what he can figure out as you can see in the story “The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot”. In fact he shared information to help the police get in the right path in “The Adventure of the Wisteria Lodge”.

7. He Was Neat and Well Behaved


After watching “Sherlock Holmes” film starring Robert Downey Jr., people used to assume that Holmes had unhygienic living habits and suffering from compulsive eccentric behavior. But in the short stories and novels, you would be shocked to know that Holmes was well behaved, especially for women. His behavior was almost different to Robert Downey Jr. and self-indulgent Benedict Cumberbatch. Though he was lazy when not working, Holmes was hygienic man. In “The Hound of Baskerville” novel, he had to live on deserted moor in the shack in an investigation. He even managed to get some fresh clean clothes and other home-like luxuries in that remote place.

6. He Played with Emotions

sherlock holmes emotions

In the name of the Queen and England, Holmes misused the sentiments of innocent people, usually more than Dr. John Watson told. In “The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton” short story, he admitted with great sorrow to Watson how he played with a maid’s heart for some advantage to solve the case. He showed utter compassion for her whose heart was almost broken. But after solving the case, he instantly made it up to her and also explained the dilemma.

5. He was Racist

In “The Adventure of the Three Gables” short story, Holmes told a black boxer idiot, just based on his skin color, and made fun of his lips. The boxer replied, “My name is Masser Holmes. Now you put through it to give me any lip.” Staring at his hideous mouth, Holmes said, “It is definitely the last wish you have.” When the boxer leaves, he comments, “I am pleased that you didn’t break his head, Watson. I have seen your behavior with poker. But he is a giant muscular, rather harmless, foolish fellow who is easily cowed.” But with the intellect, experiences and mind he has, it is very difficult to expect Holmes to pass such type of racist comments.

4. He Often Distrusted Watson

Before you assume anything wrong, let us clear that Holmes didn’t trust Dr. Watson always because Watson was a human after all and his emotions can betray him by mistake. He would never want to lose a case for any silly emotions. In a story “The Adventure of the Dying Detective”, he makes Watson believe that he was dying due to a deadly disease so Watson will go through his instructions carefully.

3. Sherlock Holmes’s Pipe and Cap weren’t the Part of His Attire


When it comes to Sherlock Holmes, most of us think about a middle aged man sporting a deerstalker cap and dangling a calabash pipe on the side of his mouth. You may be shocked to know that the pipe and cap weren’t actually the part of his attire. Holmes was never used to use the pipe and wear a deerstalker cap by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He used to look much different than what is seen on screens.

2. Moriarty was Not Envy of Holmes

Prof. Moriarty, the famous rival of Holmes actually seen in “The Final Problem”, and is also mentioned in novel “The Valley of Fear”. He was like a consultant to Holmes and a great inclination for money making and he consulted the criminals. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced him in the final story of Holmes where he was to be killed for. Doyle wanted him to be finished and Holmes to move on other projects. Moriarty definitely has his brilliance but never had Watson or Holmes to make Moriarty an enemy.

1. Sherlock Holmes Never Loved Irene Adler


Now this point may disappoint you but let’s reveal the truth. Holmes never loved Irene Adler. She was seen only in “The Scandal in Bohemia” and was spoken to him only once saying, “Good Night Mr. Holmes”. She was the first and last lady to beat the detective in his game. Watson explained the reaction of his loss to a woman. Holmes staggered white, black with surprise and chagrin. Hence, Holmes bestowed on her with admiration instead of love. She never appeared again any of the stories by Doyle. But there was a chance of creating a romantic relationship to attract ingenious minds.