Top 10 Best Ways To Propose a Girl

Are you secretly in love with someone but can’t dare to tell her? If so, we are going to help you with tried and tested ways to propose your ladylove. If you think that you’ve got the right partner in your best friend but don’t know how to tell those “3 magical words” to her, we are going to tell you the top 10 tips to propose to her. These tips will help you if it’s your first time you’ve fallen in love with someone special. These working formulas will definitely help you win the game and propose her in right way. We’ve listed the top tips which are seriously result oriented. Continue reading these tips so she would have no other option except saying ‘yes’ to your proposal.

1. Decide the Best Time to Propose Her

When it comes to propose a girl, you have to first know the best time to do so, especially if you are on a stage in a relationship when you think that you can’t live without her and it becomes important to send a proposal. You should do it at that time. If you are late, you may lose her forever. According to a research, girls usually don’t wait longer for a proposal in a relationship. So, you have to decide yourself. It’s the best time to say “3 magical words” to her.

2. Observe Her

Before proposing a girl, the most important thing you should do is to figure her out. What she wants? Who she is? What she likes and what’s not? What makes her furious and what pleases her? If you get to know her well, you can do it well. Make it personal when it comes to tell her about your feelings.

3. Be Yourself

When it comes to propose her, don’t panic and be confident. It’s not a job interview, though it’s a big day for you. Do your best. Stop over thinking. No matter what results would be, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  Be sure to dress well as it’s not a routine day. You have to take her attention as much as possible and you have to be ready for that. Act confidently and be original. Say every emotion in your heart to her. It’s up to her whether she accepts it or not.

4. Show Your Creativity

Your creativity will help you more this time. Use your creative mind while proposing her. It will definitely work. Propose her on this special day creatively. You can send her some romantic quotes, record a proposal video for her, create a voice note, write a love letter, propose her through social media, take her at the place where you met for the first time, send her a radio proposal, propose during film interval, propose her with a tattoo design which has her name. You can propose her with these unique ideas and improvise according to your skills.

5. Create Environment Romantic

Girls are fond of romantic things too much as they are very romantic by heart. This way, it’s best to create a romantic environment for her. It will help you to be more confident to propose her. Take her at a quiet and cool place to express your heart feelings effortlessly. Choose those places always. You may take her to a romantic candle lit dinner, or propose her on a serene and romantic beach. You may also propose her on a long drive when it’s raining or during a picnic in a serene park. These are the best and romantic ways to propose your lady love.

You can do something more different which she can’t even expect in her dreams. There is nothing better than proposing her by sticking a ring in a chocolate-laden strawberry. You may plan a getaway at a serene and beautiful place, valleys, green hills, and any picnic spot where you can easily set her mood. You can make this romantic moment even more colorful with choco-covered strawberries and a bucket full of chilled champagne. You can even sing a romantic song for her to make this picnic even more romantic.

6. Surprise Her

How to Propose a Girl

There is hardly any girl in this world who doesn’t love surprises. You may surprise her with anything and it will definitely work for you. Surprise her to make her happy. It is known to be the best idea to make way to her heart. Some of the great ways to surprise her includes proposing using scrabble tiles. If you are a geek, you may propose her using barcode and use technology, or you may just hide in the box.

7. Gift Her Something Special

Girls love gifts. So, gifting her is another way to show your feelings towards her. Make it a habit and she will always be with you. Buy something special for her. Find out what she likes the most. Find out what makes her happy. Choose and think wisely. If you buy a gift she loves, it will surely impress her.

8. Use any Occasion

Using any occasion like a birthday party or marriage reception is the best option to propose her. Suppose it’s a reception party of her brother’s or relative’s marriage and she is very happy and enjoying the function and suddenly, you call her and propose her. It will definitely be a great surprise to her when she is already in a happy mood. She will surely say ‘yes’. You have to use this moment carefully. You have to check out surrounding environment and her mood.

9. Make Her Feel that You are the One who Cares for Her

When it comes to propose her, you have to express your presence to her despite the situation. Focus completely on her. Be with her like you can make her feel that you are the one who cares for her the most. Be sure that your body language is suggestive and confident. She has to feel that you need her. Once she gets those feelings from you, there are chances that she would accept your proposal.

10. Choose Your Words Wisely when Proposing

It is obvious that it is very difficult to say the most important things. When proposing her, words matter the most. It’s an old-fashioned way by saying “I Love YOU”. You have to improvise your words to increase your success rate. You may say something like “Would you like to grow old with me?”, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, etc. Try some of these lines to show your deep emotions. These tips will definitely work.