10 Hottest Hollywood Actresses Under 50 Years Age in 2017

“It’s a Heart of Gold, and a stardust soul that makes you beautiful” said R.M. Broderick. Everyone talks about true beauty being an evergreen thing not just of age, as a matter of fact. However, these goldie belles from Hollywood depict in real that beauty is not a thing that depends on age. The actresses listed below, as they approach their Golden Jubilee, their allure too approaches precarious beauty carved in eternal gold.

Let’s read along their stories.

10. Penelope Cruz

Her minty, vivid features are no less than the sparkling white art of Andalucía in Spain, her homeland. Starting her career at an age of 15, Penelope Cruz is the first ever Spanish actress to receive a star from Hollywood Walk of Fame. She has also modelled for leading fashion brands like Mango, Ralph Lauren and L’Oreal. Cruz is a big fan of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. She is also known for her week long work with Mother Teresa where she donated her salary from the movie The Hi-Lo Country. This probably best justifies her charm even at this age. After all, beauty can’t leave where benevolence prevails.

Date of Birth: 28th April, 1974

Age: 42 years

9. Eva Longoria

Though with films a few in her hands, her unmatchable philanthropic efforts are bigger any helping hand can. Her charitable organisation Eva’s Heroes deals with causes like cancer, financial security, emotional security etc. Unlike the sensational and spiny Gabrielle Solis, Eva is a calm and compassionate person in her personal life. Gabrielle is a character played by her in Desperate Housewives, an award winning television series produced by ABC.

Date of Birth: 15th March, 1975

Age: 41 years

8. Jennifer Aniston

From the cheeky runaway bride Rachel Green to Cake’s elderly lady affected with chronic illness, Aniston’s horizon of roles is expanding ever since she began her acting career. After failing in a number of films and television shows, she finally came to limelight with NBC Entertainment’s soap opera Friends from 1994 to 2004. Aniston also stands up for various women empowerment campaigns with other things.

Date of Birth: 11th February, 1969

Age: 48

7. Drew Barrymore

Coming from the ancestry line of famous actors and actresses, Barrymore too started her acting career at a prem age of just 7. Perhaps this became a reason that too ahead of girls at her age; the actress experienced a troubled childhood swooning in addictions of alcohol, cigarette and drugs. Her autobiography Lost Girl Lost describes summarizes her dark childhood days. However, to rise up with a bang is a thing of courage rare people can do, so did Barrymore. She has now on her platter an endless list of awards and nominations in acting, screenwriting & fashion.

Date of Birth: 22nd February, 1975

Age: 42 years

6. Jennifer Connelly

Beginning as a child model, Jennifer has been featured by many popular magazines like Esquire, Time and Vanity Fair as the most beautiful woman. Her breakthrough movie The Beautiful Mind crossed beyond the milestones that lacked the box office collection of her previous movies. The blockbuster grossed a box office revenue of over 300 million dollars. Connelly is also known for her character Sarah in the popular cult fiction Labyrinth.

Date of Birth: 12th December, 1970

Age: 46 years

5. Kate Beckinsale

“Whip clever, slightly nuts, and very charming”, this is how she was described by a contemporary journalist Virginia Coren. Kate, true to her name is known for a pure composure, an honest charm and clarity in her personality. After appearing in a couple of soap operas, the diva’s breakthrough was her 1993 film, Much Ado About Nothing. Her latest movie Love & Friendship was honoured with numerous awards and nominations. Though she called herself a ‘late bloomer’, well, we don’t think so. Do you?

Date of Birth: 26th July, 1973

Age: 43 years

4. Cameron Diaz

Her blue eyes, majestic cheek bones and blonde hair are but a few but not all the things that lands her name in the list of hottest of Hollywood women. At the age of 16, Diaz began as a fashion model in a modelling agency Elite Models Management. From there she broke into Hollywood with her first film being The Mask that earned a box office collection of over 350 million dollars. Diaz was just 21 then!

Date of Birth: 30th August, 1972

Age: 44 years

3. Sofia Vergara

It was her natural blonde hair locks and a bold charisma caught a photographer’s attention while she was strolling on a Colombian beach. This is how she got entry in modelling and ultimately into the acting world where she depicted skills far more than what the photographer adored. Vergara made a debut with 2003 film Chasing Papi. She has also been featured as the most Influential Latin Woman in Hollywood by Hollywood Reporter and Billboard.

Date of Birth: 10th July, 1972

Age: 44 years

2. Angelina Jolie

Dreams take you places. Aspiring to be a funeral director as a child, Jolie is counted amongst the most powerful people today in Hollywood. She has also modelled for musicals like Rolling Stones’s Anybody Seen My Baby. Apart from being an actress and filmmaker, she is a big time humanitarian. Her work for the causes of conservation, education and women’s rights led her to win Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. Despite of her falling age, Jolie is continuously featured as world’s most beautiful women in media. Her obsession with body tattoos adds another touch of glamour to her style.

Date of Birth: 4th June, 1975

Age: 41 years

1. Nicole Kidman

From a shy Hawaiian girl to sublime Hollywood actress, Nicole has spanned a long way round. The Australian actress is best known for her Oscar winning role as writer Virginia Woolf in The Hours. For this movie, she received numerous acclaims from critics and audience alike. In addition to acting and producing, Nicole is a skilled pianist. She did her own piano concert in Cold Mountain.

Date of Birth: 20th June, 1967

Age: 49 years

If you too are a woman nearby her Golden Anniversary, take inspiration from these actresses and pave your way ahead. (in Gold!)