10 Hottest Hollywood Actresses Under 20 Age In 2017

Hollywood is a dream place to be in for any youngster who aspires to become rich and famous. As such, every year the industry witnesses thousands of young, talented, and beautiful people who work hard to become a part of Hollywood and make a lucrative career. There are a few lucky ones who become extremely well known.

Here is my pick of the 10 hottest Hollywood actresses under 20 years of age

10. Megan Helin

Megan Helin

Megan Helin was born on August 7, 1999.

Remember the young “Lily Rush” in the television series Cold Case, which was showcased in 2009? It was none other than the teenager playing the role of the detective so convincingly. The Hollywood hottie has also starred in a number of movies like Field Agent Cupd, and Choose Connor amongst others.

At this young age, Megan Helin surely deserves a place in the list for hottest Hollywood actresses under the age of 20!!

9. Mika Abdalla

Mika Abdalla

Mika Abdalla was born on May 13, 2000.

Starting her acting career at the young age of Eight, the 16-year old has already carved a niche for herself in Hollywood. Her best performance till date came in 2015 when she essayed the role of “McKeyla McAlister” in Project MC2. The series was from Netflix and bagged the nomination for Emmy award.

Finally, Mike has acted in a number of American flicks: The Fandango Sisters, Summer’s Shadow, Departure, American Girl: Sage Paints the Sky, and Barney & Friends to name a few. With her acting prowess, hot and bold looks, she is one of the finest Hollywood actresses of her age!

8. LiahO’Prey


LiahO’Prey was born on December 15, 1999.

Born in Spain to an Irish father and a French mother, Liah started her acting career in TV commercials in different languages: Italian, Spanish, and French. Her acting ability was soon noticed which bagged her important roles in Hollywood. The multilingual actress is known for her outstanding performances in films like Painless, La Muerte de Otilia Ruiz, Insensibles, and Young Ones, amongst others.

With a lot of critical acclaim for her acting skills and natural beauty in her favor, she is sure to give a tuff competition to the other hot actresses of her age!

7. Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg was born on October 23, 1998.

The American actress rose to fame with her performance as “Rue” in The Hunger Games. Not only is Stenberg a talented actor, she started her career as a model and has good knowledge of music and musical instruments: She, in fact, is known to perform on the Violin at various Los Angeles venues. What more? She is a renowned writer too and has co-authored the book “Niobe: She is Life.”

With so much of talent and versatility to her credit, she is surely the next big thing in Hollywood. Do not miss watching her upcoming films: Everything, Everything, and Where Hands Touch!

6. Willow Shields

Willow Shields

Willow Shields was born on June 1, 2000.

Barely 17 years old, and this Hollywood beauty is already famous for her hot looks and acting skills. She has proven her acting talent more than once as “Primrose Everdeen” in the three Hunger Games movies. Shields started her career as a short film narrator and got noticed for her amazing performances in Beyond the Blackboard, and the Haunting Hour.

Finally, Willow Shields is a very good dancer, artist, and a lover of pets. With her kind of looks, talent, age, and dedication it is only a matter of time when she shall take Hollywood by storm!

5. Peyton List

Peyton List

Peyton List was born on April 6, 1998.

Remember the hit Disney series “Jessie”? well, who will not! Peyton List has appeared as “Emma Ross” and as “Holy Hills” in Jessie and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

The American actress and model have appeared on the cover of American Girl’s Back to school issue. Thanks to her innocent and child-like looks!

The young hottie has also starred in a number of popular films such as 27 Dresses, Remember me, and Gossip Girl. With interest in films, television, theater, and music, List is all set to rock Hollywood in the coming years.

4. Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan Shipkawas born on November 10, 1999.

The young actress rose to fame with her role as “Sally Draper” in Mad Men, which also won her awards and critical acclaim. She won the “Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance”. Apart from Mad Men, the teenager is known for her role as “Cathy” in Flowers in the Attic and as “Kat” in the film February.

This hot and beautiful actress has continued to star in a number of Television series and films and was adjudged by the Time Magazine as “The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014.” When she was all of 15!!

3. Elise Luthman

Elise Luthman

Elise Luthman was born on August 12, 1999.

The actress, singer, and the musician is known for her role in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, “Two Canz” in Henry Danger, and as “Caleche” in Beachwood Charter. She has won awards and accolades at the tender age for the lead role in “Josephine”, which she played when she was merely 14!

The beautiful and talented American co-hosts a series by the name “The Joey & Elise Show”. Finally, her latest Hollywood flick, Play James Play showed her giving an amazing performance for her age as “Young Julia Doughlas.”

Luthman is barely 18, and is already known for her superior acting skills, startling screen presence, and hot looks in Hollywood!

2. Erin Pitt

Erin Pitt

Erin Pitt was born on September 22, 1999.

A renowned voice actress, Erin Pitt is all of seventeen and has already won accolades and critical acclaim for her roles in Silent Hill Revelation as “Dark Alessa”, and “Alessa Gillespie.”

Besides, she has slowly become one of the most sought after Hollywood actresses owing to her great performances in films like An American Girl: Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight, and as “Hannah Wade” in the movie Against the Wild. With her hot legs and flat feet, she is one of the hottest Hollywood divas!

1. Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning was born on April 9, 1998.

Starting her career as “Lucy” in I Am Sam when she was a mere three years old, this young Hollywood actress has already proven her acting prowess. She has starred in a number of movies such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Super 8, and We Bought a Zoo.

The younger sibling of the famous Hollywood actress Dakota Fanning, Elle has already won a lot of awards such as Teen Choice Award, MTV Movie Award, and the most important Film Critics Association Award.

You will have to watch her 2017 drama movie “Sidney Hall.”

Do watch out for these hot and young Hollywood divas all set to take Hollywood by storm in the coming years!