20 Hottest Hollywood Actresses In Lingerie Look

Hollywood is the biggest film industry in the world. The actors and the actress associated with the Hollywood have a great personality and a huge net worth. Young men are crazy about the actress and models in Bikinis so here is the list of top 20 hottest Hollywood Actress in Lingerie Look just for you

20. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez


We have Jennifer Lopez on the 20th position and the list cannot be completed without her name. She had been the hottest Hollywood star for a long time and the reason for her higher rank is her age. She is getting old but the fact is that she looks young like a 20 year old actress.

19. Jessica Pare



Jessica entered Hollywood in 2004 and her first movie was Wicker Park. Since then she had contributed a lot in the industry. She worked in several TV shows as well and one of her most recent movie was Lovesick. She did a lot of bikini photoshoots as well.

18. Taylor Swift



Taylor Swift is one of the hottest singer in the industry. She worked in a few movies as well. She had been featured in The Hollywood Reporter several times and she was also addressed as the Best Person in the industry. She is known to be cute and soft.

17. Sofia Vergara



Sofia is a name that cannot be missed in this list. She worked in movies like Hot Pursuit and Wild Card and she is definitely hot. Unfortunately the actress suffered from cancer in past and she also received a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

16. Selina Gomez



Selina is an American actress and singer and she stands on 16th place in our list. She worked in several famous movies like The Big Short and she is often seen in bikini for the photoshoots. Most of the awards she won are for her career as a singer.

15. Hailey Baldwin



Hailey is was nominated for Teen Choice Award in 2016 and she isn’t able to secure a role in any big banner movie but she is still one of the hottest TV actress in Hollywood. She is known for her curvy figure and well this is just a start for her because she is just 20 years old.

14. Scarlett Johansson



This 32 years old actress stands at 14th position in the list and she worked in movies like Captain America, Avengers and Under the Skin. One of her upcoming movie is Rock That Body and the model is known to be one of the most successful actress in the industry.

13. Jessica Alba



Jessica’s career is not just restricted to Hollywood, she is also a business woman. She got a lot of roles in industry after 1999 and the next 8 years of her life turned out to be a successful phase. She worked in movies like Sin City and The Veil. Here presence in industry is quite prominence.

12. Jennifer Lawrence



Jennifer is one of the highest payed actress in the word and the credit goes to her elegant looks. She worked in several bikini photoshoots. Jennifer is known for her work in X-Men, Dior and I and several other movies which made a huge collection across the globe.

11. Gisele Bundchen



Gisele was born in Brazil but later entered the Hollywood industry. She is known to have best hair in Hollywood and she has been awarded with an award for same. She was featured in The Devil Wears Prada in 2006 and the movie was a huge success.

10. Olivia Wilde



This 32 years old Hollywood actress is known for her work in movies like Cowboys and Aliens, The Longest Week and Unity. She also works as an activist and supports a lot of social causes. There is nothing better than a beautiful lady who believes in social work.

9. Katy Perry



Katy Perry is another American singer and actress who found a place in our list. She is known for movies such as The Smurfs and Zoolander 2. Katy also has a huge fan following on social media sites where she posts a lot of pictures.

8. Paris Hilton



The name reminds us of her the sex tape which was leaked in 2003. The actress is also a businesswoman and a singer. She worked in movies like The Bling Ring and she had been one of the most controversial superstars in industry. It is known that she had had also been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

7. Beyonce



Beyonce is famous as a singer and an actress in industry. She worked in movies like Epic and Life Is But a Dream. She also gained a lot of popularity for her role in Dream girls. She won several hearts because of her performance and her beauty.

6. Miley Cyrus



This teen sensation secured a sixth place in our list and she is often seen in her bikinis on her social media accounts. She is known for her sexually explicit behaviour and well the fact is that most of her fans loves her for her outrageous behaviour.

5. Kate Hudson



Kate worked in movies like Marshall and Deep Water Horizon. She is known to be one of the hottest actress in Hollywood and she was also featured in the movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days. She is the proud winner of Golden Globe Award.

4. Lea Michele



The fourth place goes to Lea Michele and she is the winner of Satellite Award and People’s Choice Award. The actress is also the author of one of the best sellers. The name of the book she wrote is Brunette Ambition.

3. Kate Upton



Kate is known for her role in The Master Piece and The Layover. She is also the winner of Style Award and a People Magazine Award. This is just a start for this 24 years old actress and she has a long way to go. Kate was also featured in The Other Woman and the movie made a huge collection at the box office.

2. Megan Fox



Megan got the second place on the list and the reason for that is her bikini photoshoots and the movies that she worked in. She is a Hollywood sensation and she worked in several movies like Whore and Passion Play.

1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian


This is one name that deserves to be on top of the list. Kim is known for her lavish lifestyle and her glamourous photoshoots. She recently gave birth to a child but she came back to work soon after the recovery. The actress is known to have a huge fan following and that is the reason why she is listed on the top.