10 Hottest Hollywood Actresses Under 40 Years of Age In 2017

Body does count with age but not necessarily the beauty. This is what these Hollywood actresses, mostly in their thirties demonstrate. Their undeniably sublime performances, awe-inspiring life stories and timeless charm are truly exemplary for all the women worldwide to rise and shine; to create a life they desire and most importantly a life they deserve.

Here’s a list of top 10 hottest Hollywood actresses who have wooed the movie lovers across the globe.

To start with,

10. Mila Kunis

Born in the Russian city Chernivtsi, the 7-year old Mila migrated with her parents and brother to Los Angeles. It was only when a talent manager in her acting school recognized her skills and brought her to fame with multiple television commercials. However, the actress got a break with her first show ‘That ‘70s Show’ aired on Fox sitcom. Soon, she spread her reach out into Hollywood where she played a number of hits including Black Swan that bagged her Golden Globes Award for Best Actress in Supporting Role.

Date of Birth: 14th August, 1983

Age: 33 years

9. Emma Stone

Emma Stone was listed as world’s highest paid actresses in 2015. However, when talent blends with style, success surpasses its limits. Remember her La La moves opposite actor Ryan Gosling in La La Land, the movie won an Oscar nomination. But this glossy success has its roots back in her childhood. Stone began her acting career at the age of 11. After doing a couple of theatre performances, she landed back to back television hits and finally stepped in Hollywood only to appear in Forbes Celebrity 100 list 2013.

Date of Birth: 6th November, 1988

Age: 28 years

8. Rachel McAdams

To call her one of the hottest Hollywood actresses would be a thing so little, for, the Canadian actress seems perfectly au fait with the wisdom of life. From competitive figure skating, Rachel made a shift to Hollywood with her 2004 hit Mean Girls. After taking an year long break in 2006, she came back with a bang with her Oscar nominated film Spotlight playing the character of a Boston Globe reporter. The diva is also known for her active participation in environmental protection, especially her website Green Is Sexy.

Date of Birth: 17th November, 1978

Age: 38 years

7. Anne Hathaway

Even after winning numerous awards and honours, the Hollywood star doesn’t just sit back, but rather continuously impeaches her own limits and overcomes them. Perhaps this is what makes her a true acting star. With box office hits like Alice in Wonderland, The Princess Diaries, Valentine’s Day, Rio, Les Miserables and the latest super hit Colossal, Anne Hathaway has struck such an impression that would be perpetual for generations to come.

Date of Birth: 12th November, 1982

Age: 34 years

6. Emma Watson

At an age when most women are jejune even to decide their wedding wear, this British actress & model was already the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Hermione Granger, as she is famed to the worldwide audience of the Harry Potter Series was born in Paris and grew up in Oxfordshire with her mother. Apart from Hollywood, Watson also made her mark in fashion world by becoming the face of many eminent fashion houses including Chanel, Bulberry and Lancôme.

Date of Birth: 15th April, 1990

Age: 27 years

5. Olivia Wilde

Born and brought up in Washington D.C. with an ancestry of journalists and writers, Wilde was accustomed to seeing eminent celebrities at her house. However, little did she know her passion for acting would land her alongside them in Hollywood. Olivia, who is also a musician and entrepreneur, was voted as PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2010.

Date of Birth: 10th March, 1984

Age: 33 years

4. Keira Knightley

Soon after she rose to fame with the blockbuster success Bend It Like Beckham, she has been giving hit after hit like Pride & Prejudice, Pirates of The Carribean, Never Let Me Go and more. Keira has also made appearances in theatrical dramas like The Misanthrope, The Children’s Hour and Therese Raquin. Not just her acting and élan but her altruistic inclination towards charities makes her feature regularly in Forbes Top 10 Lists and other media.

Date of Birth: 26th March, 1985

Age: 32 years

3. Jessica Alba

Though she hit the big screen with her 1994 comedy Camp Nowhere, Jessica Alba came to limelight through Fox Network’s science fiction series Dark Angel produced by James Cameron. The star lady is married to Cash Warren and they have two kids. She has been the winner of Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award multiple times and has been featured in various magazines as one of the topmost sexiest female stars.

Date of Birth: 28th April, 1981

Age: 36 years

2. Natalie Portman

Don’t let her pearly jam smile get you think of a sweetie rom-com lady; she’s a true sultana of the Hollywood. While graduating in psychology from Harvard University, Natalie published many academic papers and finally moved into full-time acting. Her performance in the blockbuster hit Black Swan won her Oscar for Best Actress in 2011. The leading woman star also stands actively for various causes like animal rights, vegetarianism etc.

Date of Birth: 9th June, 1981

Age: 35 years

1. Scarlett Johansson

At the age of 20, she was already a star. Her later movies seemed to surpass the title of star as she hit the big screen. Films like ‘The Lost Translation’, ‘The Avengers’, ‘Hitchcock’, ‘Lucy’ and ‘The Nanny Diaries’ all proved to be super duper hits along with others. In addition to being featured in sundry magazines she became the first woman to be entitled as the ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ twice by Esquire magazine.

Date of Birth: 22nd November, 1984

Age: 32 years

Of all the paragon ladies listed above, who’s your favourite? Tell us. Well, we know it’s difficult to decide, isn’t it?