20 Hottest Music Divas Around The World In 2017

A wise man said there is nothing more beautiful than a girl who carries music in her body. Likewise, when you look and listen to these divas, you’ll know how each of them is a perfect creation of panorama. These 20 hottest music divas are as beautiful as their voices are. Scroll down in to unfurl.

20. Selena Gomez

This super-duper singer started her career even before entering her sweet sixteen. Selena’s career took flight after a Talent hunt show after appearing in a number of television shows like Barney And Friends, The Suite Life of Zach And Cody and Hannah Montana. The pop artist is often complemented as ‘can wear it all’ girl.

19. Demi Lovato

Like Gomez, Demi also started her career with acting. While she was filming for the Disney movie Camp Rock, she also started recording the film’s soundtrack with Jonas Brothers. From there, her music career began to advance further. The young musician is a recipient of numerous awards including MTV Video Music Award, People’s Choice Award, Guinness World Record and Billboard Music Award.

18. Ellie Goulding

Ellie had been enthusiastic for folk music since she was a child. Her soprano voice proved to be an added advantage. When she moved from University of Kent to West London, her voice was spotted by producers Starsmith and Frankmusik who set wings to her songs with their electro-pop twists and turns. Since then, her hit numbers are counting.

17. Lady Gaga

When she was in school, Gaga was often bullied by other girls for her plump figure and protruding front teeth. As she grew, her career too witnessed a lot of setbacks, passing through which, Lady Gaga is now an elite pop singer and an outlandish fashion designer in an iconic way. Amongst countless awards she has received, there are Songwriters Hall of Fame, three Brit Awards, six Grammy Awards and twelve Guinness World Records.

16. Carrie Underwood

Since 2005 when she was declared the fourth season of American Idol, Carrie has been continuously changing her looks except for an innocent smile. The young singer started singing at the age of three following lessons in piano and guitar. Her breakthrough album ‘Inside The Heaven’ was released right after the American Idol.

15. Christina Aguilera

Born in Staten Island, Christina is known for her bold voice and for singing capella. Apart from being a passionate musician from her very childhood, she has also been featured in numerous magazines as the sexiest woman. Her blue eyes, platinum blonde hair, her signature red lipstick and bilingual influence add to her beauty appeal.

14. Ariana Grande

She appeared with her very first symphony in Nickelodeon television show Victorious. Though she had become familiar to the star world from an early age of 15 years, it’s only when her music came in recognition that she left acting to pursue pop singing. Ariana recently performed at the top singing talent hunt show The Voice.

13. Gwen Stefani

As she is advancing in age, she is also advancing in looking even more gorgeous. Gwen is the lead singer of the band No Doubt. She has been featured as the sexiest and most beautiful woman by Stuff and People magazines respectively. Gwen also holds a popular clothing and accessories brand L.A.M.B.

12. Jackie Evancho

The 2004 movie The Phantom of the Opera inspired her so much that Jackie set out to explore her voice in singing; she had been taking voice lessons earlier though. After being turned down twice by the judges of the show America’s Got Talent, Jackie ultimately made it in 2010 giving a jump to her singing career.

11. Jennifer Lopez

Lopez is not an unfamiliar name, not just in America but worldwide. Her latest sensation On the Floor was a sensation. Jenny’s popularly called ‘La Guitarra’ as her body curves is compared to the shape of a guitar. The singer-actress is also the first Latina actress to get paid $1 million for acting in the film Selena.

10. Britney Spears

Teen pop music had been under shadows if not for Britney Spears. Britney is the first ever solo artist to get her debut album features in Billboard charts. Famous for baring her midriff in her concerts, the singer-actress. Starting from The All New Mickey Mouse Club, the singer-actress has recently done the film Crossroads.

9. Katy Perry

Coming from an ancestral chain of highly religious people, Katy started singing in church at a very tender age. Little did she know that this singing would later become her passion and profession too. After recording a number of unsuccessful albums, Katy moved to Los Angeles where she was recommended by an executive of Columbia Records. This kick started her line of smashing hits including ‘I Kissed A Girl’, ‘California Gurls’ etcetera.

8. Mariah Carey

Owing to her musical roots, Mariah’s voice was recognized by her mother when she was merely three years old. She came in limelight after the release of her album ‘Vision of Love’ giving four to five chartbuster singles. The singer-actress-humanitarian is also famous for her womanly curves.

7. Avril Lavigne

Avril rose to fame with her album ‘Complicated’ which she releases when she was not even 18. The album earned her 5 Grammy nominations and dozens of awards. The punk voice artist is so adored by her fans that a restaurant in her home town Ontario has named a pizza on her name.

6. Celine Dion

A person must be an alien if he says that he hasn’t listened to Titanic’s My Heart Will Go On. Celion Dion, undoubtedly is one of the leading music stars of many decades, as she dreamed to become when she was a child. Though she had been naturally a diva since always, her recent style transformation surprised everyone when she entered the Paris Couture Week.

5. Taylor Swift

Remember Crazier, the country pop playing in the background in a cameo of Hannah Montana. Of course the tunes, but the movie also showcased acting talent of Swift. And not just acting, the singer is a blend of multiple talents, one of them being horse riding. With crop tops, midies, red lipstick and blonde hair, Swift’s fashion sense is adored by young all over the globe.

4. Rihanna

Once you taste her songs, there is no asking how delicious the chocolaty voice of Rihanna is. She is one of the youngest singers to rise to stardom at an age as little as 10 years. And her style, no wonder is out of the box. Pin furs, white framed goggles and bold streetwear; not everyone is as bolder to experiment with.

3. Beyonce Knowles

Once a shy girl, Beyonce is the rockstar of the generation. Best known for her hit Crazy In Love, the singer is a winner of five Grammy Awards to say the least. The Texas-born Beyonce has been featured as the hottest female singer by FHM Magazine multiple times.

2. Shakira

After over a decade, her song Hips Don’t Lie still a must play in girl parties and friends get-togethers. When this song was released, Shakira also performed at MTV Video Awards dressed in Indian clothing and dancing to an Indian version of the song choreographed by Farah Khan. Shakira’s wave hair and unique dressing sense makes her performances even more attractive.

1. Madonna

Most intriguing, most beautiful, sexiest and even more, with an IQ of 140, Madonna is surely a woman to bow. The Queen of Pop is notoriously famous for her bold moves and dark dressing style. And the best part is that several Grammy Awards on her shelf don’t stop her to reinvent herself, even at 58.