Top 10 Hottest Female Politicians In The World 2017

When it comes to politics, first thing that comes in mind is some male politicians who played a significant role in country’s development. In fact, some of us believe that there is no connection between politics and glamour so far. Even female politicians are supposed to wear simple dress as they are idealized by the youth of their country and across the world. Well, being hot is not all about perfect shape and small clothes. But it is also about serving the country to the fullest and exceeding the expectations of public and still maintaining grace and beauty.

Take a look on top ten hottest lady politicians worldwide right now who look really amazing in their career.

10. Ruby Dhalla – Canada

She belongs to Liberty Party in Canada. Ruby Dhalla was the former member of Canadian House of Common for Brampton-Springdale (2004-2011). Nina Grewal and Ruby Dhalla were the first Sikh ladies who were the members of Canadian House of Commons. Born on February 18, 1974, she belongs to India as her ancestors are Punjab’s immigrants.  She moved to Canada and got world fame by writing a letter to the PMO in 1984 regarding military action when several Sikhs were killed at Golden Temple. She was gifted academically and got doctorate in Chiropractic and she is Bachelor in Biochemistry. She opened several healthcare clinics. She started her career in politics at a very early age.

9. Yulia Tymoshenko – Ukraine

She is Ukraine-based 55 years old politician. From 24 January to 8 September 2005, she was the first lady Prime Minister of Ukraine and she was re-elected as Prime Minister from 18 December 2007 to 4 March 2010. She is an engineer-economist graduate and got PhD in Kyiv National Economic University. She was a successful but controversial businesswoman before starting her politics career by leading Orange Revolution. She was ranked 3rd at Forbes’ Most Powerful Women in the World.

8. Sethrida Geagea – Lebanon

She is a Politician and MP in Lebanon, representing Bsharri District. She hails from a Tawk Family which has business in Ghana, South Africa. Since her college days, she started her career as a politician and met a politician Samir Geagea whom she got married in 1991. She successfully maintained the unity of her Lebanese Force Party for the sovereignty, freedom and independence of Lebanon. She has been the prominent figure of her country and she led the party in several movements to achieve great results.

7. Hina Rabbani – Pakistan

The 26th Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Hina Rabbani Khar is known for her impressive dressing sense and looks all over the world. From February 2011 to March 2013, she served as a minister. The young female politician was born on November 19, 1977 and graduated in Economics from LUMS and M.Sc. in Business from Amherst. She represented a constituency in Punjab, NA-177 and elected as National Assembly member in 2002. She is the first woman foreign minister in Pakistan and got media attention for her looks.

6. Anna Maria Galojan – Estonia

This 34 years old politician is one of the hottest in this list. This hottest Estonian politician is known for her exile, embezzlement and proceedings in the court. She is a well known public figure as well as politician of Estonian Swindler. She leads the Estonian Reform Party and she was not successful in parliament elections. She got caught for fraud of 60000 Euros in 2011 from NPO European Movement Estonia. She also appeared in Playboy magazine in Estonia. She introduces herself as a political refugee.

5. Orly Levy – Israel

Born on November 11, 1973 in Israel, Orly Levy-Abekasis is a politician serves as an independent member of Knesset after leaving Yisrael Beiteinu Party. Her family has political background. David Levy, her father was a Foreign Affairs Minister in Israel. She served in Israeli Air Force and earned degree in law at Interdisciplinary Centre Herzliya. She worked as a TV host and model before she joined politics. In 2013, she was assigned as Chair of Committee on Rights of the Child. She left the party in 2016 as it was not focused on social affairs.

4. Alina Kabaeva – Russia

Alina Maratovna Kabaeve is an Honored Master of Sports, former rhythmic gymnast and a 33 years old politician. Her gymnast career led her to win 25 medals in Europe, 14 medals in the world, and 2 Gold medals in Olympic. She began as gymnast when she was just 3 years old. She won several medals since then. In 2007, she was retired from gymnast and became the member of Russian Parliament from 2007 to 2014. She served as chairman of National Media Group public council, since 2008.

3. Eva Kaili – Greece

Born on October 26, 1978 in Greece, Eva Kaili is the member of European Parliament and representing Panhellenic Socialist Movement. She was a former news presenter. She started as an anchor and journalist in Mega Channel and pursued journalism for became the member of Association of Athens. She has UG degree in engineering and agriculture and MA in International Relations. She became politician in 1992 and joined PASOK and PASP Youth. She was elected as the member of Hellenic Parliament in 2009 and was youngest member. She was the member of several committees like National Defense & Foreign Affairs, Cultural & Educational Affairs, etc.

2. Luciana Leon – Peru

Born on June 30, 1978, Luciana Milagros Leon Romero is a politician belongs to Peru and hails from an influential family and her father is Romulo Leon, a famous politician.  She has Public Policy and Master of Governance degree in the University of San Martin de Porres and law degree from the University of Lima. She was inclined politically from a very tender age when she was assigned as youth wing’s Secretary General in Aprista Party when she was 14. She was elected as Congresswoman to represent Lima. She was reelected for next 5 years as Aprista Lawmaker in 2011.

1. Yuri Fujikawa – Japan

This 33 years old young politician from Japan tops the list. She is the member of Conservative Party and a Hachinohe City’s councilwoman and daughter of council member and vice-member of the city. She is also known as the “Belle Councilor “and “Too beautiful to be a Politician”. She was ranked as “World’s Most Beautiful Politician” by a Spanish Newspaper. When her father didn’t succeed in 2007 elections, she chose to become a politician. She was voted not from the supporters of her father, but she also earned following with her young age and looks. Since her 2007 election, she was also alleged to be involved in a controversy.