20 Hottest Female Fitness Models Around The World In 2017

Fitness is not all about being skinny. It’s about how you feel about your body and whether you have what it takes to abide by the rules of fitness. If the answer is yes, these fitness models are your inspiration.

Read their success stories and get motivated to change your body, and life.

20. Jennifer Nash Forrester


Jennifer Nash Forrester

Her day starts with a green smoothie and ends with a cup of hot tea. In between, her day is usually packed with providing online training sessions, managing her home and of course, intense workout. She recently stepped into motherhood and practices her training when her baby is napping.

19. Michelle Lewin

South Florida

Michelle Lewin

The Latin diva of fitness is a sensation on social media with over 10 million followers. A girl who worked in a local Venezuelan clinic, Michelle’s famous muscular figure has made her famous across the globe. The model-trainer is known for her 90-day bodybuilding challenge and has her own mobile app.

18. Jeanette Jenkins

Los Angeles

Jeanette Jenkins

With over 25 years of experience in fitness training, Jeanette is counted among Hollywood’s top-of-the-line health & fitness experts. She has helped many eminent celebrities tone their bodies and prepare their diet charts. Some names include Kelly Roweland, P!nk, Nia Long, Alicia Keys and Amber Rose.

17. Jenna Renee Webb


Jenna Renee Webb

Fitness is not just about outer shaping but about settling things inside. This is what Jenne teaches us. Despite of constant struggles passing upon her, she is famed worldwide as the face of fitness. Along with five to six days of training she pays close attention on her diet. Her daily menu includes five to six meals a day including egg whites, protein shake, peanut butter with lots of fruits and vegetables.

16. Rachel Brathen

Caribbean Island

Rachel Brathen

New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, internationally renowned yoga teacher, a big time humanitarian and recently a mom; one woman multiple roles. Rachel has taken Yoga to an all new yoga. She teaches SUP Yoga in every retreat she takes at her own training studio, the largest one in Caribbean.

15. Kayla Itsines


Kayla Itsines

It is famously quoted that if you can give what people want, you will get what you want. The same happened with Kayla. While she was doing a job in a personal training centre in Adelaide, in order to help women clients coming there, she discovered her own workouts and cardio exercises. And also, stumbled upon her passion of fitness.

14. Jen Selter

New York

Jen Selter

Jen is known for her unique 6-week workout plan offered by her Fit Plan app. She truly shows how a complete transformation depends on how we think and feel about things than solely on our workouts and diet. On her website, she provides plenty of tips on fitness motivation, bodybuilding training, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

13. Cassey Ho


Cassey Ho

A social media fitness entrepreneur and an Internet star as she is known, Cassey is far more than that. She is an inspiration for millions of women worldwide who suffer every day from body shaming. Her popular inventions like POP Pilates® and YOLO meals have been showcased extensively in media including People Magazine, Steve Harvey Show, Cosmopolitan, New York Times, Health magazine and more.

12. Jennifer Nicole Lee


Jennifer Nicole Lee

Gaining 30 pounds after pregnancy and that too when your body weight is already 170 pounds, losing this weight seems a Herculean task. To most women it does but not to this American fitness guru. Jennifer is also a motivational speaker and a bestselling author. In addition, she has been featured on the cover of over 75 magazines.

11. Kim Dolan Leto


Kim Dolan Leto

Her quest for a healthy lifestyle led her to become one of the most sought after, trusted and adored fitness trainers worldwide. Kim’s own weight loss transformation story inspires men and women worldwide to take a step towards fitness. The speaker-trainer is also the founder of F.I.T. or Faith Inspired Transformation program that includes a 10-step guide to transformation, workout videos and a welcome packet.

10. Alicia Marie

Los Angeles

Alicia Marie

Best known as the fitness coach of MTV Music Television, Alicia is also a health & fitness writer. She has penned numerous articles, features and blogs on health. Her book The Bible BootyTM comes under the ‘Reader Favorite’ section of Amazon Books. The fitness guru is also recognized as one of the hottest cos players for her interest in cosplay.

9. Massy Arias

Los Angeles

Massy Arias

Believing in the idea of progress and not just perfection is the thing that makes Massy stand out of the rest. After struggling herself to gain confidence, Massy has reached over 2 million people and helping them overcome depression and body shame. She inspires women to step into a healthy lifestyle not just to get a beach body but to feel good.

8. Mindi Smith


Mindi Smith

Though Mindi had always been a fitness freak, her life had been dancing taking her to ballet, jazz, gymnastic, tap, real estate and finally to WBFF World Finals which landed her as a certified personal fitness trainer. Mindi cuts through the notions related to a women having muscular physique and has been featured in countless editorials.

7. Jamie Eason


Jamie Eason

You must have heard multiple times that age is not a barrier. When you see Jamie, you’ll believe it. Though she’s at a stage of crossing her forties, her gusto remains the same. Jamie is perhaps the most consulted fitness model apart from being an entrepreneur and a spokesperson at BodyBuilding.com.

6. Paige Hathaway


Paige Hathaway

Before she won the Ronnie Coleman Classic competition, Paige had been a girl-next-door passionate about fitness. But little did she know that passion would become her full-time career that too a bright one. She is now a Cover Model, a Motivational Coach and a Fitness Entrepreneur. And just 26!

5. Kiana Tom


Kiana Tom

Best known for hosting in ESPN fitness series Kiana’s Flex Appeal, Kiana is a fitness expert, an author, businesswoman and a television host. Established in fitness world, Kiana has also starred in the movie Universal Soldier: The Return opposite Jean Claude Van Damme.

4. Natalia Muntean Kern

San Diego

 Natalia Muntean

After being a chubby teenager in a small Ukraine village, Natalia shifted to USA and after years of hard work, she is now one of the most successful fitness experts across the globe. The model-trainer offers many programs in fitness, nutrition and beauty.

3. Jelena Abbou

United States

Jelena Abbou

The Serbia-born model strongly believes in a healthy and holistic lifestyle. In addition to a personal trainer, Jelena is a figure competitor and has a portfolio of winning numerous fitness contests till date including the prestigious Ms. Buffalo Figure Championship in 2004. She has also appeared in MAC Advertisements.

2. Ava Cowan


Ava Cowan

Her expert fitness workouts combine hypertrophy that tends to focus on building muscle mass and lowering fat mass in the body. With millions of followers, Ava is a personal trainer and Global Level Figure Competitor. Since winning the Southern States Figure Overall Championship, Ava has won thousands of competitions till date and counting.

1. Marzia Prince


Marzia Prince

Counted amongst Top 10 Most Influential Women in Dallas, Marzia is truly an epitome of the leading fitness model. Taking fitness to an all new level, the certified model holds a big portfolio of working in multiple health fields including physical, pre-post natal, geriatrics, nutrition and bio-mechanics.