Top 10 Most Sexiest Female DJs In The World 2017

DJs are known to be the heart of most music festivals and nightclubs to make people sizzle on the dance floor. Sometimes, DJs seem to be the hottest favorite in the room. It is very vital to be a good DJ for career. But there are certain factors like personality and looks add on to take off the career of a DJ. Hearing or seeing a female DJ has become very common these days as ladies can add a different environment that most male DJs cannot.

We have listed some of the hottest female DJs in 2016, who have also been the top models with their noticeable sex appeal.  These ladies are serious on playing some good music and they are noticed due to their looks. Some of them have made a name recently, while some have been in the music industry for years, while some are looking to breakthrough to become popular.

10. Gloria Ansell

Gloria Ansell

She started her career while playing a lot of instruments, such as piano, guitar and drums. She loves mixing various styles and she has been known as an exciting performer. She had been the part of clubs in South China. She is also the co-owner of Pepper Group where she performs and she has gained a lot of popularity in China. She also had residency at Bora Bora Ibiza. She also released collection “Take That” with DJ Nick Fay. She hails from a mixed heritage of Hong Kong and New Zealand and she is very appealing.

9. Niki Belucci

Niki Belucci

The Hungarian DJ, Niki Belucci deserves to be in this list. She was also a porn star who starred in around 30 films and started her career in this industry when she was 19 years old. In 2003, she apparently went to “Orgasmic Tour” and ventured into music industry to become a DJ. She has residency in Belucci and she comes from Amnesia nightclub, Ibiza. She was nominated as the Female Foreign Performer of the Year for AVN Award in 2005. She played across the award and featured in several publications.

8. Mija


She is an American DJ who belongs to Phoenix, Arizona. She got her breakthrough in 2014 after playing with Skrillex. Despite her signature green locks and unconventional look, she successfully lands on this list. She is not just a DJ. In fact, she is also a promoter and producer. She became a huge promoter at her 17s and living with various DJs at 18s. She is listed among the 15 Female DJs You Should Know Now by Billboard in 2015. She played at Coachella and Burning Man.

7. DJ Sexation

DJ Sexation

DJ Sexation a.k.a. Olga Ryazanova is a Producer and DJ who is based in Moscow Russia. As the name suggests, your assumption is right that she doesn’t shy away from being called sexy. She has record in playing house music worldwide, including Germany, Spain, France, China, Poland and other countries. At Playboy events, she has been a notorious DJ. When comparing to some of the hottest DJs in this list, she is almost unknown with only 1000 Twitter followers. You will see a lot of pictures of this blonde bombshell in sexy revealing dresses when you search for DJ Sexation.

6. Keli Hart

 Keli Hart

She has become famous as the hottest female producer and DJ in Australia. In 2005, she started her career and released “Blast the Stereo” her debut feat Amy B in the year 2009. She launched “Work”, her single feat Bree Fenton in 2010 on her recent record “DOLLS HOUSE” label.  She has got popularity for electro house as well as residencies at Sydney-based clubs. Currently, Hart is signed to Jetset Music Group in the US and she has been called as the “Sound of Sydney”. Along with great sound, she has very appealing and she never shy away to pose on camera.

5. Rhiannon


DJ Rhiannon has been named as #1 Female DJ in Canada by several publications. She has been the holder of DJ residencies in Canada, Japan, Mexico and the United States. She rocked social media with up to 130,000 followers on Facebook and 18k on Twitter. She also has appearance in an episode of Smallville TV series in 2008. She also starred in, wrote and produced All the Girls Do It, a short in 2012. She is branded as “Entertainer” by herself, as a performer, DJ, and recording artist. She is well known for her sex appeal and uses picture of herself licking pink record on social media.

4. Claudia Cazacu

Claudia Cazacu

She is a Romanian producer and DJ specializes in tech house and trance along with remixes. Claudia debuted in 2007 in London as DJ and initiated “Couture”, her record label. She hosts Haute Couture Radio, her radio program that is heard in several nations. She has track record in playing with Audrey Gallagher, Armin Van Buuren and Sied van Riel. She is yet another blonde who loves to be in spotlight and cameras. She has residency in Italy, Sweden, Las Vegas and Poland.

3. Seherezade


Despite having a very difficult name to spell, DJ Seherezade is known to be one of the hottest female DJs worldwide. This hot blonde hails from Budapest, Hungary. She mixes progressive, electro, and commercial.  She was featured on “Real Life”, a reality show in Hungary and she has rapidly become one of the most demanded female DJ in her country. She is a former model who has appearance in FHM magazine and played with Crystal, wife of Hugh Hefner back to back at Playboy event. This is the reason why she is ranked among the hottest female DJs.

2. Tamara Sky

Tamara Sky

Along with being a DJ, Tamara Sky is a model who hails from San Juan, Puerto Rico. She was once titled as Miss Puerto Rico Bikini and she was featured on cover in centerfold in Playboy magazine, Mexican edition in April 2006. Tamara Sky was known as the “Playmate of the Month (US) in August 2007” next year. She was selected as DJ for the birthday bash of Donald Trump in 2007 and also played in New York Cosmetics Fashion Week. She was featured in “The Girls Next Door” in E! reality TV show and various sexy photos are out there. Now, she lives in Miami and is known to be a friend of Kim Kardashian.

1. Mari Ferrari

Mari Ferrari

She is one of the notorious female DJs in this list. She tops the list as she is a very popular Instagram celebrity. In Facebook, she has around 1 million likes. She performed in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, France, Miami, Germany, Spain and Italy.