Top 10 Hottest Australian Actresses and Models In 2017

Australia is known to be one of the most exotic countries in the world. Australia embraces a lot of picture-perfect and breathtaking places that are worth a visit. This is why thousands of tourists gather Australia all the year round from different parts of the world. Along with being the most preferred tourist destination, Australia is also highly regarded as a developed country which provides all the amenities to the citizens.

Along with exotic places, hottest women from Australia also make a buzz in film and modeling industry with their hotness and beauty. A lot of Australian models and actresses have been adorned and praised for their natural beauty and hot looks. We have listed the top 10 hottest Australian females.

10. Holly Valance

Also known as Holly Rachel Candy, Holly Valance is known to be the 10th hottest Australian woman currently. She enjoys a successful profession as an Australian model. For a long time period, she is involved in modeling. She has also tried her acting skills and took a step ahead to make her career in film industry. She debuted with “Neighbors”, a soap opera, to start her acting career. Along with it, she also seems to be a very popular singer. Her first music album was released in 2002. She is a very talented model and smoking hot and drop dead gorgeous.

9. Nathalie Kelley

Nathalie Kelley is another hot Australian actress who is widely regarded as the 9 hottest Australian models these days. She is also known for her epic roles in the blockbuster films like “Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” and “Body of Proof”. She has also been very passionate in her profession as an actress and she always had a dream to become one in childhood.

You may not know that this Australian beauty is also a talented salsa dancer. A perfect combo of beauty and talent, isn’t? Appearance wise, she is very sexy, ravishing, and too hot to handle.

8. Emily Scott

Emily Scott is the 8th hottest Australian female in this list and she truly redefines her hotness with her looks. She has got phenomenal personality and looks. She knows how to look hot and beautiful at the same time. She carries her looks perfectly and she does it very perfectly. She has got amazing fashion sense and she is also a very stylish actress.

She is also a multi-talented diva when it comes to her profession. She is a successful TV personality, model, DJ and record producer. She has managed to hold a great fan-base within no time. She has also been appeared in several reality shows.

7. Emilie de Ravin

Emilie De Ravin is known to be the 7th hottest Australian model these days. She has got a lot of different kinds of roles and she is appeared in several movies, professionally. She has gained huge prominence with “Lost”, an ABC Drama, and films like Roswell. Emilie has maintained a great fandom among other actresses.

She also happens to be a very successful and hot TV presenter. Her presence is something you will fall for. Her hot curves and gorgeous looks can definitely make you drool over her hotness.

6. Abbie Cornish

Born on August 7, 1982, in Lochinvar, New South Wales, Abbie Cornish is a very hot and beautiful actress and she has appearance in both television and films. She has performed several roles and she is well known for her award winning performance as leading lady in a hit film “Somersault”. She is also an internationally regarded fame and she has earned several accolades for her appearance in “Bright Star”. She is also famous for her special character “Sweet Pea” in “Sucker Punch”.

5. Rachael Taylor

Born on July 11, 1984, Rachael Taylor is an Australian hottie who is also known to be the fifth hottest Australian lady to date. She is a well known model and actress who has amazing works and famous roles to her credit in films like “Shutter”, “Transformers”, “See No Evil” and “Splinter Heads”. She has also modeled for several leading brands.

Along with it, she has also been on the cover page of several international successful magazines.  Along with her acting and modeling skills, she is also widely regarded for her sultry and hot looks.

4. Melissa George

Born on August 6, 1976 in Perth, Australia, Melissa Suzanne George is another hot Australian actress and model who has worked in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It is almost impossible to define her hotness in just one word. She deserves a lot of superlatives to praise her.

She is a very talented and hot actress who is also a great performer. She is the most beautiful and hot lady you would ever witness. Her level of beauty and hotness are in tandem as always. She has great body and beautiful smile.

3. Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes is officially a citizen of Australia but she is half-Portuguese and half-Chinese by origin. She is widely regarded as the third hottest Australian model currently. She started her modeling career from a very tender age and she rose to prominence since then. Currently, she is one of the hottest Australian models and the best swimsuit model in Australia. She has well-toned body and gorgeous appeal to become one of the hottest women in Australia.

2. Krystal Forscutt

The well known reality TV star and model, Krystal Forscutt is known to be the second hottest model in Australia today. She has reached new heights in her modeling career and she has maintained a great fan-base nowadays. Her hotness and beauty are praised by her fans. Currently, she is known to be one of the finest Australian models. She has modeled for several top brands and posed for a lot of magazine covers and she has become even popular for it.

1. Miranda Kerr

It goes without a doubt that Miranda Kerr is one of the most popular Hollywood actresses and the hottest Australian model currently. She can give tough competition to any model due to her hot body, amazing looks, and killing smile. She started her career as a model and she has modeled for several international and popular brands. She is very sexy and smoking hot. She has participated in several beauty pageants to represent her country. She has also become a Victoria’s Secret angel.


All of these hot Australian women truly redefine their hotness and beauty. They are simply beautiful and gorgeous. They can definitely make their fan drool over their overall presence. They have appearance on both movies and TV.