Top 10 Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actresses In 2017

In this article, we will focus on the hottest and highest paid actresses in Hollywood who are paid huge amount for their amazing job. All of these actresses are paid for their incredible performance (by considering their past and present work) along with their experience in acting career and their training worked really best in their achievement. Actresses get different amounts according to their performance, talent, result of completion of projects, and dedication etc.  So, let’s check out the list of top highest paid actresses in Hollywood industry along with their income in 2016.

10. Reese Witherspoon – $15 million

She enjoys fair share in the flops sadly, including a film Hot Pursuit, in 2016. But she still has chances to perform better. As Rosita in “Sing” by Illumination Entertainment, she might recover from her slow career. Her name has also been linked directly to the live-action film “Tinkerbell” and she has also leaked the photos which may be related to it, according to Entertainment Weekly. She has landed on some major deals on endorsements in 2016 which can raise her career this year.

9. Amy Adams – $15 million

Though Amy Adams may not be one of the top actresses in Hollywood, she still enjoys great presence in her own way. You may have seen her as Lois Lane in the recent Hollywood flick “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” along with “The Story of Your Life”. Along with it, she is also making appearance as Lois Lane in “The Justice League: Part One” again in 2017. This hottest redhead is all set to partake in the film if she is paid $5 million. She knows the wage gap in Hollywood very well.

8. Sandra Bullock – $20 Million

She stars in films that pay her up to $20 million as she has such ability to command with star status as an A-lister actress in Hollywood. She has been enjoying great demand for around a decade. Though she may not have enough films announced for 2017, it doesn’t mean the end of her career. She is expanding her horizons as a producer along with an actress and she is enjoying guaranteed income because the movie doesn’t flop.

7. Bingbing Fan – $20 to $24 Million

Though it is still not cleared as how much this Chinese megastar earns per annum, the estimated figures reveal that, she has earned around $20 million to $24 million, as of 2013. Her presence in Hollywood movies continues to grow with the release of her films this year – “I Am Not Madame Bovary” and “The Moon and the Sun”. Her performance could help improve her career and it is big chance for Bingbing Fan.

6. Anne Hathaway – $24 Million

She is among those actresses who don’t make more than few movies per year but she still earns huge amount all the year round. For instance, “The Intern” was the only major release for her last year but she still managed to bring home staggering $12 million. She is all set to make that much in her forthcoming films. With the release of “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, a live-action franchise sequel “Alice in Wonderland”, it will definitely lead her to major success. She is already getting huge media attention with her film “Colossal” to be showed at Cannes Film Festival.

5. Melissa McCarthy – $24 Million

She can surely be renowned as one of the heavyweights in Hollywood but it doesn’t affect her presence. She has enough wit and great talent. She has definitely showed that anyone can become a leading lady in their own terms. Despite not having any presence in romantic comedy, she has made presence with comedies of some kind.

She can be spotted in The Boss over the next two years along with in Ghostbusters female remake, where she is making $14 million apparently because of high budget. She has taken stab on production of The Boss that she has also been featured in. She can definitely command around $10 million to $15 million from a film.

4. Jennifer Aniston – $24.75 Million

The “Friends” fame has gone so far from the silver screen to large screens with hit romcoms, such as “We are the Millers”, but how much she gets paid for all of her performances? When it comes to the figures that Forbes announced recently, she has managed to make around $16.5 million for two films released in 2016 which earned her around $8,250,000 for each.

According to The Daily Mail, this figure is likely to be closer to $5 million despite her status as A-Lister. By considering it, you may assume that she can make the same for three films this year – Yellow Birds, Mother’s Day, and Office Christmas Party. She also endorses SmartWater, Living Proof, and Aveeno. She surely makes more than enough.

3. Angelina Jolie – $40 Million

Though she might be facing some personal struggles, especially about her health and weight, she still enjoys great presence because of her class acting, no matter what happens. She can still rule the box office with her $20 million of command from each movie and this figure is quite acceptable. With “Kung Fu Panda 3” where she will play as Tigress once again, and the upcoming project “Maleficent 2”, this veteran actress will keep on making great impression. Though she may not be getting much screen time, she continues to rule the box office.

2. Scarlett Johansson – $57.5 million

This bombshell has done virtually anything but make splash in the film since she made entry in 1994. Started in 2000s, her name can be found everywhere which is not just meant for exposure only, but also for great paychecks. She has admitted that she will refuse the project if filmmakers don’t pay her more than $10 million.  You may also want to look forward to see her presence in the action crime “The Ghost in the Shell”.

1. Jennifer Lawrence – $61.7 Million

She is a 25 years old actress who has excelled in her acting skills since he entered the scene over a decade ago. Recently, her income has spiked and fact that she has earned $15 million for her role in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay” which shows how odds will be for her. She has made around $15 million from each film. Along with it, she played the role of Mystique in the film “X-Men: Apocalypse”. Her paycheck will be higher than what she has got from her last appearance in “X-Men” franchise. This way, she is regarded as the top paid actress in 2017.