10 Hollywood Celebs Who Spent Time Behind Bars

Just the thought of facing a lawsuit is enough to chill your spine down. No matter how biggie you are, laws won’t spare you if you found guilty. Not only common people, but also celebrities face charges. Several Hollywood celebs spent time behind bars. Some of these celebs also faced charges for small violations like violating traffic rules etc, while some have faced long terms for charges like murder and rape.

To get better insight on the crimes committed by your favorite Hollywood celebs, read on and know about the acts that landed these A-listers in jail –

10. Christian Slater

He is well respected in industry but he has a wild side. He served a lot of run-ins with law. He was sentenced for drunk driving as well as assault in 1989 where he served 10 days of jail term. He was, again, arrested to carry a gun on commercial flight in 1994. He served community service for just 10 days. He was found guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend 3 years later, Michelle Jonas, under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He spent 90 days in jail, 100 days in rehab and 90 days more in residential rehab. He is also charged for sexual harassment on a street and got 3rd degree sexual abuse. Later on, he was freed of charges on a condition to stay away from trouble for at least 6 months.

9. Paris Hilton

She was apparently in the verge to prove her and she has record of spending time behind bars. She was sentenced for driving under influence in Los Angeles in 2006 and she pleads not guilty and got probation. She violated probation and sentenced to jail for 45 days. Before being released, she served 23 days. She didn’t learn lesion and also caught for possessing marijuana in South Africa. In 2010, she pleaded guilty for possession of cocaine.

8. Khloe Kardashian

She is the sister who seems to be a bit harsh off the edges. She was caught for driving under influence in Van Nuys in March 2007 and sentenced to probation for 3 years, and enrollment in roadside cleaning community service and alcohol education class. She was failed to enroll in alcohol education and completing her community service. Hence, she got sentenced for 30 days.

7. Lil Kim

The hardcore rapper lived up to her ways. Sadly, she kept it a bit too real. In 2005, the bombshell lied off a grand jury about her involvement of entourage in hip hop staple. Security cameras showed a friend and manager trading shots with Capone-N-Noreaga, rival rap group. They didn’t say anything good about her about the record “Bang Bang” and it led to altercation in the mid of Manhattan and it left one member wounded. Due to her lie, she got sentenced for a year and one day. She caught break and got released since 2006 after her full term serving.

6. Lil Wayne

Despite being well talented, Lil Wayne still looks as a guy who had been sentenced for jail term in his day. Surprisingly, he never did any bigger jail term until he got the peak of his rap career. In Manhattan, police raided tour bus of rappers in 2007 when they smelt marijuana fumes and caught artist who was trying to escape with a bag having a .40 caliber semi-automatic loaded gun. He plead not guilty on possession of a gun and faced 3 ½ years. Luckily, he was sentenced just for one year in 2009 in Riker’s Island Prison Facility.

5. Amanda Bynes

The sweet little girl is now a mug-shot celeb who used to get her own Nickelodeon show. It seems shocking how these artists take such a drastic turn. In her case, she took a bizarre turn. In April 2012, she got arrested after side-swiping police car and speeding to West Hollywood. She was also accused for hit-and-run. She was arrested for possession of marijuana, reckless endangerment in Manhattan and tampering with evidence. She also had DUI in 2014 that led her to psychiatric evaluation. Now, she is doing better hopefully. She was in need of some serious support in the past.

4. Mike Tyson

He has great autobiographical story we recommend you to read. He was the most enjoyable heavyweight boxer to look for, even though most of his fights didn’t had the first round. He was once charged for rape of Desiree Washington, an 18 years old girl. According to him, she gave full consent and involved in the act. He ended up with 4 years of probation and 6 years of imprisonment. In April 1992, he went to prison and released in March 1995, served around 3 years.

3. Michelle Rodriguez

“The Fast & The Furious” actress has a dark past. Despite being the favorite Latina of every car fan, you must background check this lady before you even ask her to drive your car. In 2004, she found guilty of driving with suspended license and served just 4 hours and 20 minutes in May 2006 from a 60 day term when she violated the probation from alcohol based charge. In 2005, she was charged for drink and drive and served 1 day sentence in Hawaii. She was arrested 5 times for vehicle infractions. In January 2008, she was sentenced for 6 months. Luckily, she served only 18 days because of overcrowding. Nevertheless, she is too talented and glam to be sentenced as an irresponsible drunk.

2. Robert Downey Jr.

Our favorite “Iron Man” also had troubled past with the laws, despite being a great actor. Despite having glorious family background, he still has a dark history. In 1996, he was sentenced for 6 months possessing cocaine, a .357 magnum hand gun, and cocaine and speeding in LA County Jail. In 1999, he was failed to comply with a drug test and jailed for 3 years in State Prison and California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility.  One year later, he was released and pursued his acting career again. Today, he is among the highest paid celebrities in the world and has huge female fan following.

1. Lindsay Lohan

This cute redhead “Parent Trap” girl turned out as a repeat criminal. Her criminal record is bigger than most celebs in this list. In 2007, she got caught with cocaine. After 10 days in a rehab, she repeated the same act. She is forced to be sentenced for 1 day. She was released just in few hours. She was also accused of stealing Masha Markova fur coat in 2008 and Dior jewelry of $400,000 in May 2010. She had to wear SCRAM device for alcohol monitoring. She has other records that may shock you.