10 Greatest Russian Scientists and their Inventions

The scientists of Russia are known for their global scientific ways and methods of changing the world with their knowledge and talents. Many inventions of theirs have changed the world and made people see innovation and technology from a completely different way and scope. From cars, to air crafts to televisions to radios, these Russian scientists are known to have developed in every level of technology and boundaries and they can go to any extent to prove their words. They are hardworking and they have struggled a lot to come to the position that they have achieved now. The revolutionary innovations have found a way into the modern world in the present times.

Some of the best inventions of Russian scientists are listed as under:

10. Sergei Lebedev

Sergei Lebedev

Sergei Lebedev was the first person to have developed synthetic rubber in the year 1910. He was always disturbed with the idea that the vehicles could not move properly without tyres and in this way, he came up with the idea of invention of synthetic rubber. The artificial rubber is used in the production of insulations, medical devices, etc. He wrote a book named Research in polymerisation of by-ethylene hydrocarbons printed in 1913 provided people with the idea of production of synthetic rubber.

9. Vladimir Shukhov

Vladimir Shukhov

Vladimir Shukhov was the engineer behind the invention of industrial cracking unit in the year 1891. Cracking is the method by which petrol can be produced from the high boiling factories and used in cars which would otherwise be impossible to ride on. Crude oil can be turned into petrol with the help of petrol cracking and it was a very important invention in the history of time.

8. Mechnikov


Yogurt is what everyone likes but Mechnikov was behind the concept of yogurt who found out in 1910 that people should consume saturated products in order to live a longer life. Yogurt was first found in Bulgaria and it is one of the important food item in that place. This was the first time that milk was used to make something out of it and to use it in a proper way. Milk products have been used by people from ages ago.

7. Aleksandr Stoletov

Aleksandr Stoletov

Alexander Stoletov in the year 1880’s came up with the concept of solar cells which easily made it convenient to run televisions in homes. Photoelectric effect helped in the production of the solar cells and they are in much use in the present world. He produced the first solar cell with the idea of Photoelectric effect and it became successful in the very first go. The intensity of light was found out with that experiment which helped to induce current in a more easy way.

6. Alexander Popov

Alexander Popov

Alexander Popov, a physics professor gave a lecture in St Petersburg University about the use of electric communications which can make it easy for the people to communicate with the rest of the world. He showed the first radio set in that lecture and students were amazed by that. But, he could not publish any papers that he so wanted to publish because of difficulty from military institution. His invention came to knowledge of the world soon and in this way, he could commercialise his first radio set and this was the time that people came to know of radio.

5. Alexander Poniatoff

Alexander Poniatoff

He started the concept of video tape recorder in the year 1950 when he started working for the Ampex Company and people were impressed by his design. The company then produced the first video tape recorder which gained huge popularity and he also brought home some video equipment’s.  It was a magnetic tape recorder and it worked in a very fast and convenient way and people could listen to sounds from it which excited them to consult about the tape recorder. It was the first digital recorder that ran on magnetic tapes.

4. Fyodor Pirotsky 

Fyodor Pirotsky

The concept of electrically powered railway wagons was a distant dream but Fyodor Pirotsky could make it true. That totally ran on electricity and there was also a reverse conductor in the wagons which helped it to make properly and safely. But, he did not know if it could work and he so conducted an experiment where he let 40 people in the wagon to test and the wagon started properly in the year 1881. This was one of the greatest inventions that eased the transportation problem of the people.

3. Dmitry Zagryadskiy

Dmitry Zagryazhsky came up with the idea of caterpillar tracks for the trains and the carriages. He was given a patent at that time but he could not impress the manufacturers with his designs and styles. But then in 1877, the idea of caterpillar tracks was accepted and wagons moved on these tracks. Tractors could also be run on these tracks.

2. Pavel Yablochkov 

Pavel Yablochkov

Pavel Yablochkov was a Russian engineer who came up with the idea of transformers and he was supported by Ivan Usagin. They both found out about the distribution of light and how much light was needed for the transformers and then invented transformers to help people.

1. Vladimir Zworykin

Vladimir Zworykin

Vladimir Zworykin was a scientist who came up with the idea of making a television and came up with the main electronic television. Iconoscope, the transmitting device in television was developed along with the television receiver tube.

These are the innovations and scientists behind it. Inventions that changed histor