10 Genius American Scientist and their Inventions

In terms of technology, we have come a long way and it took a lot of research to create this technically advance society. Indeed, some of the technology had been a result of a mistake or coincidence but most of the great inventions took years of research and hard work before the invention was commercialized as a product. Certain philosophies and inventions changed the world and certain inventions had the power of creating destruction at mass scale. For example, the invention of x-ray changed the way broken bones were treated and the invention of nuclear bomb changed the course of World War 2 and the history.

In this article, we have listed 10 greatest American scientists along with their inventions.

10. Johnas Salk 

Jonas Salk

Johnas was involved with biology and he is a famous virologist. Many lives were impacted before he successfully made first polio vaccine. A lot of children were impacted by the polio virus and later he designed a vaccine to eliminate polio completely. The invention changed the life of many generations as the vaccine was accepted globally and it helped in immunizing the children from polio. It is also known that he worked on a vaccine to prevent AIDS. Though he discontinued his research almost 10 years ago but he still provided with important research work.

9. Edward Teller

Edward Teller

Edward is known to be the father of Hydrogen Bomb. He discovered the hydrogen’s spectrum which later formed the base of this powerful and destructive bomb. He had been involved in many strategic defense initiatives and it can be said that he made America safe from foreign nuclear threats. It is also known that he designed a system to avoid asteroid collision and the basic idea behind the system was to change the path of the asteroid with help of a nuclear bomb.

8. Robert H. Goddard 

Robert H. Goddard

Robert is a well-known American scientist and satellite communication would not be possible without him. He is the man behind the invention of the first liquid-fuelled engine. These engines are widely used in space programs today and they are also used in launching satellites. Modern day communication has been impacted in a positive way because of Robert’s invention. He also invented multiple stage rockets and that basically increased the human’s ability to reach higher altitude. The main advantage of these rockets was that they could be stopped in middle, unlike the solid fuel rockets which were impossible to stop.

7. George Carruthers

George Carruthers

George is famous for extinguishing the human’s thirst for space exploration. He invented the first space telescope which helped humans in looking beyond the solar system. He also developed the first moon based observatory he also invented the camera to capture the ultraviolet image of the famous Comer Halley.

6. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert is known to be one of the great minds in the history of America. He found the famous equation which is E=mc2. He also gave many theories in regards to relativity. He also shared the law of photoelectric effect with the world and he was a part of the Manhattan project and he is also one of the key people behind the development of nuclear weapon but later after seeing the impact of the nuclear bomb, he started protesting for the ban of the nuclear arms.

5. James Watson 

James Watson

James is known to be the founder of the structure of DNA. He co-founded the structure with two more types of research and they helped in understanding genetics in a better way. It was now possible to understand the DNA and that also helped information of genetic engineering in later stages. James basically founded how the information is transferred in living beings.

4. Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper

Grace is known to be the father of computer languages as she made the first computer program compiler for a programming language. She made it easy to compile and execute high-level programs. She also worked with NAVY officer. It is known that she also defined a new programming language and the name of the language is COBOL. It made it easy to make computer programs.

3. Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

World would not have been same without Alexander Graham bell. It is known that he was deaf yet he invented the world’s the first telephone. Today life is almost impossible without the telephone and the telephone has evolved a long way. He also helped in the invention of optical telecommunication which forms the base of today’s internet network. It is also known that he made our nation secure by inventing metal detectors.

2. Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Our lives wouldn’t have been same without the invention of Nikola Tesla. He is the man who invented induction motor and three phase electric power. Earlier, the power was supplied in form of direct current but he designed the system to supply electric current which basically increased the supply area and efficiency of electricity distribution. Tesla also invented Tesla coil and that later helped in many types of research.

1. J Robert Oppenheimer

J Robert Oppenheimer

J Robert changed the course of history as it is known that he is the man who created the first nuclear bomb which was detonated over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The war ended soon after the detonation of the bomb else there would have been more bloodshed and more lives would have been lost. He later helped in research on atomic energy which also formed the base of nuclear reactors to generate power.

No matter what your profession is, it is essential to pay tribute to these intelligent souls who contributed themajority of their life to invent something which forms the base of today’s modern society.