Top 10 Best Funny Pranks To Play on Sisters

A perfect family is what that has a pair of a brother and a sister but it just looks perfect, not actually is. In every home, there is a mini war between a sister and a brother. Even two sisters cannot stay calm all the time. Be it makeup, boys, or clothes, sisters are truly complicated.

Every now and then, guys want to prank their sisters to get them back to their limits. Here are few of the pranks you can try on your sisters.

10. Get Their Hair Sticky

Girls love their hair so much and they can do everything to keep their scalp healthy. So, you can definitely play some pranks on them by targeting their hair. Just sneak out her favorite shampoo and put in some baby oil in it. Mix the baby oil with her shampoo well so she cannot notice it. Don’t worry; baby oil is healthy for her hair. But the funniest thing is that her hair will remain sticky all day long. Don’t forget to keep the shampoo around her so she won’t get annoyed.  She could wash out the oil with shampoo.

9. Scare Her with Insects

As we all know, most girls are scared of creepy crawlies and insects. Spiders can easily bring tears to their eyes within seconds. Use it to your advantage. Borrow or buy a fake insect like spider, lizard, or snake which looks realistic and is large in size. Look for the purse or handbag she frequently uses. Put the spider in her bag over her makeup kit or phone. When she puts her hand in her handbag, she will scream with fear. Don’t place a real insect if you don’t want to hurt your sister.

8. Wake Her Up Early

Does your sister wake up late? Does she work late? This prank will definitely work for you. Before she sleeps, get all the clocks around her. Set the alarms on them. Start the alarm from 3:30 am and set the alarm in each clock with difference of 5 minutes.

Clocks should be placed in different areas and let her to find all of them. She shouldn’t know where to find them. Be sure to pretend to sleep so she will switch all the alarms off herself.

7. Keep Her Confused

Girls also love to read novels like boys. If she likes reading comics or novel, it can be easier. Just find out what she is reading these days and how far she has reached. If she is just in the middle or starting out, wait a little to play the prank. This is all you have to do. Once her story is about to complete, take her book and remove the last two pages very clearly. At the end, stick the message “to be continued…” She will be confused as whether it is actually the end of the book or it’s just a prank.

6. Paint it Red

Girls have long-time relationships with nail polish. Hence, it is easy to prank her with her favorite nail paint. Find the nail polish she uses a lot. Put a couple of drops of food colors. Add 2 to 3 drops that are enough. Make sure that the coloring matches the color of polish. If it is red, add red food coloring. When she tries to remove the polish, she will notice that the color is not removing. It will last few more days. She may stop using the nail polish as she won’t know what’s going wrong. It is a nice prank you can play on your sister who takes nail polish from you constantly without asking.

5. Yummy but Sticky

Get her caught brown handed! It is another messy and fun prank you can play on her. You have to use a few of the sticky yummy peanut butter. Stick some peanut butter on the handles of her drawers and cupboards in her room. When she touches any of these handles, peanut butter will stick to all around her hands. She will go mad over you but she might start enjoying the taste of peanut butter later.

4. Get Her Tanned

Make sure to play this prank in a holiday. It is a bit harsh prank for your sister. She may end up look like a zebra. Pour some self-tan lotion on her favorite body lotion cream. Don’t add too much of it as it can give ‘zebra’ look to her skin. When she uses the lotion, she won’t suspect anything unusual. But once tanning starts in her skin, she will surely notice it along with everyone else around her. She cannot treat her skin for several days. So, be sure to play this prank during holidays.

3. Tattoo Her Feet

Girls often have a pair of shoes or sandals that are their favorite. They may not be able to get enough of it and wear every now and then. It is ideal to play this prank. Coat some black shoe polish inside her favorite shoes or sandals. She would put on her shoes and walk around. Once she removes her footwear in the evening, get ready to hear a louder scream at your home. The black polish will be spread all around her feet and she will never know how it is possible.

2. Serve Fast Food with Little Twists

Make sure not to play this prank with children around as you might hear a lot of curses and abuses from your sister. Prepare some favorite fast food for her. But there is a twist in serving. Add a few fake cockroaches and flies to her food. Wrap it up and leave it for her. She will feel happy initially. But when she opens it, she will scream with disgust and fright. Don’t overdo with insects or it will not look real. Add a few of it to let it work.

1. A Final Sip to End Her Day

If you know that she loves a warm drink before sleep or just after waking up in the morning, you can play this creepy prank on her. There are chances that she will give up taking the warm drink. Drop a couple of raisins in her drink and it will sink around the bottom of the cup. The last sip will feel little sweet with the raisins. But it might also change the color. When dried fruit eventually drifts around her mouth, she will just throw up. Play this prank in the morning when she is in sleepy mood and she may not be able to suspect anything.