Top 10 Fastest Goals In FIFA World Cup History

Football is indeed the most sought-after and played sports in the world. It is often called as the Beautiful Game. Obviously, it can spice up the stadiums with a lot of surprises. From goal scoring records to great cup-killing acts where lower division squad has to defeat the highest team in Premier League, football is still the king in the sporting scene these days.

Some of the most popular football players are known to be the strikers for their prowess in goal scoring, both off and on the field. Some of the most popular football players are those who are knocking the goals in. Even 90 minutes of time is not enough sometimes, while it takes merely a second to score the goal. There are different types of goals a player can make in terms of making fast goals.

The first edition of FIFA World Cup was played in 1930. By excluding the years 1942 and 1946 (due to Second World War), the FIFA World Cup has been played every four year. With the event in Brazil in summer, the World Cup has been organized up to 22 times within span of 86 years.

When Clint Dempsey of the US netted the goal in 2014 World Cup within just 30 seconds in the game, it was considered as the fastest goal in the history. Since goals are likely to be hard to be played in football, it was quite unexpected. The amount of difficulty to navigate the ball in the net of opponent is the part of its beauty.

However, the goal of Clint Dempsey may have been the fastest in the World Cup. But it is surely not the fastest in the history. Actually you may be surprised to see it doesn’t make the list. Here are the fastest goals in football history. Speed is at the essence as we have listed the top fastest goals in the history of football.

10. Jesus Navas (14 Seconds) – Manchester City vs. Tottenham Hotspur

Jesus Navas, Manchester City winger has added one last Spurs within just 14 seconds in November 2013. Manchester City pressed Spurs and kept Hugo Lloris, French goalkeeper, cleared the ball under pressure from the kick-off which fell to Sergio Aguero of Manchester City and he unleashed the shot. Lloris saved it excellently but it went directly to Navas, who lifted the ball up from a very impossible angle over Lloris’s head and went directly to the net. City thrashed the Spurs by 6-0.

9. Dwight Yorke (13 seconds) – Aston Villa vs. Coventry City

Before forming the excellent partnership at Manchester United with Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke was knocking for Aston Villa in goals. The Trinidadian striker, in 1995, got the net within 13 seconds, when the game started when Ian Taylor gave a superior cross against Coventry City.

8. Mark Viduka (11.1 Seconds) – Leeds United vs. Charlton Athletic

Mark Viduka, the former Australian international player, is a great goal scorer. He scored 4 goals vs. the Liverpool. This is why he became famous in the football world. In 2001, he scored one of the fastest goals in the history of Premier League against Charlton Athletic when he scored the goal within 11.1 seconds.

7. Alan Shearer (10.4 Seconds) – Newcastle United vs. Manchester City

When it comes to the goals in Premier League, you may not resist mentioning Alan as an all-time goal scorer in the league. Playing for his favorite Newcastle United, Alan has managed to score against Manchester United within just 10.4 seconds again in 2003.

6. Roy Makaay (10 Seconds) – Bayern Munich vs. Real Madrid

Roy Makaay, former Dutch player took just 10 seconds again to hit the net back when he played for Bayern Munich. He bamboozled the former defender in Real Madrid, Roberto Carlos to get cross against Hasen and tucked the same into the net as the fastest goal in Champions League ever. Bayern went on to knock Real Madrid off the competition.

5. Ledley King (10 Seconds) – Tottenham Hotspur vs. Bradford City

Striker is not the only player who can hit the back of net former defender in Tottenham, Ledley King scored the fastest goal in the history of Premier League with his effort over Bradford City. It was in top echelons of soccer that time. King took the kick-off on hisa own and was only 25 yards away from the goal and struck ball hard. It took an unusual deflection. This deflection took it directly into the back of the net and King has been secured in history.

4. Tim Cahill (7 Seconds) – New York Red Bulls vs. Houston Dynamo

Tim Cahill, an Australian player, is known for scoring fastest MLS goal within just seven seconds. The ball was sent to Dax McCarty after the kick-off, who launched the same for Cahill. The ball was caught by the Australian player and ripped it the same against the head of the goalkeeper towards the back of net. New York Red Bulls managed to beat Houston Dynamo by 3-0.

3. Nawaf Al Abed (2.4 Seconds) – Al-Hilal vs. Al Shoalah

He is known to score another fastest goal in the world. Nawaf Al Abed has scored the goal within 2.4 seconds. Al Abed has seen the goalkeeper off position in the game against Al Shoalah and took shot from midfield. Shockingly, ball reached the net and he won the game by 4-0.

2. Marc Burrows (2 Seconds) – Cowes Sport vs. Eastleigh

Within just two seconds, Marc Burrows scored a superior goal against Eastleigh while playing for Cowes Sport during that time. The goalkeeper was off his line. So, he shot the ball directly from kick-off position after his colleague set him. The wind was straight behind the ball and it landed into the net. However, Burrows passed away when he was 30 in 2009 as he was diagnosed with cancer.

1. Nicklas Bendtner (1.8 Seconds) – Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur

Nicklas Bendtner is a Danish footballer who is currently playing for Rosenborg as a forward and Denmark national team. Centre-forward is his favorite position. He played occasionally on the left attacking side and on right also. He is a physically strong, large and tall player and he is well known for having a powerful header and strike in the air.

His goal within 1.8 seconds is officially the fastest goal in the world scored in the Premier League by a substitute. Most footballers cannot break the record which was previously held with their first goal in Premier League. It is what done by Bendtner. He hit the net against Tottenham Hotspur for Arsenal after coming for Emmanuel Eboue as a substitute.