10 Famous Blind People That Inspired The World

The blind people have eyes and they cry too. Despite their blindness, these incredible geniuses were totally unstoppable from being who they are today and what they do. These geniuses have truly revolutionized things in the world which are still under development. There is no limit of creativity for them.

In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the most inspirational blind people ranked with their success, popularity, achievements and other qualities they have accomplished which are truly unmatched.

10. Diane Schuur

She has been well celebrated for all the Jazz she has created. She has been the female variant of “Jazzy Funkster”. Most of the people discriminated and judged jazz as boring even without listening. This norm has been created by youth when songs have words instead of groovy beat.  Despite being blind, Dianne Schuur has the passion of adding little bit of fun to Jazz and she has been kicking it all over the world. She made a name for herself and became popular for her cute angel voice she communicates and sings in the world. Everything appeared through her music is remarkable. She can literally play the piano which makes it even more appealing for her.

9. Doc Watson

He is the man who has been around and recognized and acknowledged since 1920s by most of the individuals. He can definitely not to be forgotten by the locals and folks along with the rest of the people. He was a traditional singer and guitarist who naturally influenced his parents and he passed his talent to his children. Despite being blind, he has created colorful, lively richness in his life through the music that was a great way to live the life like other human beings. He has been gifted to live till the age of 89 and passed away in his home.

8. David Paterson

He was the only governor of New York City and he was partially blind. It was surely a bold statement which speaks in itself. He is among the most popular and revered blind people. Being an African American and partially blind, you may quickly assume his struggle to survive in America and to get the well deserved and fair position by being elected as the Governor of New York. It also shows his brilliance in his mindset and character along with his political action and views on bringing change for the better.

7. Dana Elcar

If you are 80s kid, you may have definitely loved TV series. Above all, MTV and color TV was the only entertaining thing in the households. During the rollercoaster decade of magic of the 80s, McGyver played a vital role when it comes to best actors in TV series. On the other hand, Dana Elcer has been costarred throughout the series and he played his exceptional role. He could exhibit so much of charisma and aura while playing the role of Peter Thornton and he did it really well without making anyone to notice his blindness on screen. He is also known for her acting in various films in his career.

6. Jeff Healey

Norman Jeffrey Healey or just Jeff is a Canadian icon and well known to thousands of his fans in the world since 80s and 90s along with yester years. It is quite hard to believe that a blind man can sell millions of albums worldwide. His captivating and eccentric voice and his outstanding ability to play guitar on stage led him to become the famous musician. Despite their inabilities, everyone has something different from others, which we call talent. Unlike others, Jeff has a unique style as a guitarist. Despite his blindness, he could strum each string well by placing the guitar on his lap. He also recorded a song on “The Road House” by Late Patrick Swayze.

5. Jose Feliciano

He is the guy who seemed to have left steaming Latino Heat in his amazing appearance and demeanor in his music career. It would have been the amazing gift he has seen among his live audience thanks to its magical sound. He is truly unforgettable for the world by singing the all-time classic which always remains an evergreen song till his days as a contemporary musical symphony. His song is quite ironical as he is blind and it’s really very painful to live in the darkness for a long time.

4. Ray Charles

If a youth had to witness the picture of him, he would definitely follow him or revert back on him as an old man with shades. Blind people use the dark shades that are quite ironical and create some humor to the ones who don’t know the reason why they use dark glasses. They use dark glasses not for style, despite the fact that he had stylish ones. Instead they use dark glasses to soothe their eyes and avoid insensitivity from the light that a healthy eye can withstand.  He is one of the popular blind people who have mastered in singing, piano playing and song writing. He carved his presence in music industry. He was able to blend Gospel, Jazz, Pop and Country in his songs.

3. Casey Harris

He is a rockstar and he is one of the most popular blind people. It is very difficult to become a pianist even with eyes, let alone blindness. He was naturally talented and mastered with time. He has been taking lessons since childhood. X-Ambassadors is an Indie Rock band which has become the recent record breaker in Rock genre in music industry. Since piano involves using fingers, common people might think it as an icing on a cake for a blind man. The piano he plays had a MEDI loaded synthesizer keyboard.

2. Andrea Bocelli

Since the 17th century, the compositions of Beethoven and symphony sounds have literally been seen and heard and all of it in the birth of home grounds in Italy and the recorded music of treasure sounds and gold has been distributed all over the world. There’s a mastery passed from one generation to another and it has been the world class by classical musicians and tenors.

1. Stevie Wonder

He is ranked No.1 in this countdown for good reasons. When Rock and Italian Opera are listened to only by a specific group, everyone loves the Pop music with retro taste in it. His famous 80s hit can still be listened these days with the same freshness as it was when the track was released. He has also sung with Ray Charles and Michael Jackson in the main verses of “We are the World”.