10 Unbelievable Facts About People Born In March

Spring spring, spring is here. Flowers flowers everywhere. The rebirth, the new life starts here. The onset of March is a festival, a special occasion in itself. New flowers bloom and so does the people born in this month. People born in the spring season are known to be most creative of all. Their longing for expressing themselves sometimes makes them appear as somewhat crazy; however, they are also the intelligent of all.

March, although derived from the Roman word Martius translating to Mars, the God of Wars the month of highly compassionate people. To understand more of the March mavens, browse through the facts mentioned below.   


1. Keen Observation

People born in March are keen observers. They have an in-born curiosity for people and things around them. Wherever they are, their senses remain highly aware to whatever is going on in their surroundings. The reason for this is their introverted nature. Their mind and their senses are most of the time turned within them. This gives them a sharp awareness that can’t skip anything that’s around. The Theory of Relativity is a live example. Yes, Albert Einstein was born on 14th March, 1879.

2. Their Gigs And Gags

Quite reserved they may be, but you never know they are the secret kings and Queens of shenanigans. Their minds are always indulged in experimenting something different, something adventurous. This makes them mysteriously notorious. When you meet a March-ian, you won’t know what’s hidden behind the sweet shy looking face, however, there would be a slight naughtiness smiling from inside. But this doesn’t mean that they are irresponsive. They are quite adaptable to every situation and find solution to every problem out there no matter what.

3. Emotion and Drama

Their sympathetic and compassionate nature makes them sensitive to people around them. Further on, emotions play a crucial role in the entire life of people born in March, especially with a Pisces Sun sign. You won’t see them cry in public, but when in close relationship, they are high on emotions and drama. Therefore, these people make good actors. Lily Collins, Rani Mukherji, Reese Witherspoon, Kangana Ranaut and Olivia Wilde are some of the actresses whose birthdays fall in the spring month.

4. Gentleman’s Commitment

If you are in a relationship with someone born in March, congratulations. Your future says that you have a long lasting relationship on your cards, perhaps lasting forever. Pisceans are devoted lovers. Their sensitivity, unconditional love and commitment will never make you feel down when you are with them. These people are born to literally kill with kindness.

5. Love for Nature

Their love for fellow humans comes from their love for nature, for plants and animals. This trait contributes to their healthy lifestyle too. You’ll find most of the persons born in this month to be in constant touch with nature. They are relatively healthy and have a long life due as they like to spend their time in nature. They usually avoid artificial medicines like antibiotics and like going for natural therapies including Ayurveda, naturopathy etc.

6. Philosophers, Real Ones

Owing to their high awareness and sharp observation, Pisceans are great thinkers and philosophers. Not just another but they actually dig deep in their minds to find out the solutions of problems. Take the example of Aamir Khan, the Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood. He might do one film a year but, his movies do create a wave of sensation in the entire nation, right? That’s a great thinker.

7. All Sides Creative

Take a list of artists born in the March and it won’t end. People born in the month of blooms and blossoms showcase a larger slant for creative professions. Writers, composers, painters; they are born with that creative nerve in their heads. Michelangelo, the greatest sculptor ever born was born in this Month. William Gibson’s novels, Dr. Seuss’s cartoons, Vincent von Gogh’s paintings; these masters of art can ever be forgotten. Not till the mankind survives.

8. Music Is Their Companion

While music also comes in the category of creative arts, it requires a good lot of additional skill too. March babies have an in-born connection to the music that lasts till their lifetime. Call it their emotional side, call it their creative niche or simply their love for nature, music is what they cherish the most. Perhaps this is the reason many singers, musicians and songwriters are born in this month. Some of these are Shreya Ghoshal, Chris Martin, Bach, Chopin, Alka Yagnik, Lady Gaga and many more.

9. Live a Life of Passion, Spread Positivity

Remember the character of Rani in Bollywood blockbuster Queen or Munna in Rangeela or Shashi in English Vinglish. Inner world is indeed bigger than the outer world. And maybe that’s why people born in this third Julian month have a treasure chest of positivity in them. Their cheerfulness can make the day of the dullest of persons. Plus their birthstones i.e. aquamarine and bloodstone depict courage that makes these people spread happiness wherever they go.

10. Silent Genius

History has proven. People who are the quietest are also the most successful. Pisceans seem to follow this philosophy. They speak more in silence than in words. And perhaps this is the biggest reason of their creativity. They are the ones who chose peace and solitude against all the name, fame and wealth of the world. They believe in living life and not in passing life. But this doesn’t make them any less intellectual. In fact, persons born in the daffodil month are the brightest people you’ll ever come across. Einstein is the evidence. Andrew Jackson is the evidence. And there are many many more to the list.