10 Unbelievable Facts about People Born in January

When you think of January, the first thing that your brain might come up with is New Year resolutions or new plans, wish-lists, holiday lists and lists of all kinds. But of course, there’s a lot more to it.

Also known as the National Soup Month, January, the name was given by Romans in dedication to the God of Gateways Janus. Perhaps that’s why January is the gateway to the start of the year. And perhaps for the same reason, the people born in January also give head-start to control their own life, the heroic, and the challengers. Sounds believable.

But further on, the facts mentioned below describe some of the traits of January-born you might find hard to believe.


1. Humor in Their Veins

Saying has it, people born in January have a good sense of humor by birth. Sarcasm and wittiness are some things that always remain at the back of their brains. Though most of them are unoffending, still and all, they are the funniest of all. Take for instance Jim Carrey, who can argue on the fact that he is the funniest man on Earth. Well, the Canadian-American stand-up comedian has a birth month of January only. And so, laugh out loud!

2. Leaders By Birth

Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved. Who other than Swami Vivekananda can be a better example of leadership. Yes, he was born in January too, in 1863. Like him, people born in winter’s first month also have the traits of a born leader. They are said to be quite adamant when it comes to leading. If you too have a friend born in January, it’s better not to cross question!

3. Role Models of Inspiration

Take philosophy, science, mathematics or art, people born in the snow month are known as the role models of inspiration. They are scientific thinkers and carry a deep tenacity of self-control that makes them focus on their work despite of many distractions. Open mindedness, broad vision and flexible personality are some of the attributes these persons carry with themselves. Stephen Hawking, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey are some examples, period.

4. The Strength of Will

This is actually unbelievable, their will power. No matter what it takes, they are always ready to square their shoulders for the responsibility of their life. This strength may be the result of the bitter experiences they encounter with the world. Or, it may be their in-built aggressive nature that thrives them to move ahead and make their own path. To put it simply, they like to remain self inspired and not dependent on anyone for inspiration. An exemplary legend is Muhammad Ali. His name says it all. Perhaps the title should have been I am the Greatest.

5. Romantic Yet Reserved

Great leaders they may be or heroes of their time, however, otherwise don’t expect them to express themselves. If you have read the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe, you would know. Though fully heroic and master of his work, when it came to his personal life, he was very shy and usually kept quiet. Likewise, people born in the oak moon or the heart of the winter are generally inexpressible to their feelings. But don’t consider them lesser romantic. When it comes to having a close relationship with January-born, they are diehard romantics.

6. The Youthful Old

Not everyone grows with age. Not at all when one is born in January. These people become even more youthful as they advance in age. Call it the fruit of their firm focus or their innate tendency to inspire; they are full of life irrespective of what their age is. Take the musical star Dolly Parton, her songs still have that same charisma as it was two decades ago.

7. The Crazy Side

January is the month of cottage pink carnations which is symbolized for pure love, affection, wonder and fascination. And what’s pure, expresses itself to the fullest. Like the flower, humans too when born in January possess certain characteristics that depict their crazy side as well. As an example, consider Bradley Cooper. Though reserved and influencer he is, he opens about his crazy side too where he was addicted to alcohol.

8. Word Hard, Party Harder

At a time when most of the world is asleep after the hangover of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, they come out of their closets. They believe that the onset of a fresh year and fresh hopes must begin with party. Keeping this thinking line in mind, January-born people too are high on parties. And why wouldn’t they be so. After all, January is a month of sizzling hot platters and of sweetly desserts. For those of you who don’t know, days dedicated to these dishes fall in January only. To chocolate covered cherry, chocolate cake, peanut butter, pies, popcorn, hot sauce and whipped cream. Whoa, if one has all these things on the table, who wouldn’t want to party!

9. My Dignity, My Priority

With traits that they signify, they surely deserve to have a respect, a dignity and an attitude for themselves. And so, they are deaf to foolish remarks and gossipy talks. No offences, this is one part of their leadership. So, if you have a teacher or boss who is a January-born, better be cautious in asking too many questions. They may simply ignore you!

10. Their Secret Worlds

With all their shyness, humor, craziness and bossiness, people born under first English month are quite tough to crack too. They may ignore stupid remarks but there’s another side to the medal too. When it comes to their relationships, they don’t let conflicts arise. They are known to sort out the differences in their secret somewhat imaginary brains but don’t let anyone know what they are thinking.

Well, taking all these facts in consideration, it’s quite a marvel combination. And so, Capricorns mostly are set to success and a fulfilling life!