10 Unbelievable Facts About People Born In February

February might be the shortest of months all but the horizon of people born in February is exactly opposite, limitless. Known to live in their own worlds, these people are quite unpredictable. You expect something and you will get a surprise. But that doesn’t conclude them to be arrogant. After all, they are born in the month of Valentine’s Day, the month of love, of romance.

Following facts demonstrate how these people create a world lovable to them and are lovable by all. Further on, what Romans once considered a ‘monthless month’ is now considered as the birth month of some of the great legends. To know, let’s read along.


1. Creative Genius

Bob Marley, Sarojini Naidu, Johnny Cash, Madhubala, Charles Dickens; each of these were the creative geniuses of the century. Guess what, they were born in February too. Of course, there are other names as well; we couldn’t possibly name them all. Withal, similar to these, persons born in the Candlmas month are high on expressing their creative juices. They tend to follow their inner calling and their passion when it comes to choosing their profession.

2. Say It Heart-to-Heart

Remember Kareena Kapoor’s character Geet in 2007 film Jab We Met. Outspoken, straightforward but frank. Similar is the quality of men and women born in the second month of the year. What most adults call as over-thinking, these people don’t indulge in too much thought. If you have a friend or lover born in this month, you are having a living gem. While this describes their extroversion, it also explains their pure conscience as in, whatever comes out of their mouths, comes directly from heart without any filters.

3. Innovation in Their Heads

This too boils down from the creativity in their ancestry lines. They can’t stop but use their original thought in inventing and developing new objects. It comes to them naturally. People born in the Washington-birthday month tend to be greatest innovators, scientists and philosophers of their time. Names of some of the exemplary personalities are Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Galileo Galilei and Steve Jobs. This also brings about a characteristic in them that urges them to push beyond orthodox and established systems and think rationally.

4. Perfect is Good, Imperfect is Best

You were born to be real not to be perfect. While you may have heard of this plenty of times, only few people get to hold onto it for their lifetime. These people are born in the Valentine month i.e. February. From their dressing sense to their perspective of the world, everything they do has a unique angle, a distinctive side only they can decipher. To put it simply, the see and feel this world in a way nobody else does. They do what they feel is right and not what is supposed to be right.

5. Mystery Mystery On The Face

There are two kinds of people in this world. One, who tell all that what they feel. Second, who tell only a portion of what they think and feel. Persons falling in second category are Februarians. That is, they don’t like to reveal each and every detail of what they know. They believe that sharing one’s ideas with people can lead them to fall prey of cheaters and idea robberies.

6. Like Tortoise, The Winner

They are known to analyse the root cause of every problem. This makes them a little slower as compared to the entire human race. However, this is what makes them think different. When you meet such people, you might perceive them as dumb, but don’t go on their looks. If you don’t believe, remember the dual personalities of Peter Parker and Spider Man.

7. Perseverance & Will Power

No better than Thomas Edison can explain this trait of Feb-born people. Tremendous strength of will, firmness of purpose and persistence to carry on makes these people achieve unfathomable greatness. Perhaps this is the result of their birthstone amethyst that symbolizes humility, wisdom and sincerity. Besides, February is derived from the Roman word Februa which means purification. And thus, the Feb-born are also one-of-a-kind holding onto their charismatic characters and compassionate hearts.

8. Divinely Devotion

When you meet a Februarian, you might consider that person a little dumb. However, after some time, you’ll be bound to change your mind. When you see their dedication and devotion, you would start seeing them from a new perspective. Owing to their ineffable devotional trait, these people are known to maintain sound relationships. They make great spouses, parents, children, employees and friends. This is possibly their biggest characteristic you’d like about.

9. Heart Of A Human

To prepare a heart for sharing isn’t a skill. The desire to share comes from within, and very few people are blessed with it. Most of them are born in February. Immense inclination towards philanthropy and charitable activities makes these people highly dutiful and resourceful leaders of the nation. Look through the biography of Ronald Reagen, the 40th President of United States.

10. Silent Brains Work Fastest

Just like the snow melts down the mountains without any words, people born in February like to do their work in silence most of the time. For them, silence is the divine field from which the words of wisdom come in their brains. Also known as the month of the pearl, February gives birth to some of the quietest brilliants on the planet. But don’t misinterpret their silence as their weakness. Their brain and their heart are living to the fullest even when the words are not coming out from their mouth.

This sums up the traits of the people born in the love month of the year. If you too have observed any other distinctive attribute of February-born, share with us in the comments section below.