10 Interesting Facts about Justin Bieber

Remember when the teen vogue and sensation Bieber landed late in a concert to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Afterwards, reports concluded that he had gone to see one of his fans in the hospital who was suffering from Leukemia. Well, it clearly signifies how this 23-year old singer-musician is as beautiful from the heart as his voice is. Besides, at such an age when people barely count on their degrees and pennies, Justin epitomizes maturity and innocence at the same time. Don’t be surprised if you see him crying during a Hollywood movie. But this isn’t all that depicts all the characteristics of the teen singer.

To know more about him, here are some of the interesting facts about his life that you would love to know. Read on.

Justin Bieber

1. Fandom From Family

At such a young age of 12, Justin performed in Stratford at Ne-Yo’s song So Sick. Little did he know that this performance would mark the beginning of his stardom. Later on, his mother Mallette Bieber uploaded the video of his performance on Youtube. Following this, she kept on uploading his videos until when Justin’s voice spread out to millions and millions of people, which today are his fans.

2. Cut Hair For Charity

It might sound bizarre but it’s true. The teen heartthrob cut his most adorable and swagger style hair and put it under auction. And astonishingly, he raised 12,000 dollars in the auction, which he donated to charity. Well, you must be wondering how wise he is at such a young age. Of course, that’s true. Ever wondered, what about the person who bid and bought Bieber’s hair?

3. Ushered by Usher

Luck comes before us if we work hard enough. And so it happened in the case of Bieber too. After going to Atlanta with Scooter Braun, a marketing executive of a recording studio, Bieber came across Usher. Moving on, it was Usher, the renowned American singer-songwriter who got him a breakthrough in the music industry. Bieber signed a contract with a joint venture of Braun & Usher, then known by the name of Raymond Braun Media Group. Following this, Bieber launched many albums, most of which topped the Billboard Hot Lists.

4. A Melange of Music

Billions of people today know Bieber as a singing sensation but quite a few know that he’s a master in instrumental music too. If you’ve ever been to any of his live concerts, you would know how he jams with his fellow musicians. Before he started as a professional singer, Bieber received regular lessons in guitar, piano, drums and trumpet. Perhaps, this is what makes him a complete performer-musician.

5. Never Say Never

After the super-hit Baby, Bieber’s Never Say Never was another milestone in his musical success. The 3D biopic, part-concert film grossed an unexpectedly astonishing collection of 100 million dollars striking a record. Followed by this, the musician released a remix album of the same title that too hit the top positions in the charts. And not just the music and film, the song lyrics too came in light. It is said that the song features the word ‘Never’ 73 times in its lyrics, sung nearly after every 3 seconds.

6. Yum Foods List

The teenage sensational singer is an avid lover of food too. His favorite dish includes Bolognese Spaghetti with Berry Captain Crunch falling most of the time in his breakfast platters. In lunch, he likes to have meals with a combination of tomato and mayo. But don’t be surprised if you catch a snapshot of him crunching a slice of pizza or Doritos. He loves them too.

7. Will Smith, his Mentor

Ever wondered who’s behind the magical, remarkable musicals of Justin Bieber? Well, you won’t have guessed that it’s the most powerful actors of Hollywood Will Smith. According to the media reports, Will Smith and Bieber are said to have long conversations on weekly basis. There isn’t any evidence as in how they came in contact with each other however; the fact is that Bieber considers Smith as his guide and mentor.

8. Not Just Musical, Meticulous Too

While he’s not famous as a mastermind as a musician he is, once you see what he can do you’ll be surprised. Actually it’s just not his voice that awes people but the genius in him too. Say for instance, he can solve a Rubik’s cube in merely 30 to 40 seconds, which is needless to say, a sign of brainy.

9. Actually Multi-Talented

Today if you weren’t watching the music videos of Bieber, imagine where he would be. Well, he would be an architect then designing say a Zoolander Hotel or a Baby Baby house anyhow. Not just this, he’s well versed in French too. Further on, if German fascinates you, he can also translate to that. But only the counting from one to ten!

10. Disney Fan

Remember the media snippets reading about Bieber on a date with Disney princess Selena Gomez. And then, his tweet reading about his love for the Disney movie The Lion King. Well, not just this film, the American singer is a huge fan of Disney too. He likes to see and perform for many of the Disney shows. All the more, recently he shocked his fans by appearing as a performer in the Disney Music Awards 2017.