Top 10 Famous Cricketers Who Were Poor

The wealth and the astounding glory around the cricketers often hide the pain and the struggle they made in the career. Everyone is not lucky to have a wealthy family, but very few ensure to eradicate the same with their passion and hard work. Many cricketers in the world have fought poverty and struggled to become what they are today.

Here are the 10 cricketers who were born poor but made it anyway to the grand podium of world cricket.

10. Dale Steyn

The furious fast bowler of South Africa who has picked up more than 600 wickets in his career wasn’t the same since childhood. He went through a rough childhood with hunger and poverty. He had only one pair of shoes when came to International cricket. He could not even afford the other one. He said that he begged to Shaun Pollock for the other pair. He used to spend time in jungles running bare footed and used to hunt animals. He, however, made it to the International Cricket and is one of the highest paid cricketers of South Africa.

9. Irfan Pathan

He was known as the Sultan of Swing. His hat-trick against Pakistan in Pakistan is still one of the fondest memories of the Indian cricket fan. However, he had struggled childhood. His father was a Muezzin in a local mosque in Baroda. He used to live with his half brother Yusuf Pathan in the mosque. His father wants them to be the Islamic Scholars, but fate has something else for them. He worked hard and broke into the National team. There was no looking back for him. He has however lost his place in the team but still, plays domestic cricket and cash rich IPL.

8. Umesh Yadav

Indian fast bowler, Umesh Yadav has impressed everyone with his speed and consistency. However, the journey from a passionate young cricket talent to the strike bowler of the Indian cricket was not easy for him. His father was a coal miner. He had to struggle a lot to reach this stage. However, he got support from his family to pursue his dreams and today he has changed the fate of his family.

7. Munaf Patel

He was once the speedster of the Indian team and was known for his speed. Once a regular in the Indian team, Munaf Patel, had to fight all the odds to reach the top. His father was an agricultural labour in other’s farm land. He had tremendous pressure to give up cricket to earn and support his family. He however never gave up and kept working hard. Today, he has changed the fate of his family after playing cricket for many years.

6. Mohammed Shami

He is considered as one of the death over specialists in the Indian team. However, he was not special in terms of financial privileges. His struggle was however well supported by his family. He is a son of a poor farmer. Due to limited opportunities, he had to travel to Kolkata all alone at the age of 15. He however never gave up on his dreams and believed his skills. He first broke into the Bengal Ranji team and then in National team. Today, he has built a huge house and living a life of a millionaire.

5. Chris Gayle

The flamboyant and party boy of cricket, Chris Gayle had a unprivileged childhood. His struggles were beyond imagination and he spent most of his time on the streets of Jamaica. He had to steal empty bottles from various places to feed himself. Today he is one of the highest paid cricketers in the world. He is known for his hard hitting batting and carefree attitude.

4. Virendra Sehwag

Virendra Sehwag used to cricket adrenalin rush among the bowlers. His aggressive batting and the smiling face, however, hide the struggle that he had in his early days. He was from a very normal family. He used to travel by bus for 84 km to practice. Later he used to travel by Vespa scooter for practice to Feroz Shah Kotla stadium. However, today he has a mansion in New Delhi, properties and what not, his dedication and work have changed his fate.

These cricketers are talented and have showcased their immense potentials. However, more than that they were fighters who defied all the challenges to reach what they have aspired for.

3. David Warner

David Warner, the Vice Captain of the Australian Cricket team is a high paid cricketer in the T20 leagues around the world. He has huge money and assets along with tons of runs and performances. But was he the same throughout? Well, his story inspires many who want to become the next big in their respective field. He used to pack shelves at Woolworths for $12 per hour. Woolworths is an Australian Supermarket. His batting skills, passion for playing for Australia and dedication earned him the baggy green.

2. Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja is now called as Sir Jadeja. However, it was never the same for him. He had seen a poor childhood and went through many upsets in life. His father Anirudhsinh Jadeja was a poor gatekeeper of a private security firm. He lost his mother at the age of 16 due to an unfortunate kitchen accident. This was the time when he even considered leaving cricket behind. Today he lives a royal life with splashing swimming pool, pet horses and much more.

1. MS Dhoni

The Journey from a small town boy to the Most successful Indian Captain was not easy but of course interesting and inspiring. He was a ticket collector with the Indian Railways and used to support his poor family. Today he is the 23rd richest athlete in the world. He never let the cricketer inside him die even at the adverse conditions. A blockbuster Bollywood movie was made on his life that earned huge money at the Box Office too.

These cricketers have played cricket and broke many records. However, they have defied the challenges in their personal life to reach a stage what they have aspired for.