Top 10 Countries with Strongest Armies in the World 2017

Armies are known to be the vital part of the nation along with its security. A huge fortune is spent every year to fight battles. Countries like India, Russia, and United States etc. take special steps to strengthen their military power. When it comes to compare the armies of various countries to assess the nations with strongest armies, it may not be easy to do it theoretically.

Without leading the armies to the bloodbath, we may have a fair insight on the military power of the nations by considering their arsenal, advanced technology they have, number and power of allied forces, training, budget allocated, size of army etc. Though this issue is rather subjective, various organizations conduct their studies to rank their military strengths. Here are the top 10 nations with strongest armies.

10. Japan

The land of Samurai, Japan was the top military force in the World War II. At the end of the war, the peace treaty restricts it from having the most aggressive army. Due to the growing disputes with the ever-growing China, Japan started expanding its military power for the first time in 40 years and they placed a new base on outer islands. The country has expanded its military investments to $49.1 billion for the first time in 11 years, making way to become world’s 6th highest. It has up to 60000 military personnel in backup and 247,000 active ones. It is the 5th largest air force with 1595 aircrafts. It also consists of 131 war ships. It maintains huge military presence in Asia with its recent defense initiatives.

9. Turkey

It was probably the conflict of other nations sharing borders with areas having strong presence of Islamic State. The risk of clashes with Kurdish organization (PKK) made Turkey accept that it should prepare itself to face the danger. When it approaches, it can hike its investment in defense by 10% in 2015. The defense budget of Turkey is $18.18 billion. Including regular reserves and it is above 660,000. The air force of the country has 1000 aircrafts and military has 16000 land weapons. It has robust diplomatic connections with the US and it partakes in initiatives worldwide.

8. South Korea

It is bordered by North Korea that also has a very powerful army, making a constant threat to South Korea. South Korea has been enhancing its defense budget to $34 billion. It has huge army of 640,000 active military personnel and 2,900,000 additional ones in reserve, along with 6th largest air force that has 1393 aircraft along with 166 small ships. It has 15000 land weapons, including 2346 tanks and rocket systems.

7. Germany

It is one of the strongest military forces in the world as it is economic too. Despite spending up to $45 million a year, the condition of the army seems to be deteriorated over the past couple of years. It is perhaps due to the generation growing in the 1960s against war. Currently it has just 183,000 active frontline and 145,000 reservists, along with 710 aircrafts, with 5000 land-based weapons of different types.

6. France

It is a country following Germany’s lead as it decided to freeze its military spending effectively and cut down on defense works by 10% to save more on technology. Currently, the military budget of the country is $43 billion per year, i.e. 1.9% of GDP of the country, a lot below the target set by NATO. Up to 220,000 air forces combined with reservists have formed a force of around 500,000. It has up to 1000 aircrafts, apart from 9000 ground vehicles. Even though France is still not a formidable nation, it has 290 nuclear weapons and deployment to strengthen its base in the UN and EU.

5. The United Kingdom

Another member of EU, the United Kingdom also has a certain plan to cut the size of armed forces by 20 percent from 2010 to 2018 and apply some cuts to the RAF and Royal Navy. In the UK, the defense budget is $54 billion. It has only 205,000 regular personnel and 908 aircrafts and 66 ships. But the army is still powerful, thanks to its superior training, advanced equipments, and 160 nuclear weapons. The Royal Navy is all set to put HMS Queen Elizabeth on service in 2020. This aircraft carrier can carry 40 F-35B joint strike fighters across the world.

4. India

India is famous not only for massive population, but also for having world’s fourth strongest army of 3.5 million, along with 1.325 million active personnel. This huge size of military is the main reason to become one of the nations with strongest armies. The Indian army is powered by 16000 land vehicles, including 1785 aircrafts and 3500 tanks, along with nuclear weapons. It consists of ballistic missiles that can hit most of China and flush out the whole Pakistan from world map. Currently, its defense budget stands around $46 billion which is expected to rise.

3. China

The defense budget of China stands officially at $126 billion and to invest widely in defense in a relentless drive, the country may expand the budget by 12.2%. It has huge size of army, with over 2.285 million active personnel and 2.3 million reservists, making it the largest land force in the world, along with 25000 land vehicles. It has further 2800 aircrafts on its air force. Chine has around 300 nuclear weapons, along with 180 methods of deployment. Recently, China owned sensitive information about F35 and stealing the military technology.

2. Russia

The defense budget of Russia is $76.6 billion and it is supposed to grow up to 44% more over the next 3 years. The military spending has been raised by third since the year 2008, especially since Putin took hold in 2000. The work force consists of 15500 tanks, making it the largest tank force worldwide, despite the fact that it is aging. It is the world leader and superpower with 8500 nuclear warheads.

1. The United States

It spends significantly $612.5 billion on its defense, more than any other country listed here. It maintains huge army of 1.4 million personnel and 800,000 reservists. To complement the active land force consisting of well-trained uniformed personnel, it is the world leader in producing aircrafts, with 19 aircraft carriers. It has modern technology like the new rail gun in Navy and it has 7500 nuclear warheads. Since World War II, the US is the undisputed leader.

These countries have the strongest armies in the world in terms of man power, defense budge, navy, and air force. These countries are known to be the biggest threats to international security.