Top 10 Countries with Best Police Forces In The World 2017

All of us talk about the brutality and corruption of police officers, but none of us praise the sacrifices they have made and their abilities to save our lives. Joining police force needs a lot of dedication and hard work. It is one of the toughest jobs in the world.  We have done a detailed research on the best police forces in the world.

Every Police official is responsible to maintain law and order in the area and uphold security of the country by eliminating crime. Police forces in the world have to ensure that everyone is following the rules, laws and regulations set by the government. According to the efforts, performance along with security measures, we have listed the top 10 nations with best police forces.

We have ranked each police force according to their performance and training so far.

10. Canada


The Police Forces in Canada haven’t faced any war or emergency situations like other countries. But they have proper training which is just beyond the common standards. So, they are always ready for such unpredictable situations. The Canadian Police is prepared for everything in advance as the officers undergo specialized and advanced development programs so they are prepared for the real-life situations. Along with educational training, the Canadian police force has to go through “on the field” practical training with a small twist. Once their training completes, the senior police official performs their duties to gain experience on the job side. So, they can prepare for the future instead of giving a set example.

9. The Netherlands

The Netherlands

The Dutch Police consists of the Central Regional Police Services. Each unit is operating under the Dutch Commissioner. The Netherlands Minister of Justice is responsible to maintain order and overall functioning of the troops. In these units, officers are deployed and ordered to stay on standby to conduct routine jobs. They are well trained to manage most kind of situations and they work as a Team to reach the same goal. Dutch Police covers the most of Netherlands and badlands.

8. China


At No. 8, China is known to have one of the best police forces in the world. As it is rightly said “Every Chinese is Kung-Fu Master”, their master art with body sequence can disable or manipulate the opponent until they attack their sensible body parts to paralyze them completely. The Chinese have very extraordinary and great manner of speech and actions. They use weapons less often and only in dangerous situations. They are well trained in hand to hand combat. Average man in China has been undermined and assumed wrongly and discriminated for several years. But in case of Chinese Police Force, every officer gets intensive training, as their body and mind is conditioned well to react quickly on provocation with proper counter measures.

7. Germany


German sports cars have always raced the hearts of car collectors and racers for decades. The BMI is one of the best police forces worldwide and it has elite training system which provides allowance to control their own units in 16 states along with two Federal Law enforcement agencies on their side in joint venture as a large battalion combats crime. With over 40000 well skilled, trained and dedicated police officers in their own departments, it ensures proper safety of Germans. German Police Force is known among the rollers in the world because of their tremendous achievements.

6. Australia


Australia is known not just for beautiful tourist destinations like Sydney Opera House, but also for AFP which is making powerful presence with their reputability and by doing everything in power to uphold the law. The AFP is known as one of the best police forces in the world. Australia is perceived to be a peaceful country thanks to its police forces. It is one of the first forces to literally, practically and effectively practice and enforce gender equity. It is considered to be very effective to combat crime. Women are trained with self defense and use the justice system to help the citizens. The Force is recruiting more women and providing training to keep women away from the danger.

5. France


France is known widely as “Love Destination” as it in habits the most treasured and magical city in the world, Paris which houses the most iconic structure in the world, the Eiffel Tower. Well, it’s not the Eiffel Tower France is known for. Despite the eternal beauty, crime is everywhere. The police force in France is known to be one of the best police forces in the world on Call of Duty. The Police Forces are well trained to face all the common crimes like mugging, petty theft, vehicle accidents, handling the cases of missing persons, speeding fines and others.

4. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The high ranking police chiefs conduct the Excellence in Policing (EIP) conferences which are known as the best concept and forum creation in association of various other parties in the UK to deal with various aspects and to bring improved and new developments in the inter connected police departments of the UK. It can be very beneficial to the result in which Law should be achieved to ensure great excellence in policing methods. The UK police is known to practice flexible Policing to do the duties customized on how country would expect them to be.

3. Italy


Along with the richness of mouth-watering dishes, soulful voice of Luciano Pavarotti, serene sunsets in Capri, and the sound of Opera, Italy is also known for the Italian Mafia. Dates back to mid 18th century, the Sicilian Mafia acts as a protection system and traditionally formed to do everything bad for good reasons. On the other side, the Italian National Force is doing everything best to maintain law and order and arrested several violent Mafia bosses. The Italian Police Force consists of 300,000 police officials categorized under 5 Local Police forces and 5 National forces.

2. United States of America

United States of America

American Force is by far one of the best police forces as they are one of the highest trained with endless amount of rescue mediums and backups along with modern missionary systems. They are truly unbeatable with their Policing style. Some of the most advanced police forces are Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), SWAT (Special Weapons & Tactics), the United States Military, and the American Police Force (APF), who are the most undermined “Men in Blue”.

1. Japan


Japanese National Police is the best police forces in the world for a reason. This Asian country is known for their stringency in discipline in virtually everything in what they say and do. The police officers in Japan follow the same ultra-discipline rules.