10 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women In The World 2017

As said by Robert Browning “If you have naughtiness and natural beauty, you have got the best thing in the world invented by almighty”, every woman is beautiful in her own way. It’s true that every country has beautiful women. But there are a few countries that stand out for having the most beautiful women in the world. The following list is based on Traveler’s Digest magazine which has listed the countries that are the origin of most beautiful women in the world. The list is based on interaction to women, number of women per men ratio and quality of their beauty.

There are many quotes in the world addressing the beauty in the eyes of person looking at inner beauty. It lies in the soul and all that. But according to this list, it seems that beauty lies in what appeals to your eyes.

Here are the top 10 countries known to have world’s most beautiful women.

10. US/Canada



American women are known to be independent, fun and they really know about caring for themselves. You will get to see a lot of hottest women on the streets of New York, Miami and Los Angeles. The United States is undoubtedly the superpower and it is very advanced in science and technology. So, women there are also advanced and they know how to live peacefully and carefree.

On the other side, Montreal is one of the best cities in Canada which is known for most beautiful women in the country. Canada has a lot of colleges and universities. Hence, women there have great fashion sense. Canada has a lot of things that may be appealing to you. But the warmth of people and beautiful women are the major attractions there. All in all, we must take American and Canadian women on same level.

9. India



There are so many beautiful women in the world but no one can beat the eternal beauty of an Indian woman in traditional attire. They are known to have the perfect blend of sensuousness and natural beauty which is rare in women from other countries. India is also known across the world as the origin of some of the most beautiful pageant winners.

Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, Miss World 1994 winner Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Miss World 2000 pageant winner Priyanka Chopra are some of the best examples to prove that India has no lack of beautiful women. Though it’s been so many years she won the Miss World title, Aishwarya is still one of the most beautiful women in the world. When it comes to common women, Kashmiri girls are known to be the most beautiful in the country, thanks to their rosiness of English complexion as well as Eastern tan.”

8. Colombia


When it comes to Colombian women, there is surely something different about their beauty. They are proud to have extraordinary beauty and most of these girls have passion to be models. Even though the neighboring country Venezuela gets international acclaim with Miss Universe pageant winners, Colombia has girls who are even hotter than women in Venezuela, when it comes to girls on the streets.

7. Denmark


If you are in Denmark, there are chances that you may find some of the hottest women on the streets you have ever met. The gateway to Scandinavia, Denmark is known to have some of the most beautiful women whose warmth will never let you down. The girls in this country are blonde haired, blue-eyed, and hottest vixens who will truly leave you stunned with their looks. Their eternal beauty is second to none. Once you get there, you will definitely never want to come back.

6. Bulgaria


Bulgaria is one of few countries that don’t have any drug laws. Mechanical bulls, cheap vodka and exotic beaches are what Bulgaria is known for. It is also the origin of some of the best medieval towns, ski resorts and hottest women in the world. Another best thing is that women in Bulgaria are tall, with dark hair, pale screen and mesmerizing green or blue eyes.

5. South Korea

South Korea

In this list, South Korea is another Asian country that marks its presence for having world’s most beautiful women. The country is known for beauty craze. Women in this country are highly acclaimed as the most striking women in Asia. With well sculptured features, high cheekbones and the well known Korean look are the features of women from Shanghai to Singapore. South Korea is also highly anticipated country in Asia which is also the cultural icon. The fashion trends of Young Korean pop groups and TV soap operas are well known across the continent.

4. Ukraine


Women in Ukraine are also popular for being the most sought-after in international dating and marriage industry. Actually, Ukraine is also popular for mail-order brides. Ukrainian girls are known to have great fashion sense (despite the fact that they are insufficiently dressed). They are stunningly hot and physically fit. This charming nation also has something mysterious on the northern rim of its Black Sea due to which women are so enchanting and beautiful there.

3. Russia


Russia is the origin of some of the most beautiful women in the world. Just in its Moscow subway, you will find more beautiful women than most of the US. Russia is well known for tall women with blonde hair and blue eyes. But these features are not enough to make Russia so appealing, it is also known for great level of warmth among people.  Russia is the country with drop-dead, jaw dropping, gorgeous women who can be found all around the country from Moscow to Siberia, in the radius of 4000 miles.

2. Argentina


Argentina is the country where every third woman in Buenos Aires is a stunning model and who is aspiring to be on TV industry, making this country the runner up in this list. Argentina is the nation which not just has most stunning women in South America alone, but also in the whole western hemisphere. You can definitely find something magical about their personality. Argentinean girls have great fashion sense and they come from romantic culture. They are tall and known to have striking presence. It is the country where almost every woman deserves to be a Fashion TV supermodel.

1. Sweden


It is the undisputed leader in this list. Here, every girl working at a supermarket deserves to be a supermodel. Swedish women are blue eyed, blonde, tall goddesses. They are not just hot, they are well educated too. The Swedish capital city, Stockholm is literally jam-packed with the gorgeous and hottest women on the streets.