Top 10 Best Concept Cars for the Future

Concept cars show the glimpse to the future of automobiles. Geneva Motor Show was drastically light on concept cars this year, when several manufacturers revealed their own models instead of beautiful and weird visions of the future. For automobile industry, the year 2016 seemed to be very exciting. With BMW’s iVision Future, which features AirTouch Technology to use hand motions to navigate directions and call home, innovations abound.

We have listed some of the future-perfect, innovative cars which are truly trend-setters.

10. Cadillac Escala

Cadillac launched the latest concept car, Escala earlier this summer. Even though the company was unclear as whether it should manufacture Escala for the public, the executive told that the vehicle is a glimpse to the future of Cadillac. Johan de Nysschen, company president, added “It is the statement iof direction that we are looking forward to the technologies, for connectivity, automation, craftsmanship and interior design, but it is a very touchable expression of the flagship design language of Cadillac that you can get in upcoming Cadillac products.”

Escala is a 4-door large sedan car which measures 17.5 ft. long, around 6” longer than other Cadillac sedans. The exterior features a new design, especially in front headlamps. With OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), technology used in recent luxury cars, lights are set deep inside the body and are thinner, giving virtually sinister look to the car.

9. Citroën CXperience

The whole new concept from Citroen was unveiled as another major concept car at the Paris Motor Show. It is powered by a plug-in hybrid power-train. With 2.5 hours charge, it can travel for 37 miles.  Instead of having side mirrors, the vehicle has small arms having cameras installed. These cameras are used to project image to the small screen inside the door for a driver to see what’s going outside the vehicle. Both the back and front doors swing away and open from one another, giving maximum space while exiting and entering.

8. 2040 Mercedes-Benz Streamliner

It was released in late 2016 for the common public. It is a future-looking concept car which blurs the differences between the aircraft and auto with jet powered engine. The Streamliner is not propelled by typical internal combustion engine, instead a dual jet engine power mechanism. Influenced by Mercedes-Benz W196R 1995 edition, it is a race car which didn’t have jet propulsion. But it got the design of WWII fighter jets. The 2040 Streamliner is designed low to the ground, with tight front cabin for low air resistance.

7. Renault Trezor

Also known as “treasure” in French, the Renault Trezor is an all-electric concept vehicle released at Paris Motor Show. With roof which glides ahead instead of traditional doors and eye-popping exterior, this two-seater car is really a center of attraction. But it becomes the favorite of car lovers and critics not just because of sleek design, but also for its engine. It features 350 HP motor which will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within 4 seconds, crossing the limits of a supercar.

6. Volkswagen ID Concept Car

Volkswagen is an 80 years old German automaker which has revealed the latest design of its ID Concept car. Volkswagen latest concept car is unveiled in early October just prior to Paris Motor Show. It promises body type which looks like the successful Gulf models of the brand and it is where similarity finishes. The concept car will be manufactured with all-electric 125 kW motor and it will be ranging from 250 to 370 miles on single charge. By adding to its wow factor, the rear doors of four seater slide back in ‘suicide doors’ mode and it has stretched out panoramic sun roof which extends over the heads of passengers backseat.

5. BMW Vision Future

BMW launched iVision Future at CES 2016. It is a sleek concept car which features some of the most amazing interiors to date. Even though the iVision Future has all the features customers have been expecting, including voice control, touch-sensitive surfaces and connectivity with devices, AirTouch Technology could give the glimpse to the future of automobiles. At BMW, the researchers found a way to let the sensors detect hand gestures and panorama display can easily be operated without having to touch it. With the image of wrist, iVision Future driver can easily navigate directions, call home or change sound track.


To celebrate 100th anniversary of BMW, the British automotive giant introduced MINI, founded in 1959 and bought in 1994, BMW has revealed its vision to the future. It is a concept car which blends the best of Airbnb and Uber. Along with letting its users to order and drop its vehicles off anywhere, MINI has announced its plans to use recycled aluminum and plastic in roof lining, floor area as well as side-panel trim. Originally, Mini was a product from British Motor Corporation, which became the part of British Motor Holdings in 1966. With Leyland Motors, the British Motor Holdings formed British Leyland in 1968. MINI has been announced as a marque in its own in 1969.

3. Rolls-Royce 103EX

Designed for initiative, Vision Next 100, showcasing a glimpse to the future, the Rolls-Royce 103EX is a great concept car, both outside and inside. For instance, the car drives automatically with all-electric engine. When you approach a car, it features red carpet which beams from its side and gives the feeling of exclusivity and elegance.

2. BMW Vision Next 100

Rejoicing its anniversary, BMW launched a future-looking concept car known as the “Vision Next 100”. It is a four-seat electric sedan which will let drivers to choose from autonomous modes and manual drive. It is perhaps more striking and the vehicle body can have around 800 sensor triangles that can shift according to road conditions, like steep turns and provide information to the driver about objects in blind spots and road hazards.

1. Aston Martin AM-RB 001

Red Bull and Aston Martin joined hands to launch AM-RB 001, codenamed “Nebula” in July 2016. It is the whole new Aston Martin 2-seater hypercar that priced $3 million. This hypercar will be manufactured in limited edition and it will have V12 engine as well as a complex weave to create downforce for underbody components. This car is completely enjoyable and usable as road car. It is the fastest street legal car worldwide. The car is designed by Adrian Newey, Chief Technical Officer, Red Bull Racing, as well as the most recognized F1 designer. There is one pre-ordered confirmed car in the world which is now available on James Edition. It is scheduled to hit the market by 2018.