10 Greatest Chinese Scientists and their Inventions

China is that one country which have provided many latest innovations and technologies to the world. China has seen many great scientists who have contributed to the development of China. From world’s largest producer of plastic items to making something new in the history of technology is what China is known for. Chinese scientists are dedicated and hardworking and they love to work for the betterment of their country and in total of the world. When scientists start on an innovation, they try their best to reduce the level of costs so that they can work at lesser cost than what is expected.

The most famous scientists of China are listed as under:

10. Song Yingxing

Song Yingxing

This Chinese scientist was born in the era of 1587-1666 AD and he was an encyclopaedist who was known to have written an encyclopaedia to prove to the world about technological subjects. People in the olden days did not have knowledge about technology and he wanted to develop the knowledge. His encyclopaedia contained technological words like gunpowder weapons, etc. He was known as the Diderot of China. He was given this title by Joseph Needham.

9. Xu Guangqi

Xu Guangqi

He was a scientist in the era of Ming Dynasty from 1368- 1633 AD. He was a good friend of Matteo Ricci who was an Italian Jesuits. In this way, Xu was able to learn many foreign texts and he came up with the idea of converting classic Western texts into Chinese. His interpretations also contained Euclid’s elements. He was the first scientist to have written an agricultural book named Nong Zheng Quan Shu and he helped in the field of agriculture.

8. Li Shizhen

Li Shizhen

A doctor and a pharmacologist of the Ming Dynasty who was during the period of 1518-1593. He is known to have saved a lot of people during his era and he is known for his forty year service as a doctor. He has written a book Bencao Gangmu who got great acclamations and it turned out to be China’s best book on knowledge about various medicines that people of China wanted to know about. It is a medicine book on pharmaceuticals and he even helped people in this way.

7. Guo Shoujing

guo shoujing

This scientist was a great scholar, mathematician, engineer and an astronomer and he was during Yuan Dynasty in the year 1271-1368. People did not know about astronomical instruments at that time and he helped in improving many astronomical instruments which included the armillary sphere. Those instruments were 300 years older and first used in Europe. The Shoushi calendar of China was also created by him which included 365 days which was one day advanced than the normal calendars found in the present world.

6. Shen Kuo

Shen Kuo

This scientist belonged to the Song Dynasty which was during the period of 960-1279. He was a great politician who could change the views of people. He was a nature lover and did his best to give a lot of descriptions about plants and animals in the country. He made a scientific work on Dream Pool Essays. He was the first scientist who found out that needle can be used as a navigation. He made the discovery of the North Pole 300 years earlier than Europe.

5. Sun Simiao

Sun Simiao

He was also a medical scientist who found out ways of treating diseases and making the world more healthy and strong. He belonged to the Tang Dynasty from 608-907. He believed that the Chinese traditional medicine system could heal people and so he studied in that field. He was known as the China’s King of medicine. In the land of medicine knowledge, he have written two books Beiji Qianjin Yaofang and Qian Jin Yi Fang.

4. Li Daoyuan

Li Daoyuan

This scientist was a geographer during the time of Northern Wei Dynasty from 427-527 AD. He wrote a book named Commentary to the River Classic which provided people with the classics of geography and the entire geography of China and its areas can be found out in the book. It makes it easy for people to understand the concepts well.

3. Zu Chongzhi

Zu Chongzhi

He was a mathematician and astronomer in the Northern and Southern Dynasty. He was the scientist who found out the approximations of pi and gave huge contributions to the field of mathematics. Calculations of volume sphere, making of the Daming Calendar, etc. are some of the other inventions of Zu in his era. His biggest contribution was the invention of pi which provided people with a scope to calculate pi in some ways.

2. Zhang Zhongjing

Zhang Zhongjing

Belonging to the Han Dynasty from 206 BC-220 AD, he was a famous physician and he gave medical experiments that were before his time. He wrote a book Shang Han za Bing lun which provided people with the insight of Chinese medical knowledge in the traditional way. Even till today, the book has a great influence in the field of medicine in China.

1. Zhang Heng

Zhang Heng

A famous astronomer in the Eastern Han dynasty, Zhang Heng developed the isomerism and first water powdered maxillary sphere. He found out that the moon did not give any kind of light on its own and it is just a reflection from the sun’s side. In other words, the brightness of sun is higher. He has 32 works to his side, which make him the best Chinese Scientist of his time.

These are the best Chinese scientists. They produced the best works and received a lot of respect and success.