Top 10 Best roller skates brands In The World 2017

The whole world is moving at a fast pace and so, people are adapting themselves to the fastness of the world with the use of roller skates on their feet. The services provided by these skates should be proper and there should not be many chances of people falling down when they are skating. Skates help one to move easily and no one gets tired when using it. There are many different ways to select skates like the size of the wheels, comfort, etc. Durability should be considered at all times when you plan to buy skates for yourself. The skates should be reliable and also within the budget of people.

The best brands of roller skates are listed as under:

10. Chicago Girl’s Adjustable Quad Skate

Available in varying colours, this brand is best for girls who are into skating. The colours can attract any girl to purchase them and on top of it, it contains adjustable micro ratchet buckles. This helps in providing security when skating and it also helps to maintain the balance at all levels. The skating experience can get even more fun with these skates. And it is made from a vinyl material which is soft to wear.  The skates have 30 day warranty and can be changed if damaged.

9. Chicago Women’s Rink Skate

This brand of skates can be used for skating at any surface or level and the pink colour on the top gives a more girly look to it. Support is provided at all levels and wheels are made comfortable with the semi precision bearings on them. The speed hooks are known to give fit, support and stability. The design is quite classic and loved by every woman. The unique features make it stand out from the rest and the price is also within budget.

8. Roller Derby Men’s Viper M4 Speed Quad Skate

This brand of skates is made with the use of quality material and it is the best one in the markets. The lace and the padded collar in the skates help to give support to the one wearing it and you can also expect total comfort when wearing it. The speed skaters are only available in the colour black but people have loved them. It can also last for a long period of time and totally worth the money. Urethane is the material from which these skates are made.

7. Roller Derby Men’s Sting 5500 Quad Roller Skate

This brand of skates can be preferred by players because it helps in giving fitness and performance to anyone wearing it. High performance light weight technology is used in the skates which keep the feet light weight when worn. High quality foam is put on the inside of the roller skates and the lining is known to give ultimate fitness and comfort. The outer part is made from aluminium. The AEBC 7 is known to give excellent performance.

6. Roller Derby Women’s Viper Quad Skate

This brand of roller skates comes with special and unique features because of which they are able to lead the market. The skates are made in the form of boots which is known to give comfort. Control and stability both can be maintained at ease and girls can move at any speed and even then there is no tension of falling off the ground. The Deluxe speed gives the ultimate support.

5. Pacer GTX-500 Roller Skates with Pink Laces

These skates can last a lifetime and it is superb in providing comfort and stability. The wheels can move at different speeds and also the plates are made from high quality Polymer. The fixed toe stops are able to stop at any speed that you are in.  Because of its light weight, it can easily take the body control measures. These skates are best for the beginners. The wheels are over sized and the performance is guaranteed here. The skates are designed only for men.

4. Riedell Skates Dart Roller Skate

This brand is manmade and from durable material. The Midi Gripper toe stops can provide security and safety. ABEC 5 bearings can take you to any direction that you would want to go. The darts measure 62mm and it also has a matching hub. With all the high quality materials, yet these skates are very affordable.

3. Chicago Bullet Speed Skate

This brand is known to provide convenient services to people. This brand can go on for a long time and at the same time; it is reliable on any ground or surface. The wheels have fixed axle and also precision bearing that provides the comfort and stability that you need. It is made with vinyl and perfect for racing purpose. It also comes with a 30 day warranty.

2. Roller Derby Sparkle Girl’s Lighted Wheel Roller Skate

The Velcro and lace design makes it unique. The feet are fastened at all times to give better grip. The speed of the skate has torsion bear chassis and wheels are 54mm wide. There are the regular wheels and four light wheels on the sides. This can provide better safety at all case. The skates are low in range and best for beginners.

1. Roller Derby Roller Star Girl’s Quad Skate

This skate is very light weight and does not feel heavy on the feet. The inner padded lining gives softness to the feet. It is known to provide all the stability and comfort and this skate is meant for the girls. The colours are attractive.

These are the best brands of roller skates. Roller skate on the roads and enjoy life!