10 Hot Bollywood Controversies You Can’t Miss

A little experiment in sarcasm, some tongue-slipped words, oomph moments, or intentional attempt to create controversy, Bollywood celebs left no stone unturned to become center of attractions, even for negative things.  More often than not, we always get to hear some hottest contentions and some new controversies created by uber stars.

From tipsy ventures, fighting against one another (verbally or physically), assaults, underestimating soul-mates, to cheap publicity stunts, you will definitely get to know more than you expected in this article. We are going to discuss Bollywood controversies which shocked the nation.  Let’s take a sneak peek at the truth behind the scenes of the most popular Bollywood controversies which were once trending on social media for a long time.

Top 10 controversies which fit the industry just like your hands in a glove.

1. Mallika Sherawat’s Fashion Disaster in International Event


Mallika Sherawat’s ‘Devil May Cry” attitude sometimes doesn’t match up with her behavior. Recently, she tried to grab attention in excitement when she posted some of her pictures on Twitter when she attended the Inglorious Bastards premier in Los Angeles, but backfired with weird responses from Twitteratis. Actually, the sultry diva was adorned in a different outfit for the event. It was her worst fashion disaster or fashion crime for many. Learning a lesson from this event, she wore D&G formal suit in the next event.

2. Cold War between Shah Rukh and Aamir

Cold War between Shah Rukh and Aamir

The well known belief “Two great celebrities must be friends” proved wrong when it comes to cold war between Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. Despite being the A-listers in film industry, they have been in eternal fight. Recently, on Aamir’s official blog, he wrote “Shah Rukh licks my feet and I feed him cookies all the time. Before you assume anything else, let me clear that Shah Rukh is actually the name of our pet.” In response, Shah Rukh gave a heart-hitting reply, “Aamir is such a great actor but he lost two fans because he was my kids’ favorite”.  Later, Aamir apologized and stated “I am not apologizing to Shah Rukh, but to his children” But these biggies never show any kind of annoyance in public.

3. Radhika Apte’s Nude Selfie

Radhika Apte’s Nude Selfie

Some of the publicity-hungry actresses are also desperate to stay in media attention. But Radhika Apte crossed her limits to achieve it. She shared some of her nude pictures which went viral quickly on social media and actress, as expected, made way to the headlines. However, she denied the claims that the girl in the pictures was her.

In her tweet, she stated “If you guys don’t get someone to pose like me in nude avatar, she has to look more like me”. Surprisingly, the tweet was around 4 to 5 days older to the photos which went viral. Hence, it was allegedly a cheap publicity stunt by her for the promotion “Badlapur” and it attracted media with her leaked pictures.

4. Kareena’s “Love Jihad” Controversy

Kareena “Love Jihad” Controversy

The controversy started when her morphed picture is published as their magazine cover “Himalaya Dhwani” by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). They wanted to spread warning against “Love Jihad”, showing Kareena Kapoor as an example. In the poster, half of her face has bindi and sindoor and half of the face concealed with Niqab.

She was a bit scared and reportedly hired two bodyguards along with tight security. According to Surendra Jain, VHP’s joint general secretary, the magazine is made for their internal circulation in the state of Himachal Pradesh. He highlighted how Jihadis attract girls in this article. It showed how Bangladeshi moles are invading the state, causing communal violence and breaking law and order.

5. Mahima Chaudhry’s Black Money Issue

Mahima Chaudhary Black Money Issue

The very beautiful and talented Pardes actress was back in trouble for all the wrong reasons. Mahima Chaudhry a.k.a. Ritu Chaudhary’s name was mentioned on the list of foreign accounts which are reported to have India’s black money.  Supreme Court appointed a special investigation team to reveal the name of black money holders, for the black money recovery. Apparently, she has been denying such news.

6. When Gauhar Khan Slapped

When Gauhar Khan Slapped

Gauhar Khan was literally in shock when someone from audience came on stage and gave tight slap on her face. The incident took place actually when she was on the shoot for a TV show in Film City when a 24-year old, Akhil Malik, considered her revealing dress an offence and jumped on stage to slap her and threaten her. Later, he gave a statement to the Mumbai Police, “she shouldn’t have worn such a revealing dress as a Muslim woman. They are the face of society and they are not allowed to wear short dresses and skirts as young guys sexually get attracted to them. If they stop revealing their body in such dress, crime rate will reduce and it will make better society.”

7. Sonam Kapoor’s Sarcastic Tongue

Sonam Kapoor

It may be the high to endorse one of the best Loreal products for Sonam Kapoor.  She caused a controversy when she said something about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, “We come from two different generations”. She wanted to speak more and said, “She previously worked with my father. So why not I can call her Aunty?”

In a last controversy, she showed middle finger to the media when her middle finger scene was objected by Censor Board in her film “Players”. She considers herself too spontaneous and young. She told to the media that she doesn’t believe in censorship. No matter whether they liked it or not, she doesn’t give a damn. She just want audience to see her film.

8. Cleavage Controversy by Deepika Padukone

Cleavage Controversy by Deepika Padukone

India’s leading lady got in trouble when she got involved in cleavage revealing act. It is probably the hottest controversy of modern time. Her controversy followed a tweet when she showed her cleavage in a Finding Fanny shot and she got a lot of public attention. It caused lots of accusations between her and media. She slammed the leading daily and the writer responsible for it. A lot of TV channels and Bollywood starts came up to support her.

9. When Pooja Misrra Stole the Show

When Pooja Misrra Stole the Show

According to Pooja Misrra Productions, Farah Ki  Daawat was basically her idea but Colors stole the idea. She sent legal notice to the channel. According to the statement, sponsors approached her for the concept.

10. Aditya Pancholi’s Fight with a Bouncer

Aditya Pancholi Fight with a Bouncer

Recently Aditya Pancholi created a controversy at a hotel based in Juhu and fought with a bouncer. He was reportedly heavily drunk. The problem aroused when he raised objection over English songs and called for Hindi songs. Then he attacked bouncer who was taking him off the pub.