Top 15 Greatest WWE Superstars of All Time

Combining some of the leading names in professional wrestling and ranking them in this list is definitely no easy feat. With decades of body slams, bloodshed, broken tables, compiling a list of top 15 greatest wrestlers is almost impossible.

Wrestling is a sport which has been around since the period of Ancient Rome and Greece which has affected the lives of millions of people and led a great impact on the culture of those who didn’t give a second thought to sacrifice their bodies to make WWE a multi-million dollar industry now.

So, we chose to take a glimpse in the past and rank top 15 superstars in WWE wrestling championships.

15. Kane

He has record of leaving his rivals bloodshed. The Giant Devil himself, Kane made an incredible presence in the history of wrestling. He is often reputed as a one monster wrecking crew.

He influenced WWE SmackDown largely with his endeavors. He fought with X-Pac against The New Age Outlaws to defend World Tag Team Championships on the very first episode of the show. Later on, he won tandem titles on two SmackDown editions.

14. Jeff Hardy

His signature Swanton Bomb move and his Charismatic Enigma led him to enjoy loyal fan following with air shows. Be it adrenaline-loaded Ladder matches or tag matches with Matt, he delivered the most amazing clashes for several years on Friday nights. His legacy is still soaring high with several great matches on WWE.

13. Triple H

From fans to former wrestlers, his haters are everywhere but all that hatred in the game cannot conceal the fact that Triple H is an undisputed king of wrestling. Before marrying Stephanie McMahon, he was great wrestler in the ring. However, he still deserves to be in this list and World Champion for 13 times.

12. Booker T

Over Joey Mercury, it was an easy victory for Booker T on SmackDown when referee was distracted by Melina. Luckily his wife Sharmell was standing at ringside to help him. Booker T has been the 5-time WCW Champion and WCW Tag Team Champion for 10 times.

He won his first World Tag Team Championship, the first title sanctioned by WWE, on SmackDown 2001. He also had 3 remarkable US Title reigns which kicked off when he fought WWE on Friday and Thursday nights and won the King of the Ring Tournament 2006. He also served as the WWE’s show ambassador and he also became General Manager of SmackDown in 2012.

11. Big Show

No list of WWE Superstars completes without Big Show in the history books of SmackDown. The 400-pound 7-foot WWE superstar marked his presence since his arrival in 1999 to WWE.

He was also the World Heavyweight Champion who made comeback on September 2004 in SmackDown. The Largest Athlete in the World made great career by battling the likes of Kurt Angle, Brock Lesner, and The Undertaker.

10. John Cena

The Champ has made huge presence in RAW for over 9 years. He answered the call of McMahon on the blue brand with his ruthless aggression. His first performance was stellar against Kurt Angle.

His first opportunities as a championship would also come when the member of SmackDown roster represented the brand by facing the Big Show at WrestleMania XX.

9. Brock Lesnar

He had very short term in SmackDown, but it want not too short at all. He won the WWE Champion title against The Rock within just two months and became the youngest to win the title in history. Along with memorable battles and beatings with John Cena, he was one-half of the greatest rivals in SmackDown with Kurt Angle.

8. Rey Mysterio

Even though SmackDown and Raw are not completely separate, some of the superstars in WWE still embody the particular show. It happens with SmackDown and Rey Mysterio. This Ultimate Underdog made a career of himself by overcoming the odds in battles against Batista, Big Show and JBL. He played some of the most heated rivalries in World Champion on Thursday and Friday nights, along with a controversial victory on May 2006 against JBL.

7. JBL

John Bradshaw Layfield sheds his roots of tag team in Grand Rapids, Mich. at Van Andel Arena on March 2004. He is reintroduced to SmackDown as tyrannous tycoon.  He is among the few names that are stilled spotted on WWE TV every week.

He turned color commentator who has been transformed from a brawler in APA into self-proclaimed millionaire on SmackDown. The “Wrestling God” fought against Eddie Guerrero and won WWE Championship on 2004.

6. Kurt Angle

He was a legendary Olympic wrestler before joining WWE as a pro wrestler. At Olympic Games 1996 in Atlanta, he won a gold medal. He made a quick impact when venturing into pro wrestling. He is among the most naturally gifted wrestlers worldwide.

5. Eddie Guerrero

In the BJCC parking lot, Eddie Guerrero throttled John Cena in Birmingham, AL on September 2003 as he bears on his rival down from the Chevy minivan’s roof. He is viewed as the “B-Show” of WWE has a great advantage. He can be as outrageous as he wishes. Whether Latino Heat was hurting the competition or disarming the Divas, he always quit the WWE Universe.

4. Hulk Hogan

If you have ever cheered for Hulk Hogan on his entry, your childhood was awesome. We all have grown up watching Hulk on WWE series. Eventually our craze for Hulkmania started fading up inside but it was almost there.

Even when it died, the nWo was born. His stories have no end. Everyone has something to talk about him. This is what places him to such a great spot. In every single match, he knew how to engage the crowd.

3. Batista

At the Coliseum in Wichita, he brawls with Mark Henry on November 2007 until he gives a good look to the World’s Strongest Man at World Heavyweight Championship.

Since making his debut in WWE on SmackDown in the year 2002, he used the backdrop of blue brand for some of the remarkable rivals in epic clashes against superstars like The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, JBL etc. He has been the World Champion for six times and he had fair share of some of the significant moments in SmackDown.

2. The Undertaker

The Undertaker is undeniably known as the heart of WWE, though it may be a black heart, but beats the same. Since his arrival in WWE, he has been the dominant in the wrestling ring. With his greatest streak in WrestleMania to call his own, he has made a unique presence which has no alternative. The 7-foot tall beast was always agile and unbeatable.

1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

When the electric charge is being felt in the crowd and power is flowing, it means the Rock is about to come. He is truly the most charismatic wrestler of all time. Be it eyebrows or catchphrases, The Rock has always amazed the crowd. He is The People’s Champion, above all.