Top 10 Best Watch Brands In The World 2017

The investment and presentation of watches can be a unique experiences to be cherished by loved ones. When doing so one has to take into consideration the durability, elegance and functionality of the watch, to make the experience complete and long lasting. Watches are truly to be treasured and handed down the generations.

Here is a list compiled containing  the list of the top 10 most best brands of watches.

10. Zenith


Zenith SA is a High quality Swiss watch. It is a luxury possession. It was manufactured by Georges Favre- Jacot at the young age of  22 years in Le Locle in Switzerland.  The CEO of the company now is Aldo Magada. Zenith Watches do have a reputation for quality, durability, reliability and precision. They are capable of turning instruments into possessions of desire. They come at a price of $1,000.

9. Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet are also Swiss manufactured watches  founded in 1875. The watch manufacturers are Jules- Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste  Piguet. These are the manufacturers of complicated mechanical watches. They are famous for their avant-garde styling . They also make luxury sport watches. They have been manufacturing watches since 1875 making them one of the oldest watch manufacturers.

8. Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer

These watches are manufactured in Switzerland.  They design, manufacture and place their watches on the market for sale. It was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer in St-Imier located in Switzerland. These watches are reliable and user friendly. These watches are designed with style and quality in mind. The notable wearers of this brand of watch are Brad Pitt, Lewis Hamilton , and Steve McQueen.

7. Jaeger – Le Coultre

Jaeger – Le Coultre

The Jaeger – Le Coultre are Swiss manufacturers of watches and clocks located in Le Sentier, Switzerland. They are the world’s most complicated wrist watch manufacturers in the world. They have made plenty of inventions on wrist watches.  These manufacturers of watches dates back to the 19th century. They are capable of challenging all limits and they look beyond the traditional industry standards. They come with a price tag of $3,000.

6. Rolex


The Rolex Watches were founded by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf in London, England in 1905. Rolex then shifted its base to Geneva, Switzerland in 1919. Its one of the most popular brands of watches around the world for its elegance and style statement as well as for its precision.  They are said to produce about 2,000 watches in a day. What makes this brand more and more popular around the world is that they design and make absolutely stunning water proof watches.They are the largest luxury watch brand manufacturers in the world. They range between $1000 to $5,000.

5. Longines


Longines are based in Saint Imier in Switzerland. It was founded in Auguste Agassiz in 1832. It is recognized by its winged hour glassed logo. They are known for their aviator watches. They have designed pilot watches for air navigation too. They are one of the oldest registered watch makers. The watches have automatic time, day and  date changing facilities which makes them more user friendly. This brand is known for its exceptional and elite time pieces around the world.

4. Tissot


Tissot Watches are known for their elegant statements. They have high-end watch collections. They are good for business meetings as well as for regular wear. They are known for their accuracy. These are mechanical masterpieces. They are regular Swiss Watch manufacturers founded in Le locle, Switzerland by a father and son under the names Charles- Felicien  Tissot and Charles Emile Tissot. These manufacturers originated in 1853. They have prominent recognition in the world-wide markets around the world.

3. Omega Sa

Omega Sa

Omega Sa manufacturers are an other priceless collection of watches. They are based in  Bienne, Switzerland. They gained their popularity when Britain’ s Royal Flying Corps chose Omega Watches as their official time keepers for combat units. In 1918 American units also chose the same. Omega watches were chosen for major milestones for their reliability and precision. They were also chosen by the NASA for their first watch on the moon. James B ond too has worn them in his films for style statements. They look classy and chic on one’s wrist. Among the notable wearers of this brand of watch are George Clooney, Daniel Craig, and Nicole Kidman.

2. Patek Philippe & Co

Patek Philippe & Co

The Patek Phillippe & Co  are one of the finest and  ultra- luxury watch manufacturers based in Geneva and the Valle de joux. They design and manufacture wrist watches and time pieces. They are also known for their complicated mechanical watches. They considered to be one of the most commercially powered companies in the world. These are one of the prestigious watch possessions and they are considered as price possessions. This Brand is said to be priceless possessions, as they are ranked as the topmost in the list of luxury brands in the world.

1. Bernhard H. Meyer

Bernhard H. Meyer

These are manufacturers owning a Traditional family business. These are priceless indispensible accessories. They are capable of making reputation and style statements. They are comfortable to wear as well as reliable and precise. However, they come with a high price tag. Originally their main business was the designing and manufacture of the traditional and antique pocket watches. They are objects worthy of distinction . If one wants to gift his/her loved one with something that is to be truly possessed and cherished, then this is the must buy.

So, if one wants to create truly memorable moments to be cherished life long and to be passed down the generations, then this is the list to be considered before investing on.