10 Best Things in the World Right Now

From the exotic locations to tech, cars, fashion and food, we have compiled the unique wish list from GQ’s best things in the world.

10. Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager

It is Euro styled luxurious beer of the country. Crown has handpicked the unique crystal malt and fresh hops. It is stored in the cellar for 10 years and is still smelling fresh. You may expect everything from mint, fruit salad and tarragon to licorice and bitter chocolate with age, with silver tongued demi-mousse and porty-thick consistency. It is truly an amazing complement to sweets, venison and presidential suites. It is a limited edition vintage lager.

The company has produced only 7000 bottles which will be available for sale for a limited period. Once poured, the brew is well capped and carbonated with creamy bubbly head from the ideal in-bottle fermentation. The Crown Ambassador Reserve features longer maturation which gives mouth-filling and luscious taste. It balances the bitter fruitiness of Galaxy hops grown in Myrtleford with the unique base of sweet caramelized malt which are handpicked from hope vine.

9. Headphones from Dolce & Gabbana

Designed for quality sound, the D&G’s mahogany-sculpted headsets are the perfect Beats device inspired from a typical 70’s sci-fi film. It is not like the typical street urchin underpowered, overhyped headphones that you see on the streets. With the tech from Grado Labs, they truly look and sound well with high-tech audio wizards. These open air headphones provide great dynamics, full frequency range, smooth top end, and rich vocals. The wooden design is not only for looks. It plays a vital role in sound quality. It serves as the dampener for solid bass to provide clear sound.

8. Footwear from Nicholas Kirkwood

A 34-year-old British designer, Nicholas Kirkwood introduced his official footwear brand in 2005. It gained a lot of critical acclaim for architecturally rich, striking, sculpted footwear with blend of genres to combine the modernity and tradition. In Kirkwood collections, craftsmanship is very common.

Are you stepping up with your beloved? If she is fond of statement shoes (the heels seems to be made of cobra scales, laser cut leather and shaved stingray, not actually), you will undoubtedly be accustomed to designs from Nicholas Kirkwood. You can now get the pair of designer shoes from this brand. It is the perfect add-on to your menswear collection. Nicholas Kirkwood is known for eccentric detailing in classic designs.

7. Elysium

Elysium is an American sci-fi film released in 2013 which is produced, directed and written by Neill Blomkamp. Starring Jodie Foster, Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley, and Alice Braga, Elysium is based on a lavish space habitat and a ravaged Earth. The film is offering purposeful social satire on the sociological and political themes like overpopulation, immigration, worker exploitation, healthcare, social class and justice system. It received rave reviews from both audience and the critics.

6. Airbnb

Airbnb is a wide homestay network and online marketplace where people can list their home as rentals for short term. In 2012, it had record-breaking bookings, i.e. from 1 million to up to 10 million. Since then, it has emerged amazingly with over 4500 bookings in London Olympics alone. Unlike hotel, room service is not available. But you definitely can have more options with bookings offered all around the world, from tree house to islands. From both hosts and guests, the company charges service fees of specific percentage for every booking. Today, it has up to 2 million listings in 191 countries and 34000 cities. Founded in August 2008, Airbnb is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

5. Cooper Revival

Cooper’s recent arrival in urban style, Cooper Revival is known to form the balance between the Brooks Swallow saddle and the vintage Reynolds 631 frame. It is the coolest ever bike that money can bike. It is truly a revolutionary tribute to British lightweight. Flagged up as the true steel tourer by Cooper, the bike has got classy design.  The geometry of the bike swings straight to the 1960s. The 74.61 Deg angle of the seat is steep for new standards. It is ideal for daily commute and the upright position gives all-round visibility. It has got full-length mudguards to emphasize commuter-friendly credentials.

4. Polar RC3 GPS Sports Watch

Wrist, workout and play with the whole new Polar RC3 GPS sports watch. It is the perfect training partner to keep track on your daily work-out and give quick review on performance and suggest you to improve your training efficiency and analyze your training information to enhance your fitness goals. It features all-inclusive GPS heart rate monitor to keep an eye on your distance run, speed, and route. All in all, it is an ultimate sports watch to take your fitness training to a whole new level. The slim and lightweight design listens to your bodily needs.

3. Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Do you know the best part of Lamborghini? It has nothing that you can say bad! Don’t go with its whopping price tag of $500,000 and its long name. It is a lightweight edition of Gallardo supercar. It sounds like it is made to crack the earth’s crush with its speed as it is powered by 5.2L V10 engine. Since Lamborghini is now owned by Audi, a German automaker, it won’t be wrong if I say that this powerful machine is the perfect blend of Italian design and German technology.

2. Supra Footwear

Supra is a leading shoe brand based in California founded by Angel Cabada, in association with Erik Ellington and Chad Muska. The founding of the brand has been described as an underground idea between five individuals. It became the super cool inspiration. It has released signature model footwear from Ellington, Muska, Tom Penny, Jim Greco, and Stevie Williams. Since October 2014, the distributor of the brand is a KR3W parent company, One Distribution. It has proven track record in producing best-in-class footwear from Quentin Tarantino and Jay-Z to Justin Bieber. It has got ultra light “Owen” running shoes. Along with looking simply great, they weigh around 200g.

1. Aman Spa, The Connaught, London

The Aman Spa is truly a different world which is built off the most popular Aman Resorts. It is truly the land of tranquility, simplicity and timeless appeal, where they will focus on you, your mind and your body. It is truly a unique space where rejuvenation and relaxation meet. Here, one can escape from their busy life and explore what they actually need. You can find widest range of beauty services and therapies in well crafted and quiet facility. Recharge yourself in well like ionized pool with steam room.