Top 10 Best Tech Decks You should Try In 2017

If you love to the fingerboard, then you automatically require a good board. No matter your tricks, without a good board you will not perform impressively. There are some top quality tech decks which are manufactured by some of the best deck manufacturers. They make high-quality tech decks after having taken the time to study what fingerboards really need. They combine features and authenticity. Some of the best fingerboards have been bought and according to reviews, the best boards have attracted more sales.

Here are our top 10 best tech decks you should try

10. Pack from Skate Shop Bonus

Tech Deck 96MM Fingerboard

It is one of the best deck and the good news is that, it is available in various styles, making it more suitable if you are looking out to quickly expand or start your collections. It is a pack which includes three 96 mm boards, 12 wheels,  three bonus decks, and a skate rack and a sticker sheet. It comes with a customizable hardware which makes the mixing and matching easier.

9. Tech Deck 96MM Fingerboard

Tech Deck 96MM Fingerboard

It is one of the top selling brand of tech deck which provides both functionality and visual appeals. It is an authentic brand which comes complete with several stickers for decoration. Each board has E-Z Grip which helps you play tricks while the board is kept in control.

8. Tech Deck Penny Australia Series

Tech Deck Penny Australia Series

It is a 2014 series, which has earned itself high reviews due to the way it is designed. It comes with one of the 8 styles and can come with either  a backpack or a single set. The pack contains wheels and decks of different colors which will allow you to create eye-catching results.

7. Tech Deck Mini Sk8 Shop

Tech Deck Mini Sk8 Shop

It is a high quality, aversatile kit which can stand any level of the fingerboard. It comes packaged with four trucks, two boards, and 16 wheels which you will use to build the best board for yourself. It also comes with a sticker and tool sheet and enough screws and nuts to help you in building a sturdy board.

6. Tech Deck TD Scooter Series 2 Envy Scooter

Tech Deck TD Scooter Series 2 Envy Scooter

It is a scooter series 2 brand which features licensed scooter designs with sturdy metal construction. It has interchangeable parts, grip tape and handles grips which will make you enjoy the scooter in your own style or way of satisfaction.

5. Tech Deck Border Shop Set

Tech Deck Board Shop Set

If you are looking for a customized  tech deck, then look no further than the tech deck border shop set. It comes with trucks, enough boards, and wheels which are set to create four unique boards. Each board comes with unique features, is of different shape and is ideal for different styles from long boarding to street boarding.

4. Tech Deck Series 1 Freestyle Scooter

Tech Deck Series 1 Freestyle Scooter

It is one of the best sellers in the scooter brands. It combines visual appeal with quality to make it stand out from the crowd. It has a grip tape and an authentic die cast construction as well as a handle grip which will make you explore the world of the scooter tricks. It is also loaded with interchangeable parts which let you customize your scooter experience.

3. Tech Deck Fingerboard Single Packs

Tech Deck Fingerboard Single Packs

It is the best for collector lovers as it will allow you to pick your style that you want. Tech deck fingerboard single packs have each single pack featuring authentic graphics from great skate companies and are also loaded with a sticker and tool. You can buy one at a time and build your own collection with time.

2. Tech Deck Wood Competition Series

Tech Deck Wood Competition Series

If you are a serious fingerboard, then tech deck wood competition series is the best for you.  It is a model which is 96 mm long and its construction is 100 per cent Canadian maple. It comes packaged with decorative stickers for a customized look, hardware, tool, and wheels.  There is also foam grip tape which you can use to enhance usability.

1. Tech Deck Starter Sk8 Set

Tech Deck Starter Sk8 Set

If you are a starter in fingerboard or you are looking to expand, then the tech deck starter Sk8 set is one of the best tech deck to buy. It comes with the basics that you will need as a starter and also all the necessary parts which include trucks, grip tape, and has great graphics which come from some of the top tech deck manufacturers. You will also get a carry case and a mini ramp which will make you take the tricks to the road.

Whatever your take, get the best tech deck from the list above and enjoy.  Before you buy, remember to check out the reviews of the product; what are other people who bought the tech deck saying about the same. Go for those which are rated above 4.5 because it means that they  are top quality and the customers liked them. What you have above is some of the tops in the market and you can check out the price and buy for yourself depending on your test and your budget.