Top 10 Best Psychological Horror & Thriller Movies Ever

Horror films have always been supposed to be ghostly, violent, and of course, nasty. We have focused this list mostly on the most untouched part of horror category – the psychological horror. Each of these films listed below are based on intense story rather than just a killer hunting people for no reason. These following films will leave you with endless fear with no escape and haunt you longer than a common slasher.

Have a look on these psycho horror films to stay amazed –

10. 30 Days of Night (2007)

When empires are everywhere, you might expect plenty of empty houses, towns and structures to hide in throughout the night when it’s not safe outside, unless you are in Alaska, which is the fifth least populated and largest state. It seems to be an ideal hide-away, but weather conditions are deadly and brutal alone. There are some parts of Alaska where sun doesn’t rise for several days in winter, and even weeks in some areas.

30 Days of Night is based on this period and sends a herd of vampires to hunt a small town on the darkness. In winter, being isolated on such dark small town is too frightening. The hideouts are hard to find, particularly when population of vampires is more than humans. Just imagine how scared you would be if you are in a crawlspace when these beasts are hunting a few steps from you. It will make you scare of all the apartments with small attics and you might never want to visit Alaska in future.

9. Haunter (2013)

It is one of the lesser known psychological horrors in the 21st century. It is based on a teen girl who wakes up to same date again and again like she is stuck in the loop of time zone which is endless.  It repeats again and again as she is trapped in her house. She lives in a decent house with her family but she can’t leave. She wakes up every day in her room and her family does the routine tasks and same things happen every day. Though the family is unaware of this repetition, the girl tries something different. As the film progresses, the secrets revealed and the claustrophobic situations will be more apparent.

8. Quarantine (2008)

Being trapped in an abandoned apartment which is full of zombies is the base of this horror genre. It is not just haunting and terrifying, the feel of losing track of time and being trapped is looming. People become paranoid and horrified about survival, death and for how long they are trapped. A building may seem spacious and large. But once you stuck with cannibals after you, there is no place to escape and the space gets shorter with each second. The film gives a new outlook to redefine being claustrophobic. It may not get the highest ratings or critic reviews, but it is surely one of the most horrible psycho thrillers ever.

7. Beneath (2007)

It is another psychological horror which will give you claustrophobia. It is about a group of coal miners who get into the mines for their daily job. The paranoia begins when the mines collapses and they are trapped 600 ft. beneath the surface. They approach the nearest emergency shelter to wait for help in the mine. But they start hearing and seeing deadly things off the shelter. The air becomes toxic for breathing and they start going insane. They all know that they have to be calm and grouped for survival. It brings more than just fear of being stuck in a restricted place without any escape. It shows how threatening the underground air is, and how underground workers and coal miners risk their precious lives all day long.

6. Below (2002)

It is set during World War II in a submarine. A crew is engaged on a daily mission to rescue the survivors from a ship which is sunken. But the underwater boat has a deadly surprise. It eventually haunts all the crew members and their minds start to break and some become entirely different. The halls and rooms are crowded and small. It shows how some situations can manipulate our mind and make us fear a boat.

5. The Pyramid (2014)

As the title suggests, the film is set on isolation and tight spaces. A team of archeologists discovers yet another pyramid which could have some lost secrets. As they go deeper, corridors get smaller and they get the feel of being trapped. When they look for the way to escape, they feel that they are not alone. They have to face the creatures inside the pyramid. The confined rooms sink in and darkness increases and audience feel the fear like the characters. Even though you are the most hardcore horror fanatic, it will leave you with paranoia.

4. Pandorum (2009)

It is actually a sci-fi horror, which is set on a spaceship visits a new planet when earth has low resources. The crew members wake up without any memory in a control room. They are clueless, having no power in the ship and one member travels through steep air vents to get into the reactors to restore power. The setting has a lot of confined areas. It is more of a psycho horror which has used isolation and claustrophobia as elements.

3. Grave Encounters (2011)

It takes a new approach at the psycho thriller movies. This film seems to make you a nail biter when it comes to be isolated. The group of paranormal experts is on a mission to make a TV show at a shut down, and haunted asylum. They get trapped and lost in the building and they quickly start getting the paranormal feeling. It has dark setting throughout the film. It passes the fear of characters to the viewer about being trapped for a lifetime.

2. As Above, So Below (2014)

It is a horror film that is as terrifying as title. The film is based on history explorers who decide to go around 370 feet below the landscape of Paris, where small passages have horrible secrets. As they go deeper in catacombs, they face the risk of getting lost, collapses etc. The catacombs underneath has a dark mystery, having the leftovers of over 6 to 7 million people and passages with messages and poems on the walls. As of 1955, it is illegal to visit the catacombs.  The tours are offered to the catacombs but for only 2 km, when they are around 20 km deep. By the end, you will know why they are prohibited, except for historians.

1. The Descent (2005)

It is a getaway following a terrible accident and ends with a scary terror, especially for cave divers. A group of 6 women travels to explore a lesser known cave at the Appalachian Mountains. It is an unknown cave which will give you the true feeling of claustrophobia, disorientation and hallucination.