Top 10 Best Immigration Lawyers In The World 2017

Immigration law covers government policies on immigration, deportation and citizenship of people. It differs from country to country and is regulated by international law. Immigration attorneys target the most complex part of law. They help the people seeking citizenship on various tasks ranging from application till the closing procedures. Non-citizens consult immigration lawyers to check whether their past criminal activities hinder them from getting citizenship or not. Information regarding visa, green cards and permanent residency can be obtained from an immigration attorney. A petty mistake in the filing process can delay the citizenship process to a great extent. An immigration lawyer who is an expert in the field will be able to tackle all the paper work and avoid any delays caused by usual reasons. They help to avoid deportation and are time and cost saving option in the citizenship process.

In this article we are going to list down Top 10 immigration lawyers of the world. In case of any concerns regarding the immigration process these lawyers would be your first point of contact.

10. Guidy Mamann

Law Firm: Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell LLP

Location: Toronto, Canada

Member Of: Law Society of Upper Canada, Canadian Bar Association, American Immigration Lawyers Association

Designation: Specialist in Immigration and in Refugee Protection Law

Guidy Mamann, a Canadian Lawyer is a specialist in Immigration Law. His appearance in high profile cases has pulled the international attention towards him and he is the preferred point of contact for immigration issues by various NGOs and journalists.

9. Elsie Hui Arias

Law Firm: Stone Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLP

Location: Los Angeles, California

Member Of: California State Bar

Designation: Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law

Elsie Hui Arias, an Immigration lawyer based out in Los Angeles has vast experience in immigration law including family based immigration and citizenship. Elsie is a regular speaker on EB-5 issues.

8. Edward Beshara

Law Firm: Beshara Professional Association

Location: Orlando, Florida

Member Of: Immigration and Naturalization committee, American Immigration Lawyers Association, Australian American Chamber of Commerce of Florida

Designation: Preeminent Immigration Attorney, Best U.S. Immigration Lawyers in America

Edward Beshara, a Florida based immigration lawyer is known for his exclusive practice of US Immigration law and he takes in both individual and corporate clients. He has written and published numerous articles on the numerous categories in visas and permanent residency.

7. Robert Divine

Law Firm: B Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, P.C

Location: Washington DC, United States

Member Of: American Immigration Lawyers Association

Designation: Best Lawyers in America, Big Brother

Robert Divine acted as the chief counsel of USCIS and played an important role in reviving the program. He mainly targets immigrant investors and advises his clients on the EB5 regulations. His firm mainly supports EB5 oriented enforcement issues.

6. Matthew Jeffery

Law Firm: Matthew Jeffery Barrister & Solicitor

Location: Toronto, Canada

Designation: Specialist in Immigration Law

Matthew Jeffery, a Canada based Immigration Lawyer is a specialist in Immigration cases including Skilled Workers, Humanitarian Cases, Work Permits, Student visas an lot more. He has more than 15 years of experience in Immigration process and successfully mentored a lot of clients on the complex Immigration structure of Canada.

5. Ignacio Donoso

Law Firm : I A Donoso & Associates LLC

Location: Washington DC, United States

Member Of: Texas Service Center Liaison Committee, National Annual Conference Planning Committee, National EB-5 Committee

Ignacio Donoso is a leading Immigration lawyer with main focus on business immigration and working on EB5 cases for the past 9 years. He helps the talented and hard working individuals to live in the United States. He also supports in inventing new jobs in the United States.

4. Charles Foster

Law Firm: Foster LLC

Location: Houston, Texas

Member Of: Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Americans for Immigration Reform, Honorary Consul-General, Kingdom of Thailand

Designation: Top Notch Lawyer, Super Lawyer

Charles Foster, the chair person of one of the largest Immigration law firms is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association supporting US – Sino relations and supporting other Asian leaders. He has also aided US Presidents in their campaign related to Immigration policies.

3. Paul Gulbenkian

Law Firm: Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors

Location: London, United Kingdom

Member Of: Immigration Law Practitioners Association, European Immigration Lawyers Group

Designation: Freeman of the city of London

Paul Gulbenkian is a London based lawyer and represents clients on business immigration, personal immigration and British citizenship. His down to earth approach and friendly process makes him a favorable Immigration Attorney in London. He is the chair person of lots of charitable trusts and other Non government organizations.

2.  Enrique Gonzalez

Law Firm: Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP

Location: Florida, United States

Member Of: President’s Council at Florida International University, American Bar Association, American Immigration Lawyers Association

Designation: Best Lawyers in America, Eminent Practitioner for Florida

Enrique Gonzalez has a wide range of clients ranging from organizations, institutions and individuals. He presents immigration compliance programs for companies and is a well known speaker on immigration issues in various lectures. He is noted for his national and international lectures. He has represented companies related to Home land Security and audits immigration related investments.

1. David Hirson

Law Firm: David Hirson & Partners LLP

Location: California, United States

Member Of: American Immigration Lawyers Association, American Bar Association, Orange County Bar Association, Beverly Hills Bar Association

Designation: International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers, Southern California Super Lawyers, Best Immigration Lawyers in United States, America’s Best Lawyers

David Hirson is considered to be the best immigration lawyers of the world. This California based lawyer is a well known and experienced lawyer in EB5 cases and has filed the most number of EB5 cases during the initial 10 years of the program. He constantly travels to other nations and meets the investors of EB5 projects in each of the countries.