Top 10 Best Family Law Attorney In The World 2017

Family cases can be tricky and they require specialized lawyers who have a great experience in dealing with such matters. It could turn out to be an expensive affair but a good lawyer can turn the tables around in court of law and save you from the false charges that one of your family members may accuse you of.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 best lawyers across the world who can help you in coming out of a nasty relationship.

10. Robert Stephan Cohen

Robert is also an American lawyer and at present, he is a partner at the law firm known as Cohen Clair Lans Greifer and Thorpe LLP. He started his career in 1963 and he learned the tricks and trades of law industry with a lot of hard work. He worked for clients like Henry Kravis, Dina Lohan, and Chris Rock. He also wrote a book in 2002 and the name of the book is Reconcilable Differences: Seven Essential Tips to Remain Together from a Matrimonial Lawyer.

9. Laura Wasser

Laura is an American family lawyer. Some of her famous clients include Britney Spears and Stevie Wonder. She helped Britney in getting the custody of her child but it was later reported that she left the case in mid-way. She also helped Britney Spears in holding on to her assets during the time of her divorce. Her law firm is located in Los Angeles and she only works for high profile client.

8. Amanda M Como Esquire

She is known as an American Family lawyer and she often works in Pennsylvania. Amanda is famous for her work ethics and she worked really hard to reach the point where she is today.

7. Kim Wilson

Kim is an Australian lawyer and he mostly deals with the cases of divorce and family disputes. He has been nominated for several awards and he is among one of the best lawyers available in Australia. He has also been featured many times in Doyle’s Guide Leading Family Lawyer Ranking and at present, he is also a part of Senior Advisors Panel of the Law Society of Western Australia. He had been in this profession for over 45 years and he was also the director of Australian institute of Family law arbitrators and mediators.

6. Wendy Broun

Wendy is another Australian lawyer who is on the list of best lawyers in the world she has an experience of over 30 years in family law and she also takes up the case of complicated family matters. It is known that Wendy had also been involved in international cases which took her to the United Kingdom, USA, Italy and many more places.

5. Fiona Shackleton

Fiona works for Payne Hicks Beach Solicitors and Fiona works as an attorney in London. It is known that Fiona handled cases for people like Claire Henry and Prince Charles. She also handled the case of Prince Andrew. She is known as Steel Magnolia. She is famous for her quick logics she is known to be a tough fight in the courtroom. It is believed that she represented almost every member of House of Windsor in the courtroom.

4. Charles Stark

Charles is a famous American lawyer and it is known that he had been dealing with cases under family law for over 35 years. He also handled real estate matters and he is known for carefully planning the case for his clients. It is known that Charles is very responsive and one of his clients mentioned that he is available around the clock. He is known to deal with clients with utmost care.

3. James Stewart

James is a family lawyer who is based in London. He works with Pennington’s Munches LLP and he started his career in 1990. It is known that he fought several divorce cases for his client and he had also been a member of International Academy of matrimonial Layers. He had been listed in top ranks in the legal index of Spears WMS. He mostly worked for celebrities and high net worth clients like Pricilla Waters, Glory Anne Clibbery and Guy Ritchie.

2. Diana Parker

Dina is a British family lawyer and she started her career in 1986. In an interview, she revealed that she loves to work with difficult clients and she is also known as Ice Queen. She is also a member of International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and she also wrote several articles on the topic of family law.

1. Sorrell Trope

Sorrell is an American Lawyer and he is known to be one of the best lawyers available in the World. He handled the case of clients like Britney Spears, Nicolas Cage, and even Hugh Grant. He also took care of the case of Tiger Woods and he had been really successful in his career until now. He charges a huge fee but if you have Sorrell on your side, you do not have to worry about getting rid of your spouse.

These were the best lawyers in the world but their fee can vary widely and it is usually dependent on the type of case, duration of the case and several other factors which are hard to be determined. The best thing to do if you need a family lawyer is that pick up your phone, call them and arrange an appointment as soon as possible.