Top 10 Best Divorce Lawyer In The World 2017

Divorce is always complicated, this fact sounds even truer when it is yours. But there are attorneys who dwell happy dealing with the separation and gain a name for themselves in the separation process. A divorce lawyer is contacted when the couple is unfamiliar with the family court or the matrimonial law or when they need a third party advice on such an emotional period. Some may even hire a lawyer to just do the paperwork or to get a settlement. A genuine divorce attorney does not waste money by fighting against each and every issue. Instead they make you set a list of preferences and make sure you get more of what is actually required. Be it getting the livelihood expenses, child care support or if your money is on the rod, pray God that the attorneys listed below are not on your opposite side.

10. Sorrell Trope

Law Firm              : Trope and Trope LLP

Location               : Los Angeles, California

Notable Clients : Tiger Woods, Hugh Grant, Britney Spears

Sorrell Trope is one of the leading divorce attorneys in California with more than 60 years of experience in the field. He is a specialist in Family Law providing service to his clients with professional excellence and very high ethical standards. He is in the limelight recently representing the side of Elin Nordegren against her divorce of Tiger Woods.

9. Robert Stephan Cohen

Law Firm              : Cohen Clair Lans Greifer Thrope & Rottenstreich LLP

Location               : New York

Notable Clients : Dina Lohan, Henry Kravis, Ivana Trump, Chris Rock

Robert Cohen is one of the notable divorce attorneys of the world. He has represented many accomplished people and their spouses in the courtroom. Though he is a senior member of a law firm based in New York, due to his popularity he regularly represents clients outside New York including Florida, Georgia and New Jersey.

8. Laura Waser

Law Firm              : Wasser, Cooperman & Carter LLP

Location               : Los Angeles, California

Notable Clients : Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian

Laura Wasser has handled a number of dramatic divorces, high profile and huge net worth settlements in the last 10 years. A few of them are the divorce cases of Britney Spears from Federline, Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian. Laura is the creator of an online divorce service namely “It’s Over Easy” that provides an easy online divorce solution.

7. William S Beslow

Law Firm              : William S Beslow LLP

Location               : New York

Notable Clients : Patricia Duff, George Soros, Adriana Ferreyr

Wlliam Beslow is one of the notable matrimonial attorneys in New York whose main focus is to analyze the client’s requirements by an initial interview and then to represent their plea. He is noted for his representation of Patricia Duff in her divorce against the billionaire Ronald Perelman. William negotiated a huge settlement of $30 million dollars for Patricia.

6. Mark Vincent Kaplan

Law Firm              : Kaplan & Simon LLP

Location               : Los Angeles, California

Notable Clients : Chris Judd, Kevin Federline

Mark Vincent Kaplan, a leading divorce attorney is famous for his representation of Chris Judd against Jennifer Lopez. He has also represented Arnold Klein who is claimed to be the father of Michael Jackson’s children. He is also the lawyer of Stephen Collins in his divorce to Faye Grant which has faced a lot of media attention.

5. Fiona Shackleton

Law Firm              : Payne Hicks Beach SolicitorsLLP

Location               : London

Notable Clients : Paul McCartney, The Duke and Duchess of York

Fiona Shackleton, an English attorney representing several members of the British Royal Family is fondly called as “Steel Magnolia”. Her charisma and perseverance has gained her honors. She has represented the Prince in his divorce to the Princess of Wales negotiating a whooping amount of 17 million pound.

4. Earle Lilly

Law Firm              : Lilly, Newman and Van Ness LLP

Location               : Houston, Texas

Notable Clients : Cynthia Rodriguez, Linda Sarofim Lowe

Earle Lilly is a Texas lawyer specializing in Family Law.  He came into the limelight by representing Cynthia Rodriguez in her divorce to Alex Rodriguez which involved a huge drama at that period. Earle Lilly is an active person lecturing and written on Family Law and trial techniques.

3. Ira Elegant

Law Firm              : Buchbinder and Elegant LLP

Location               : Miami, Florida

Notable Clients : Shaquille O’Neal, Alex Rodriguez

Ira Elegant’s famous case was of Shaq O’Neal’s divorce from his wife Shaunie Nelson. He has worked on different types of cases before focusing his attention on divorce and family cases. According to this Miami based attorney the first divorce case he handled was his own. He strongly believes in “Preparation is the key” and advises the same to his followers.

2. Raoul Felder

Law Firm              : Raoul Lionel Felder LLP

Location               : New York

Notable Clients : Patrick Ewing, Robin Givens

Raoul Felder is known as one of the most powerful lawyers of New York specializing in divorce cases. He was a prosecutor before he turned his attention on matrimonial law. He became famous by representing Mayor Rudy Giuliani in his divorce against Donna Hanover. He was made an Honorary Police Commissioner by New York City Police Department. Felder is known for his books and his weekly columns in Fame magazine. He is also a known figure in TV and radio hosting various programs which discusses law.

1. Bernard E Clair

Law Firm              : Clair, Greifer LLP

Location               : New York

Notable Clients : Jocelyn Wildenstein, Carolyn Roehm

Bernard Clair is considered the best attorney in handling celebrity divorce cases. He is a highly communicative negotiator and has gained favorable settlements to most of his clients earning him fame and name. His litigations have helped in shaping of matrimonial law and many of his holdings have become a benchmark against which other cases are evaluated. He has given a lot of lectures and written articles on matrimonial issues regularly. He has been selected as “ Super lawyer” and as “Best lawyer” by New York Magazine.