Top 10 Best Criminal Defence Attorney In The World 2017

Criminal cases are not uncommon these days. Many times, an innocent person faces such cases and he can also be sentenced because of a weak lawyer or lack of evidence. Many times, the lawyer on opposite side may frame a person of charges which are not correct but there is nothing can be done in such cases. The best way to get out of these tricky cases is to hire the best Criminal defence lawyer. A good lawyer solves most of the problems and he can ensure that you are not pleaded guilty when you have not done anything wrong. In many cases, he can also ensure that the culprit is behind the bars.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 such lawyers who are considered to be the best in the world. So here is the list.

10. Dick Deguerin

Dick is known to be one of the best defence. He fought the case of Tom Delay when he was charged with the charges of money laundering and conspiracy. He also represented several other bankers and as per the records, he works in Texas. He has many high-profile clients like David Koresh and Kay Bailey. He is known for her perfect work and strong arguments in the court of law. He surely deserves a place in our list.

9. Dan Webb

Dann is another known lawyer who defends the clients who have been charged with criminal charges. It is known that he is the man who exposed corruption at almost every level at the time of Iran-Contra Trials. He fought cases for Microsoft, Philip Morris and even General Electric and the most won those cases. He is loved for his charming nature.

8. Anne Bremner

Anne is an attorney who is really pretty and she often resembles a high profile model. She fought for Michael Jackson when he was accused of child molestation. She also fought for Amanda Knox. Amanda Knox was an American student and she killed a British student in Italy. She always fought for justice and that is one of the reasons why she gained so much of fame.

7. Leslie Abramson

Leslie is another famous lawyer and she took charge of the case of Melendez Brother and other clients like Phil Spector. She mostly dealt with cases where the client was accused of murder. She charged a high fee but she is surely one of the supportive defence attorneys around.

6. F Lee Bailey

He is another lawyer who fought for Mr O J Simpson when he was accused of his x-wife’s murder. Lee also represented Dr Sam Sheppard who was accused of killing his own wife. He mostly took charge of cases wherein the client was accused of murdering his wife and he often proved his clients as innocent. He gained a lot of popularity after fighting for Dr Carl Coppolino.

5. Gloria Allred

Gloria again got a lot of fame because of the controversial cases that she handled. She was also featured on TV many times and she fought for Amber Frey. She fought against Tiger Woods as well and one of the famous cases she won was when she fought a case for a woman who was denied an entry in all male club on basis of her sex. The case made headlines across the country.

4. Phil Beck

He had been the lawyer of the year several times and he is known for his defensive skills. He also fought corporate cases and he had been an expert in dealing with cases of defamation. He had been hired by Ernst and Young for many cases and in an interview, he revealed that he just believes in making tough thing easy to understand. That helps him in winning the case.

3. Robert Shapiro

Robert mostly fought cases of celebrities and he was also a part of the team that fought for O J Simpson. He also fought for Kardashian Family and even Lindsay Lohan. He mostly took cases where drugs were involved.

2. Johnie Cochran

Johnie gained a lot of fame after he fought for Mr O J Simpson. Mr Simpson was charged with a case of murdering his own ex-wife along with his wife’s friend. He helped Mr Simpson in proving his innocence and it is known that he also fought cases of clients like Michael Jackson, Snoop Dog and even Tupac Shakur. As per the information, Johnie took the case where police brutality was evident. He is also known to protect the rights of his citizen. One of his famous phrases is “If it does not Fir, You Must Acquit”. He suffered from a brain tumour.

1. Joe Jamail

He is probably one of the best lawyers available in the world and in the United States of America. He helped Pennzoil in winning a suite of 335 Million Dollars. He also fought cases for corporate clients like General Motors and Honda. He always charged a huge fee and he often took a portion of the charges that the losing person had to pay. He was known to be a rude lawyer but he was a life saver for many.

If in case you are looking for some professional help, pick up your phone and call one of these lawyers. They can surely save you from false charges as they are the best defendants in the world. You can trust them blindly and they will ensure your safety and wellbeing.