Top 10 Best Violin Brands In The World 2017

Investing money on a violin has to be given a certain amount of consideration before purchasing. With many arrays of violins on the market, one tends to get confused with the choice to be made in regard to the quality and durability of this instrument. Purchasing a violin on a whim may result in the waste of a lot of one’s hard earned money. There are violins on the market covering all budgets from the less costly ones to the highest paid ones and also modern violins to the traditionally hand crafted violins.

One may feel compelled to buy an expensive violin, but then one may be compromising in terms of quality. So, here is a list of 10 of the best brands of violins:

10. Kinglos

If one wishes to make a statement during one’s performance, then one should consider a Kinglos student carved violin model. Kinglos was founded in 2009 in Shanghai. They are considered to be designers and developers of all kinds of musical instruments that combine traditional instrument construction with visual arts. Their guitars have a guaranteed high tone quality and the beauty of their violins is certainly unmatched. Their violins have designs painted on their bodies making them quite artistic. The violins are made of tone quality woods in the traditional manner with spruce top, maple back, neck, scroll, and sides, and an ebony fingerboard. However due to the pain on the body of the instrument the tone suffers a little as they use a much thicker paint on the violins than the traditional oils used to varnish violins. Thus if you are looking for a good looking violin to display at home or during a performance, then Kinglos violins is the choice for you.

9. Mendini

Mendini is a low  budget brand, that are ideal for beginners.  They are factory made and the instruments are a good performance for the money paid. They are capable of producing tones of medium quality. However, they are durable, capable of living through the period of learning till the user is capable of purchasing a higher quality violin. There are facilities for fine tuning and  adjustments to be made to produce the desired sound possible. The strings are also said to be likely to undergo a replacement as it has less durability.

8. Primavera

Primavera is a great brand for those students who are beginning on a violin career. These are low priced violins of medium quality. However, these are little more expensive for beginners. These are reliable instruments that will enable strong performances. These are popular in schools and with music tutors. They are also available in a wide range of size that will suit the student.

7. Franz Hoffmann violin

The frank Hoffmann is the loved brand of many violinists around the world. They are based in north America, promoted at Shar music. These are the most trusted and expert violin dealers. Made in China, Franz Hoffman violins are beautifully crafted, with a brilliant, dependable, and consistent tone. The violins have everything you need to start playing. They are equipped with a shaped foam case, rosin, and a brazil wood bow. These superior violins are guaranteed as the best quality instrument for their price range.

6. Cremona

The Cremona,  another violin brand that performs without making a hole in one’s pocket, is an award-winning company that was founded in 1989, and is renowned for making high quality stringed instruments and bows from beginner to professional models. These are Chinese instruments and are available in all sizes. These  violins feature quality spruce, maple, and ebony wood. Master Shang C. Guan, who is an award-winning bow maker, crafts the bows. The violins have  higher quality chin rests and tailpieces. This gives the instrument a very professional look. Cremona violins are one of the most popular violin brands for beginners.

5. Windsor

Windsor brand of violins offer a reasonable quality instrument for those on a tight budget. They are mostly factory made, with just a small number of violins handcrafted. Windsor violin models come in a range of colours, adding  brightness, making the experience less dull. The Colours range from blue, pink and purple, red but, there are also traditionally varnished violins that are laid bare to admire. The Windsor model may not be as durable as other brands , but they are great for beginners.

4. Cecilio

The Cecilio brand comes from one of the most cherished companies that produce great quality violins. This brand is named after the patron saint of music and musicians, St Cecilia.  Violinists attest to the fact that it can most certainly make heavenly music. They also  use top quality wood, mainly maple and spruce, and top notch ebony for  their violin fittings.  They are handcrafted violins and high quality bows. Cecilio violins will last many years and can be handed down through the generations, making it a great sentimental buy as well.

3. Carlo Lamberti

If you are willing to pay a bit more for your violin, the Carlo Lamberti brand of violins, also by Shar music, is a great choice. A great violin teachers and violinists consider this violin to be the best violin in the world. Though it’s a beginner’s violin, it has a higher price tag. It possesses highest quality woods, and if one takes care of the violin, then the wood will not crack so easily and it will have a longer durability and lasting shelf life.Carlo Lamberti violins have the right tones and projection and are outfitted with Thomastik Infeld Vision strings.

2. Stentor

The Stentor brand of violins is one of the most well-known and popular violin brands on the market, due to their high quality and long lasting durability. They are a Chinese brand as well as they are hand crafted. Stentor violins are not cheap, but for their superior sound quality, they are a good choice. Due to its higher costs, it is not suitable for the beginners who are just starting on a violin journey. Stentor  uses premium quality tone woods in all their violins. All pegs and fingerboards are made from ebony and the highest quality Pirastro strings are used on all of their violins, making it look as good as it sounds during a performance. They are a excellent choice for those violinists who have completed their beginners stage and who are having a budget that suits its price

1. Stradivari

Stradivar Violins  are the most famous and expensive violins in the world. Each individual Stradivari is truly a work of art.A Stradivarius is the legendary violin that has reached its pinnacle in not only its exclusive quality and premium performance, and is truly unlike any other brand on this list. Made primarily by the Italian Antonio Stradivari in the 17th and 18th centuries, Stradivari violins are rare. It is said that one Stradivari Violin recently sold for $16 million. It has a unique style and quality sound which makes it great for orchestra performances.

With a list as compiled above, one can be most assured to make the right choice in purchasing violins.