Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands In The World 2017

The first thing that a person has to decide when they go for buying a vacuum cleaner is whether they want an upright or they would prefer a cylinder. The cylinders are smaller in size because of which they can be easily stored at any place but the upright one has higher power and it can give best cleaning easily. Some of the vacuum cleaners are so powerful that they need a good amount of current to start them off and so that they are able to give better cleaning to the house. Some of the vacuum cleaners also come with use bags where the dirt is stored so that you can throw it away without any difficulty.

The best brands of vacuum cleaners are listed as under:

10. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal

The vacuum cleaner is in the form of a big ball which can be pulled around easily and so that it does not fall anywhere. It is easy to rotate to give proper cleaning. This cleaner is best for those houses which have pets and it provides outstanding cleaning. It suits carpets, wood and all other hard surfaces. One such cleaner costs around $410.



This cleaner is very strong and it is equally powerful and the best part about this vacuum cleaner is that it does not make much noise and cleans the house at one go. This is possible because of the Silent nozzle and silent air technology. This cleaner is best with pet hairs which are hard to clean with any other technique. The one thing which is bad about this cleaner is that it is heavy and it cannot be picked up easily. It costs around $259.

8. Miele Compact C2 Cat & Dog Powerline

Miele Compact C2 Cat & Dog Powerline

This vacuum cleaner is known to pick up pet hair and it cleans it easily. There is considerable space in the vacuum bags which does not need emptying it all the time. You can empty it whenever it is totally full with hair of pets. The floor head of the vacuum is designed to pick up more dust from the floor. One of the vacuum cleaner costs around $190.

7. Dyson Small Ball Total Clean

Dyson Small Ball Total Clean

The Dyson is extremely light and it is totally easy to pick them up. So, if you want to carry it up, you can carry it easily and without any discomfort. The main handle of the cleaner can be moved about in circular way which helps to clean every the small corners and areas of a home. The bin in the cleaner is small in size and it does not need emptying it daily. There is a release trigger which makes cleaning a hygienic process and it is also simple to use. There is no bag in the cleaner because of which it is light weight. One of this vacuum cleaners cost around $260.

6. Vax U85-AS-Ue Air Stretch Ultimate

Vax U85-AS-Ue Air Stretch Ultimate

This cleaner is bagless and it is also powerful to use. It is light weight and it can be moved to difficult corners of the home. The dust compartment in the cleaner is smaller and because of that much dust cannot be collected all at once. This is a pet hair specific and it is best for pet owners who face a lot of problem only to clean the hair of their pets. It is estimated to be about $90.

5. Numatic Henry HVR.200-A2 Cylinder

Numatic Henry HVR.200-A2 Cylinder

This cleaner is best for efficient use and it is quite quick to clean up all the dust from the home. The shape is that of comical structure and its work is just tremendous. The cable is very long which can go to small corners of the home. The bag is quite spacious and it can collect a lot of dust together. You don’t have to re plug the cleaner and it can work for long and spacious rooms. This is one the best device of those housewives who have a lot of work but they don’t get much time to clean their home. With this cleaner, they can clean all parts. It costs around $100.

4. Zanussi ZAN7880UKEL Pet Bagless

Zanussi ZAN7880UKEL Pet Bagless

This is a cylinder based cleaner which is another best option for pet owners. The mini turbo nozzle helps to remove all the hairs of cats and dogs and make your house clean again. It is suited for floors and carpets and it does not have bag in it. It is light and it costs around $101.

3. Hoover WR71WR01 Whirlwind

Hoover WR71WR01 Whirlwind

This cleaner is light weight and it is a medium sized bin in it which is helpful for long vacuuming. The cable is not that long but at the same time, it is functional and the bad part is the noise that the machine creates. It costs around $90.

2. Philips PowerPro Expert FC9724

Philips PowerPro Expert FC9724

This is a bagless vacuum cleaner and it is known for its overall goof performance. This is one of the lightest cleaner that you would find. This is suitable for three different types of floor as it comes with that type of technique. It is estimated to be about $195.

1. Sebo Felix Rosso Eco

Sebo Felix Rosso Eco

The look of this cleaner is classy because it comes in red colour. This is best for kitchen cleaning and the cable is long and can be reached on all floors. This cleaner has bags in them. It costs around $235.

These are the best brands of vacuum cleaners. Buy one to get all the benefits.