Top 10 Best Sewing Machines Brands in the World 2017

Remember those days when you wore your big brother’s tee to your school sports day. You’d know that the tee was loose like anything, still you waited till the night before and literally hopped from shop to shop to find a tailor. Today there’re millions of tailors equipped with high-end tailoring and sewing instruments. However, the first such instrument called a sewing machine was invented in 1755 by a German engineer Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal. Since then, the industry of sewing, serging and embroidery has pioneered the line of thread-n-needle art. Taking this to the next level, here’re the top 10 brands of sewing machines in the world.

Read on, one stitch at a time!

10. Reliable


Though there is no further saying, the name says it all still. Founded fifty years ago, Reliable houses many varieties of industrial sewing machines including single needle, two needle, serge, zig zag and blind stitch.  Milton Kahn, the founder of Reliable was said to be born with the knack for ‘needle trade’ and started participating in their family business at an age of twenty years. Indeed, we love you Uncle Miltie!


9. Baby Lock

Baby Lock

Passion speaks more than anything else. Although not much old like many brands in the industry, Baby Lock’s love for sewing shows in their machines and sergers. Intricately designed, clean finishing and extraordinary features is what makes their customers adore them so much. Say for instance their features like Extraordin Air and Jet-Air Thread Cutter offers a huge relief to the home sergers.




Dating back to 1862, PFAFF’s beginning was as small as a machine created to sew leather in shoes. Specializing in high-end German engineering, the company is a renowned manufacturer of industrial and domestic sewing machines. After its expansion in London in 1885, PFAFF was acquired completely by Shang Gong based German holding firm SGSB Group and is currently under the same only.


7. Bernina


Amidst momentary thoughts passing by, if you’ve really figured out that you are going for sewing or embroidery, Bernina is the thing for you. Though the brand is known to manufacture machines for people at every level of needle work, the prices may consume your pocket. But this is not how it started. Back in 1893, the company started with the hemstitch sewing machine by Karl Friedrich Gegauf. Currently, it supplies sewing machines, sergers, embroidery machines and embroidery software in over 80 countries. It has a subsidiary in textiles too.


6. Husqvarna Viking

Husqvarna Viking

Imagine a royal arms factory manufacturing a ‘writing’ sewing machine. No, we aren’t kidding. Before venturing into this peaceful (as they say!) venture of sewing, Husqvarna was a supplier of firearms. From launching their first model Nordsjernan to moving onto oscillating bobbin machine to a worldwide producer of high-tech computerized sewing machines, the brand has spanned a long journey to success and still going on. If you haven’t yet tried hands at any of their machines, try their latest Designer Diamond.


5. Juki


Why only experts, hobbyists should also have a chance to do what they love to. With this in mind, Juki manufactures a variety of sewing machines and is a producer of the same in over 150 countries including China, Vietnam and Japan. In 2013, the company merged in SMT Group by entering into a partnership with Sony Corp. The highlight of Juki’s machines is their user friendliness. They come with pedal speed control, smooth stitching and automatic thread trimmer.


4. Kenmore


There’s an altogether different taste to work on a machine manufactured in a style of 1970’s era. Kenmore offers such a taste. With minimalistic design they provide simple but durable sewing machines in a price as low as $200 to $500, much lower than the latest brands.  Not bad a deal it is, is it?

Website: No website. Available on Sears and Kmart.

3. Janome


And so ladies, your love for thread work doesn’t have to show as needle pricks on your hands. There are now lots and lots of computerized sewing and embroidery machines for domestic use too. The first such machine was developed by Janome in 1979. Janome, as its name means designs machine with a snake’s eye view. Established in 1921, the Japanese company holds many subsidiary brands across the globe including Elna, Kenmore and Artistic Sewing Suite.


2. Brother


Over 11 decades, over 50 million home sewing machines, above 90 million of turnover, Brother is the leading sewing manufacturer in the world, but obvious. Each featuring superior quality attributes, their mechanical machines are produced in Zhuhai and computerized ones in Taiwan. Incorporated as Yasui Sewing Machine Co. in 1908, roof of Brother Industries also houses printers, desktop computers, typewriters and fax machines.


1. Singer


Great things are priceless. Perhaps that’s why sewing machines from world’s topmost manufacturer are so affordable and loved by the customers. Even after arrival of high-end technological computerized machines in the market, their 19th century treadle machines are still in fashion. Singer holds almost 45% sales of sewing machines in the industry. The American brand incorporated in 1851 is the manufacturer of four best selling home-use sewing machines.


Ladies and men, take out those bobbins, buttons, hankies and satin threads you’ve been saving for ages and dive into a sewing session. Listening to whirrs and thrums!