Top 10 Best Rice Brands In 2017

Rice is one of the favourite staple foods that people of India prefer. Rice is taken during festivals and occasions and many delicious dishes can be made with the use of rice. The word Basmati means Aroma which is taste and smell. The Basmati rice is thin and very light to have and it tastes really good when made into biryani and pulao. The best thing about basmati rice is that it becomes longer once it is cooked. The thin part of the rice makes it stand out from the rest. People would not like to taste any other brand of rice once they have Basmati rice. It is the best type of rice which is used by every household.

The best brands of Basmati rice are listed as under:

10. Best Basmati rice

The best Basmati rice is one such kind of rice which is bought by people for the purpose of having it with curry dishes or simply to make some amazing rice dishes out of it. People can also attempt to make idli or other such dishes from this rice. The rice paste is soft when made from Best Basmati rice. The rice can easily mix with all types of curry dishes and the aroma of the rice makes it special and loved by people. One kg of this rice starts at Rs. 50.

9. Mezban Basmati rice

The Mezban Basmati rice is made to satisfy the needs to the customers who demand for the best quality of Basmati rice. The quality of the rice is fully controlled in this rice brand. The best part about this Basmati rice is the long shelf life of the rice and it gives fantastic aroma once cooked. This rice is free from any kind of impurity and it is totally edible. This brand maintains its quality at all levels. One can expect the price to be at Rs. 40 per kg.

8. Sungold Basmati rice

The Sungold Basmati rice is made in such a way that it fulfils the nutritional requirements of the customers. This rice is found to be a bit coarse and hard but against that, it is loved by people. The rice is sent to processing in 100% modern ways and techniques so that the nutrition gets locked in the rice. The quality of the rice is superb and before being sent to sale, the quality is double checked. The price might differ with one kg being at Rs. 40.

7. Hanuman Basmati rice

This brand of rice has is being exported to Dubai, Saudi Arabia and all the Middle East countries. The nutrition value is kept at a high position in this brand. The rice quality is checked with the use of different parameters such as moisture, length, etc. and once the quality check is done, after that the rice is sent for processing. The main aim of the Hanuman Basmati rice brand is that people should be able to get full worth of their money. Because of this reason, this brand of rice comes a bit costly in the market. One kg might range between Rs. 70-Rs. 200.

6. Aeroplane Basmati rice

People always look for the nutritional value in the rice when they purchase a brand from the market. Aeroplane Basmati rice can provide the best of nutrition because it is made in that way. The fat content is quite low and the rice is easily digestible by anyone. The rice comes from the paddy fields of Haryana and Punjab and so it is soft and thin and can be cooked within minutes. The rice is processed in controlled temperatures so that people can get the best of flavours when a dish is cooked. The look and the smell of the dish also matters a lot. One kg can be expected to be at Rs. 90.

5. Amira Basmati rice

The flavour and the taste of the Amira Basmati rice are just great and people can expect the flavours to be as it is written in the pack. It provides full satisfaction to the customers. Before production of this rice brand, the rice which is preferred by most people is found out with the help of a research and which suits their needs. The rice is aged properly keeping in mind the hygiene of people. The price is Rs. 50 for one kg.

4. Daawat Basmati rice

The Dawat Basmati rice is the best because once this rice is cooked, the size of the rice is increased to two times and it gives a better look to any rice dish. The paddy is specially taken from the foothills of the Himalayans. Once cooked, the rice gets separated easily, and it tastes very soft and fluffy. Biryani can be best cooked with this rice brand. The price varies between Rs. 90 to Rs. 200.

3. Lal Qilla Basmati rice

This rice brand comes from the paddy fields of Amritsar and so , the taste is authentic and mouth watering. The grains are long in size and the flavours are amazing. The ageing is done properly so that moisture content is reduced and once when cooked the rice becomes soft and fluffy. The price is around Rs. 80 to Rs. 235.

2. Kohinoor Basmati rice

You can get the best of aroma and flavours when you cook Kohinoor Basmati rice. The rice cannot be spoiled in any way and when cooked, it takes the perfect size. The dishes become rich when this brand is used. The price is at Rs. 70 to 200 for one kg.

1. India Gate Basmati rice

This is the oldest Basmati rice which has been in the market for around 120 years. The traditional and modern techniques both are used to give the best to the customers. The price for one kg is Rs. 50.

These are the best brands of rice to be found. Taste and get the difference.