Top 10 best pet food brands In the world 2017

People love keeping pets in their home. These pets are a good company and they can be played around in the homes. Dogs are the best kind of pet that people love to keep in their homes. These four legged animals are cute, docile and they provide great protection and safety to family members. But, when you first think of buying a puppy, you always want to provide him with the best of supplements and nutrients. But, the brands of dog foods used should also be able to match with your budget. Once you plan of buying a dog food, you should consult with the doctor to know if the food is good for their health. Both wet and dry food items fall under this category.

Good food provides them with a shinier coat and smooth hair. The best kinds of dog foods available in the market are listed as under:

10. Wellness Core

Wellness Core is a mixture of seven dry dog foods which are needed for the maintenance of adult dogs. This is a dry dog food with 38% of protein, 13% of fat and at the same time carbohydrates being at 41%. This dog food is above average in every protein and nutrients and it is the best kind of food that can be available for puppies.

9. Taste of the wild

The Taste of the Wild contains of seven dog foods available in a single line and all of the nutrients are great for a puppy. World High Prairie Formula is used in the formation of these dog foods. All of the ingredients used in the preparation are made of whole proteins such as pea’s protein, peas and flaxseeds. These are also combined with Garbanzo beans and potato proteins. The ingredients are mixed using purified water and it is grain free which helps pups in their growth and development.  A 30lb bag costs $ 44.89.

8. Solid Gold barking at the moon

This brand of dog food is particularly used for the adult dogs that are into training and are military dogs. This brand meets the AAFCO nutrient profiles for adult dog maintenance. The first component used is the ocean fish meal which is a great source of meat. This ocean fish has 300% more protein that fresh fish which is good for puppies and dogs. The design of the bag is great. One bag of dog food costs $85.99.

7. Orijen

This product line contains six dry dog foods chain with herring being the first ingredient used. Herring is a fatty marine fish used which has high proteins in it. It also has Omega 3 fatty acids and essential oils present in it. Dogs need proteins and it also contains eggs which has high amount of proteins in it. Probiotics are a dog’s personal favourite. Probiotics help in digestion and keeping the immune function proper in a dog. One bag is priced at $78.99.

6. Nature’s Variety Instinct duck meal and turkey meal

This brand contains high proteins in it and also some interesting ingredients such as tapioca, canola oil, pumpkin seeds and alfalfa meal. Carbohydrates are used with a special ingredient named inulin which is a starch like compound. Typical sourced chicory roots are also present in the meal. It is a total source of soluble dietary fibres which helps in promoting the growth of bacteria that helps in the digestion process in a dog. The price of one bag can be estimated at $69.54.

5. Natural Balance synergy

This brand of dog food consists of great meat proteins which are helpful in the intestinal health and blood sugar benefits in a dog. It contains oatmeal which is rich in Vitamin B. Flaxseed and Brewer’s yeast is helpful to support the immune system. The salmon oil topped at the coating is all good for puppies.

4. Merrick classic beef, barley and carrot

Lamb, brown rice and apple are some of the ingredients which are used in the preparation of this brand of dog food. It also contains sweet potatoes which are gluten free from carbohydrates. The pork fat contains essential omega 3 fatty acids in it. The chelated minerals present are similar to proteins and they are easy to digest. All of the ingredients used are healthy and great for puppies.

3. Honest Kitchen Embark

Embark is totally great for pups because of the presence of proteins in it. Embark is gluten free with cage free turkey with the mixture of celery, apples and spinach. The proteins present there are good for all age of dogs and puppies. For those who demand for low carbohydrate dog food, this substance is the best.

2. EVO Turkey and chicken meal formula

This brand of dog food has high amount of minerals which can be easily digested by dogs ad it is grain free. The carbohydrates help in giving shiny coat to dogs. It is high in nutrients and also in energy. The amino acids also help in giving strong teeth and bones.

1. Canidae Single grain protein plus

This brand contains 37% protein and it does not contain the rice amount in it which makes it the excellent dog food brand. Fresh chicken, turkey, lamb, fish all are properly combined in the food.

These are the top best brands of pet food. Sure your dog is going to love it!