Top 10 Best Pasta Brands in the World 2017

Pasta is an Italian dish and one of the easiest and quick dish. Which pasta is considered as good in terms of taste and quality? This is the important question that arises when we have to select pasta. We should consider the premium flour quality, seasoning, basil and spices used in the pasta. It is one of the most loved and preferred dishes to fix the hunger in the USA. Apart from ingredients, brand of the pasta definitely affects the taste so I have picked top 10 brands of pasta in the world along with their prices (price may vary slightly as per the seller, flavor, and design)-

10. Garofalo Whole Wheat Pasta

Garofalo Whole Wheat Pasta

  • This is one of the highly-rated pasta by the consumers which is liked by the consumers especially due to its delicious taste and flavor. The aroma from the nutty flavor makes its taste better than others. Besides these, the texture is nice and it is made up of whole wheat so it is better from a health point of view.
  • It is a gluten free pasta which can be said a kind of organic in nature. This brand has been ruling market over 500 years and it comes in different shapes and designs.

Price: $18 (pack of two 500 grams each)

9. Setaro Ditali Rigati

Setaro Ditali Rigati

  • As rated by the media and decadent professionals it is one of the best brand pasta for its flavor and ingredients used. It comes with different flavors and texture is so nice that it will add a different dimension to your taste.
  • Durum wheat is used to make this pasta and the organoleptic properties are preserved which this pasta special. You can also use it for soups and legumes.

Price: $5 (for 500 grams)

8. Sfoglini Basil Reginetti

 Sfoglini Basil Reginetti

  • The special thing about this brand is that it uses seasonal Reginetti with three components i.e. Basil leaves, Organic Semolina Flour and Water. It is mainly available in curly shaped edges and which retains the flavor of sauces and other additional flavors used.
  • According to nutrition point of view, this pasta contains lots of vitamins, protein, and fibers produced by the New York City Farmers. This brand also produces seasonal crops pasta in different flavors.

Price: $14 (for 1 Kg. packet)

7. Baia Whole Wheat Pasta

Baia Whole Wheat Pasta

  • This brand is also known for the protein and fiber rich pasta as it contains a high amount of these nutrients in this pasta. In comparison to other brands of pasta, this brand produces a bit sweet flavored pasta in spite of being whole wheat made.
  • It is in Gemelli shape which makes it perfect combined with green beans, capsicum, sharp cheese and hearty meat pulps.

Price: $12 (for 1 Kg. of packet)

6. De Cecco Rigatoni

De Cecco Rigatoni

  • This is one of the favorite brands as rated by the amazon users due to its shape which holds the batter, cheese sauces, and meat. It is grooved and straight cut pasta rich in riboflavin, niacin, and iron.
  • It does not use trans-fat, sugar and saturated fat so it is preferred by many people.

Price: $24 (for 5 packets of 450 grams each)

5. Benedetto Cavalieri Tagliatelle

Benedetto Cavalieri Tagliatelle

  • This brand was started in the 18th century as per the family tradition. The special part about this brand is that it makes rougher texture which helps to hold the sauces and the other artificial flavors used in the pasta during preparation.
  • It uses durum wheat (semolina) and water as a prime It takes around 7-8 minutes for cooking and it gives the best aroma when added with cream and seafood sauces.

Price: $9 (for 500 grams’ packet)

4. Bionaturae Organic Whole Wheat Fusilli

Bionaturae Organic Whole Wheat Fusilli

  • Being organic in nature, this brand can be said one of the most nutritious pasta producing brand that number of another brand. It is certified organic and it uses whole wheat to make pasta so it contains lots of fibers.
  • It is gluten free pasta and eggs are added in its production. It is not grainy and has arough texture as it is not much artificialized.

Price: $20 (for pack of 6, each of 450 grams)

3. Barilla Rotini

Barilla Rotini

  • It is aUS-based brand which offers a number of varieties of dried pasta. ‘Rotini’ which means ‘twisted’ is the most preferred shape as we can prepare soups and salads with this pasta.
  • It is a good source of iron, riboflavin, folic acid, and thiamin. This brand is Kosher Certified.

Price: $1 (for 450 grams of packet)

2. Rustichella Spaghetti

Rustichella Spaghetti

  • This is the most loved pasta as per the reviews on The best part about this brand is that it does not use any artificial flavors, it uses just stone ground durum flour and pure spring water and prepared by air dry methods which do not sweep away the natural flavors.
  • This spaghetti is made from handmade bronze molds which make the distinct texture of pasta and provides good grip for sauces.

Price: $6 (for 500 grams of packet)

1. Martelli Spaghetti

Martelli Spaghetti

  • This brand uses local Italian durum wheat for making the pasta. It is made up of 100% local durum wheat and long air drying gives it high texture for catching the flavor of sauces.
  • It is versatile in nature as different items from pasta arrabbiata to carbonara can be prepared from it. Apart from this, it is rich in protein and fibers.

Price: $10 (for 500 grams of packet)

Here we have discussed on the world best brand of pasta with their different natures and flavors. It will definitely help you to pick one of them of your choice. For more and different varieties of world’s best brand of foods stay tuned to us.