Top 10 Best Men’s Suit Brands in the World 2017

The stark and stitch formality, the royal warm hardheartedness, the cool gingham flirt or traditional persona; whatever your style may be, men’s suits have been evergreen since the sartorial age. Other way, whether you are in mid-twenties, half-centenarian or even a centenarian, men’s suits are well suited for men of all ages. Either way you see, a well tailored suit is one piece of clothing every men must-have in his collection.

Here are the topmost 10 brands of men’s suits, dive in a splash of fashion and get fashionable.

10. Versace


The Greek goddess on their logo is not for no reason. Become the head of Medusa and gift a princely suit to your brother. Founded by Gianni Vernace, the Italian brand boasts of its worldwide reach through ready to wear apparels and leather accessories. Its first boutique was opened in Milan in 1978. Later on, the brand started many supply chains in accessories, jewellery and home decor. Oh we know their products are famous for bright, flashy colours, for your lovable prince they have dark blush shades too.


9. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

“I don’t design clothes, I design dreams”, as Mr. Lauren says, shows perfectly in his brand’s fashion. Be it casual, denims or formal wear, they offer the best of every kind. Their collection of men’s suits come in various fabrics including wool-silk, silk-linen, Morgan twill and cotton. If you like to wear your own style, they also offer personalization.


8. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

Once upon a time two Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana met in Milan and founded one of the biggest fashion houses of the world. With over 3000 employees and a turnover crossing a billion euros, the brand features a vast collection of designer clothing, accessories, undergarments and swimwear. They have won numerous awards including Woolmark Award for Men’s Collection in 1991.


7. Armani


Armani is not an unfamiliar name, but the fastest growing fashion brand in the industry. With several labels and brands under its name, the Italian brand was founded in 1975 by the fashion inspiration himself, Giorgio Armani. Before it ventured into its Emporio line in Milan, the company partnered with L’Oreal Paris to create and launch a perfume collection. Also, Armani’s clothing can be seen in over hundred films played at the big screen like the 1987 release Untouchables.


6. Gucci



Rise and fall, and rise again is what briefly describes the making of Gucci, the largest selling Italian fashion brand in the world. Despite of the many challenges the company faced, it’s still beloved by people round the globe. The seeds of Gucci were born when its founder Guccio Gucci was impressed by the luxurious fashion collections of urban people that he observed while working in a Paris hotel. According to Forbes magazine, Gucci is one of the most valuable brands in the world.


5. Burberry


From slim fit to modern to classic, Burberry hosts the fashion shelf of some of the world’s most handsome men’s suits. Not just men’s, not just suits, buy any collection of fashion apparels or accessories for men or women; you’re bound to revisit their store. Guys, the Burberrys of London is no longer limited to London, better we can call it Burberrys of Globe, what say?


4. Brioni


Founded in Rome and created for romance, Brioni is such a brand. On your D-day, slip in their made-to-measure suits and bet if you’re not the star of the evening. Bold shades, luxury fabrics and attention to utmost detail is what raises their name from extraordinary to premium. With around 46 direct retail stores worldwide, Brioni boasts of exclusive collection of men’s suits, ready-to-wear fashion and leather accessories.


3. Zegna


When three generations meet to create the most beautiful fabrics in the world, Zegna happens. Mr. Ermenegildo Zegna had dreamed of this reality. Little did he know that his humble wool mill was going to become the stature of fashion industry. Zegna today is now the biggest menswear brand in the world. Opened its first store in Paris, Zegna now holds over 500 brick-n-mortar shops worldwide.


2. Canali


Canali creates over 2.5 million pieces of clothing annually. This in itself is a testimony of their intricate craftsmanship. The luxury menswear brand is a family business started by Giacomo Canali and Giovanni Canali. Bold textures, vintage motifs, iconic contrasts and unmatchable style make their clothing do wonders to men who wear it. Choose from their magnificent spring collection featuring getaway khakis, country style trench coats, elegant formal wear, chic jackets, royal suits and a lot more!


1. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Boy, be your own boss, wear BOSS. Hugo Boss, abbreviated as BOSS, is a German based luxury fashion house. Post World War II, Hugo Boss started the line of uniforms and men’s suits followed by fragrances, women wear and swimwear. They also have their own prize. Hugo Boss Prize, hosted by Hugo Boss and Guggenheim Museum, awards artists round the globe every year for their distinguished art.


Give your wardrobe a touch of neat cashmere pleats, the buttonhole hemstitches or tailored woollen textures.