Top 10 Best Make-Up Brands in The World 2017

To lovelies and handsomes, get on the board guys! Here’s your thing coming up.

Be it their workplace, a family function, a hangout with friends or even their house, men and women these days are very conscious when it comes to their looks and impression they leave on the onlookers. This has led to make-up forming an important part of our everyday lifestyle.

Unlike a common notion, make-up is not just a way to inculcate style but to preserve the skin from harmful substances out there. Skin, which consists of the most delicate cells require a protective layer in order to bounce back toxins that are unfortunately floating abundantly in air. To prevent them from entering your skin cells, it is important to choose a make-up that is both mild and styluscious.

These 10 names listed below are some of the world’s finest make-up brands from which you can be sure of giving your skin the right fit. And style.

10. Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder

We’re sure Ms. Estee, wherever she is right now would smile to see that her small inventory, not that small though, is full of bottles and cream bowls in some of the world’s best shades. So, she won’t have to rely on those pale blue lotion bottles and their golden caps that she employed while she started Estée Lauder. The brand now offers make-up products for face, lips, eyes, nails, skin and refill accessories.


9. Dove


Dove is no stranger in make-up, hair and skincare worldwide, especially to the Indian women. Over 631 million women are reported to use Dove’s cosmetics products regularly. In fact, even to call these cosmetics would be a little disregard; Dove’s products are reviewed to be gentle and soft, just like love. While their make-up products are ideal for all ages, their hair care conditioners and shampoos are said to lower your hair’s age.


8. Neutrogena


After merging in US-based Johnson & Johnson in 1994, the 1930 brand Natone was renamed to Neutrogena. Neutrogena now caters hair and skin care to men and women in around 70 countries on the globe. Neutrogena also features products for fighting acne and ageing process. These include anti-ageing moisturisers, anti-wrinkle creams, acne cleansers, spot treatments and light therapy.


7. Lancome


From primer to lip gloss and eyeshadow, Lancome showcases a broad view of make-up along with skincare, fragrances and beauty tips. Being in the industry for over 80 years, Lancôme’s name is reputed for high quality, timeless style and chemically tested products. The women’s cosmetic brand has been represented by some of the big female celebrities like Kate Winslet, Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz and more.


6. Maybelline


If you really want to leave your mark, get ready for the eye game with Maybelline’s Colossal® Big Shot Mascara. Maybelline is perhaps one of the few make-up brands who inspire courage, courage to speak your style out. Apart from the mascara, some of the hot favourites from Maybelline’s beauty collection are The 24K NudesTM Eyeshadows Palette, Colour Sensational® Inti-Matte Nudes Lipsticks, Dream Cushion Liquid Foundation and more!


5. Clinique


For over 4 decades, Clinique is trusted by world’s topmost make-up artists, body scientists, stylists and skincare engineers. Their exquisite range of foundations, CrayolaTM Lip Colours and Moisture SurgeTM Thirst Relief moisturiser are few of the many must-have-ss for every woman’s make-up kit.


4. MAC


Make-up Art Cosmetics, popularly known as MAC is a trendsetting brand in beauty industry. Equipped with a team of passionate make-up artists, every season the brand strives to create artistry that is so extraordinary. Their sugar based Lip Scrubtious along with thousands of amazing make-up varieties make sure that you look dashing whether you are on holidays or in an office meeting.


3. Avon


There would be a rare cosmetic purse which does not have an Avon’s Lipstick, at least one if not that many. Apart from a wide range of lip cosmetics, Avon also features skin care products, perfumes, fashion apparels, gifts & keepsakes and Bubble Bath like toiletries. All the more, it donates funds in millions towards women issues like domestic violence and breast cancer. Now that’s called a Brand!


2. Olay


Though being the youngest of the best of make-up brands, Olay has impressed the women worldwide, which is reflected by hundreds of beauty and skin care awards on their shelf. Every crème jar from Olay is brimmed with science and beauty elements. The brand specializes in anti-ageing solutions including dark spots, sagging skin, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles.


1. L’Oreal


Since 1973, L’Oreal Paris has brought about a revolution in women’s world by their slogan ‘You’re Worth It!’ L’Oreal is a home to world’s best concoctions of make-up and beauty products. In addition to make-up, the ultimate beauty brand is also popular for its hair colour dyes and other hair care potions. They also feature a beauty magazine that offers plenty of tips in make-up and hair styling.


By now, hope you must have added some of the make-up items in your next week’s shopping list. Get going. Pamper your body and walk this ramp called World!