Top 10 Best Luggage Bags Brands In The World 2017

Wherever you go, either on a vacation or on a business trip, choosing an appropriate luggage bag is very important as it defines your personality. While a few may choose style and fashion, the others may prefer durability. To top it all, there could be a section of people who could prefer both. This differences in the consumer preferences have made way for the luggage brands to come up with a lot of innovation which was previously unheard of.

Let us have a look at the top 10 luggage brands of the world:

10. Genius Pack

Realizing the need of innovation in the travel industry, Genius Pack was founded by Alfred Chehebar. The brand offers distinctive features on the range of luggage bags it owns like interior compartments within the bag, a poly- carbonate coating to make the bag crush proof, a laundry compartment, and space for mobile phone chargers. It is owing to these features, along with its continuous thrive to produce best quality luggage bags, that Genius Pack has made it to the list of top 10!

9. Bric’s

Using state of the art durable nylon and Tuscan leather, Bric’s came into form in 1952. It is an Italian brand known for its fine quality luggage and bags. The travel accessories produced by the Italian giant is a true reflection of the rich culture of Italy and each bag is made with great precision and has a personal touch of the founders themselves: The Briccola family.

The brand produces some of the best luggage bags in the world, and remains true to its mission: “Providing customers with image and functionality at a quality price.” Besides, the brand produces some of the best styles and in- fashion luggage bags. So, you can be assured of both quality and fashion with a Bric’s bag around!

8. Travelpro

Known for its durability and innovation, the wide offerings in travel gears include backpacks, briefcases, laptop bags, messenger bags, duffel bags, amongst others. Did you know that the original wheeled luggage was designed by Travelpro? Today the wheeled luggage has become the very definition of travel itself.

The brand has a dedicated in-house development team, responsible for carrying testing for all the products produced. This makes its products so durable and quality efficient!

7. High Sierra Sport

With a wide range of backpacks, duffels, and luggage bags to choose from, the brand aims to carve a niche amongst the adventurous travelers. The versatile range of travel gears by the brand are built with great care and attention is paid to the minutest of details. The well- known brand is known to produce luggage bags which can easily be used by its adventurous travelers on any kind of roads and terrain, including high mountain roads, snowy terrain, etc. The bags combine style with versatility.

6. Delsey

Known to manufacture innovative travel accessories, Delsey is a well- known French brand. Starting as a producer of leather cases, the company produced its first brand of rigid bags in 1970.

One of its major innovations came in 2015 when it unveiled “Pluggage”- a smart suitcase. The Pluggage could connect with a smartphone app, owing to the electronic gadgets contained inside. Not only this, the suitcase also had a dedicated space for wireless speakers and phone chargers.

5. Briggs & Riley

With their motto “Engineered for Reality, Guaranteed for Life.”, the American company produces some of the best in class luggage bags with the best warranty assured. The company was established in 1993, and innovation is the most important mantra they follow. They introduced the bag which allows you to have a flat luggage so that the clothes remain wrinkle-free during travel.

The best part is that the company offers you a lifetime guarantee, which means you can get your bag repaired for free throughout its lifetime!

4. Victorinox

With its headquarters in Switzerland, Victorinox is known for six product categories, the most notable ones being their army knives and travel accessories.

The travel accessories comprise of luggage for not only adventure travelers but also travel by the business professionals, and are well known for their top quality and durability. You can choose from a wide variety of briefcases, backpacks, duffel bags, carry- on bags, etc.

3. Tumi Inc

Based in New Jersey, Tumi Inc. lives with the philosophy of producing the best in class luggage bags, which not only guarantees comfort but also style while you are on the move.

The brand is most famously known for producing a “PowerPack Backpack” that used solar technology and was useful for charging phones and other devices. Its founders are always on the move to find opportunities where they can utilize the latest technology in luggage bag building. As such, they have collaborated with Ducati to produce eight luggage brands, which would redefine technology and innovation.

2. American Tourister

Who is not aware of the brand American Tourister? This brand name is today synonymous with backpacks, briefcases, and every other kind of luggage bags. The 75 years old company has continued its lifelong mantra of delivering both quality and innovation, at affordable rates.

With its continuous endeavor to make travel full of fun yet stylish, the company has a wide range of both casual as well as business bags to offer.

1. Samsonite

This is perhaps the most popular luggage brand in the world. The whole range of products for this American company range from large suitcases, to small briefcases and bags. The brand has remained a worldwide leader in luggage bags over the years, producing products that reflect the “always on the move” personality of the business professionals. The lightweight range of luggage bags produced by the brand is a travelers’ favorite worldwide.

Samsonite is the umbrella brand, comprising of smaller well- known brands of Samsonite Red, American Tourister, Tumi Inc., Speck products, High Sierra, etc.

With so many choices at your disposal today, you can get whatever you want: a bag with extra space, different compartments, or even a bag with phone charging points!